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Jan. 20, 2021

How to Think, Not What to Think – with Kristina Vourax

In our age of readily available information, it may be easy to assume people gain critical thinking skills, wisdom, and self-disc…

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Jan. 14, 2021

How Did We Get Here? Culture in Chaos – Linda J. Hansen

In the age of cancel-culture, you may feel like millions of Americans who are looking around in dismay as it seems wrong has beco…

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Jan. 6, 2021

What’s the Answer? Freedom! – with Hugh Hewitt (The Electoral College)

Freedom! How do we protect it?  In this episode, well-known broadcast journalist, author, and syndicated radio show host, Hugh He…

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Dec. 29, 2020

How Can We Pivot and Prosper in the New Year? – with Joe Delagrave

To celebrate the first year of the podcast series, Linda highlights an episode that was a listener favorite. The interview with U…

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Dec. 23, 2020 Solo

My Christmas Wish – Linda J. Hansen

It’s Christmas Week 2020 - The year that will be remembered as one of the most unusual and challenging years of our lifetimes. Th…

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Dec. 16, 2020 Interview

Enough is Enough! Stand Up! Open Up! – with Larvita McFarquar

Thomas Jefferson once said, “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” Little did he know that operating a small, family…

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Dec. 8, 2020 Interview

Modern Day Monument Men – with Dale Kooyenga

You may be familiar with the book or popular movie, Monuments Men, but did you know we have brave men and women currently serving…

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Dec. 1, 2020 Interview

Makeup America!® - with Randa Fahmy

Do you know where your favorite products are manufactured?  Why does it matter to your job, your health, or to our national secur…

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Nov. 25, 2020 Interview

Lobby for Yourself! – with Julie Vojtech

What does it mean to “lobby” and how can you do it for yourself?  Policy decisions are made at local, state, and national levels …

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Nov. 18, 2020 Solo

Your Rights Did Not End – Stand Up for Them! – Linda J. Hansen

If we look back into history, we can see how citizens gradually became conditioned to accept new rules or regulations to “protect…

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Nov. 11, 2020 Interview

Democracy or Mediaocracy? – with Dick Morris

Mediaocracy. Is this now the system we use to elect our presidents? In this episode, Linda interviews Dick Morris, well known pol…

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Nov. 6, 2020 Solo

It’s a Republic - Will You Join the Fight to Keep It?

Election week. America is in the midst of counting and recounting ballots to ultimately decide who will be our president and the …

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Oct. 29, 2020 Interview

What’s the Answer? Freedom! – with Hugh Hewitt

Freedom! How do we protect it? In this episode, well-known broadcast journalist, author, and syndicated radio show host, Hugh Hew…

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Oct. 22, 2020 Interview

Hope and Your Vote – What’s the Election Connection? – with Nathan Na…

Hope. It’s a lifeline. How can your vote provide hope to those less fortunate in our country and around the world?  People need t…

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Oct. 14, 2020 Interview

It’s About Direction, Not Personality - Immigrant Insights with Elena…

America is known as a melting pot. We are a nation of immigrants and native-born citizens, all brought together under the banner …

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Oct. 6, 2020 Interview

You are the Judge. What Will You Choose? - with Judge Jim Troupis

The 2020 presidential election carries the potential to catapult our country into two very different directions, depending on the…

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Sept. 30, 2020 Interview

No Better Friend – Fighting for Others in the Battle for Freedom – wi…

“No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy” is a phrase often attributed to the United States Marine Corps.  We salute those in all branch…

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Sept. 23, 2020 Interview

Due Process at the Golf Course? What’s Par? - with Rob McDonald

Golf. It ranks high on the list of America’s favorite pastimes. The often-elusive goal of sinking the ball in the hole becomes ev…

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