Prosperity 101™ Podcast hosted by Linda J Hansen

Prosperity 101™ Podcast hosted by Linda J Hansen

As a business owner, do you ever wish your employees understood the economic challenges you face as a job provider? Do you see them pulled towards public policies that will negatively impact your business and their jobs?

Through interviews with nationally known thought leaders, policy experts, and small business owners across the country, listeners are encouraged, empowered, and equipped to educate employees on the economic realities of job creation and the benefits and responsibilities of living in a free society. This can lead to increased employee loyalty, engagement, and retention, and to an increase in civic awareness.

The podcast series is created and hosted by Linda J. Hansen, an experienced political and business strategist, consultant, coach, author, and speaker. Connecting Boardroom to Breakroom™ and Policy to Paychecks™, the podcast, and all Prosperity 101™ materials are designed for business leaders who care about prosperity for their employees, their business, and our country. You will learn something new from each exciting guest and you will be motivated to speak up for the principles that make our nation prosperous.

Recent Episodes

Legal for All or Legal for None – with Cleta Mitchell [Ep. 75]

June 12, 2021

Laws matter. Civilized societies cannot have people robbing, raping, or murdering at their will. La…

Freedom is Never Free [Ep. 74]

June 2, 2021

Freedom is never free. Many have given their lives in defense of freedom. We grieve with their love…

Employee Education – You Can Change the Course of History! – with John Fund [Ep. 73]

May 26, 2021

Our country is at a crossroads.  Will we choose freedom or tyranny? Employers are in a unique posit…

Immigrant. Citizen. A Voice for True Freedom. – with Alma Rivera [Ep.72]

May 18, 2021

Millions of people have chosen to legally immigrate to America, and our nation is enriched through …

Connecting Policy to Paycheck - 10 Tips to Help Employers Educate Employees [Ep. 71]

May 12, 2021

Employers understand that prosperity does not come from government. They understand the value of ha…

Defining and Defending True Equality – with Bob Pruitt [Ep. 70]

May 2, 2021

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by …

Be Part of the Solution, Not a Silent Part of the Problem (Expanded Episode) – with J.R. Penry [Ep. 69]

April 28, 2021

Do you feel like elected officials ignore your needs and only listen to violent activists or media …

Promoting the Twins of Freedom and Liberty – with Connor Boyack [Ep. 68]

April 21, 2021

Freedom loving people around the globe have watched in horror as our nation’s founding principles h…