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Great show and great host!

This is one of the podcasts that I really enjoy. Linda’s a great interviewer, and her guests are knowledgeablele and wise. Top of the list!


One of my new fav podcasts!

Love this show

I love this show! Especially the episode about the Holocaust. It’s such a nice way to learn about these important topics, with a narrative of what’s happening today.

Packed with Important/timely information!

I love Linda Hansen’s podcasts! I began to listen because I wanted to be better informed. Today, with so much false information flooding news and social media, I am looking for trusted sources that unapologetically speak truth. Linda has a wide array of topics and presents them with her guests in a manner that is easily understood and digested. Definitely worth your time to listen!

Informative and interesting

I always end up thinking a lot more about many things after I listen to this podcast. Linda always brings interesting and insightful information. She makes me think outside the normal mainstream ways of thinking.

Love this podcast!

I love the mission behind Prosperity 101. Linda hosts informative guests that have an interesting perspective on the current business and political environment! Looking forward to more episodes.


Linda is very knowledgeable and a great interviewer. MORE, MORE, MORE!

Smart Topics for Out of the Box Thinkers

Very well produced and a good interviwer. Subject that get you to use your head.

Long Overdue

Having employers communicate the impact of government policies on business operations is essential to creating better informed employees who can then vote for representatives who will protect their jobs, interests, and incomes

Great podcast...

Very interesting and informative - will listen to the entire series!

Very informative information

Very well done. Great guest.