Jan. 14, 2021

How Did We Get Here? Culture in Chaos – Linda J. Hansen [Ep. 53]

How Did We Get Here? Culture in Chaos – Linda J. Hansen [Ep. 53]

In the age of cancel-culture, you may feel like millions of Americans who are looking around in dismay as it seems wrong has become right, up is now down, and words that were perfectly fine a short time ago have now become points of division.  How did we get here? Contrary to some media reports, this has not been caused by one single politician or elected official.  The cause is much deeper. In this episode, Linda shares from a small book, The Children's Story, written by James Clavell. The compelling story, played out in an elementary school classroom, is a chilling reminder of how easily minds can be shaped and culture can be changed. If you are concerned about the direction of our nation, listen to this thought-provoking episode. 

Note:  If you’d like to read The Children’s Story for yourself, it is available for purchase online. No compensation was or will be provided for mentioning the book to listeners. 

(This episode was previously released in September of 2020.)

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