Oct. 22, 2020

Hope and Your Vote – What’s the Election Connection? – with Nathan Naidu [Ep. 41]

Hope and Your Vote – What’s the Election Connection? – with Nathan Naidu [Ep. 41]

Hope. It’s a lifeline. How can your vote provide hope to those less fortunate in our country and around the world?  People need true hope – not the kind promised by a government program that creates dependency, but the kind that comes from policies and programs that encourage independence, individual freedom, and prosperity.  Hospitals, religious and educational institutions, orphanages, adoption agencies, and homeless shelters are just some types of non-profit organizations that seek to serve and support others through generous donations of caring individuals.  Without capitalism, donations would diminish. In this episode, Linda interviews Nathan Naidu, a young political colleague who is also devoted to providing true hope to orphans through his work with Heart for Africa organization.  Listen today to discover how your vote could help!

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