Oct. 20, 2022

Your Flag Still Waves For Freedom – with James Staake – [Ep. 142]

Your Flag Still Waves For Freedom – with James Staake – [Ep. 142]

Our Constitution guarantees rights to free speech and expression, but those rights have often been trampled. Innocent people, like Linda’s guest, James Staake, have suffered greatly as a result. James is the owner of Your American Flag Store...

Our Constitution guarantees rights to free speech and expression, but those rights have often been trampled. Innocent people, like Linda’s guest, James Staake, have suffered greatly as a result. James is the owner of Your American Flag Store and discusses how he fought back against the cancel culture and economic tyranny that nearly put him out of business. His story of faith and courage will help you stand for your rights, too.

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Linda J. Hansen  

Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101 Breakroom Economics Podcast. My name is Linda J. Hansen. Your host and the author of Prosperity 101 - Job Security Through Business Prosperity: The Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck, and the creator of the Breakroom Economics online course. The book, the course, and the entire podcast library can be found on Prosperity101.com. I seek to connect boardroom to breakroom and policy to paycheck by empowering and encouraging employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs.


My goal is to help people understand the foundations of prosperity, the policies of prosperity, and how to protect their prosperity by becoming informed, involved, and impactful. I believe this will lead to greater employee loyalty, engagement, and retention and to an increased awareness of the blessings and responsibilities of living in a free society. Listen each week to hear from exciting guests and be sure to visit Prosperity101.com.


Thank you for joining with me today. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, it has been hard to miss evidence of what has come to be known as cancel culture. While our Constitution guarantees among many other rights, the right to free speech and expression, our rights have often been trampled by those in power and many innocent people have suffered as a result.


My guest today is James Staake, owner of Your American Flag Store. If you are a regular listener, you are familiar with his story because I previously interviewed James in a fascinating two-part interview. James and his family were canceled. Their livelihoods and reputations were threatened. And as a result, they became an example of how to fight back against tyranny against all odds.


James is a patriotic hero. His story will encourage you and it may help prevent the cancellation of your business or the devastation that can happen to your family. Thank you, James, for agreeing to be interviewed again and sharing more of your story with the listeners. Welcome.


James Staake



Thanks for having me again.


Linda J. Hansen  

Well, thank you. And to our listeners, we've been having just a little trouble with sound today. So, please be patient with us. I'm sure if there's a few little sound glitches, it will be still well worth listening to the entire interview. James and his family have been through so much. And we never know if we might be next on the cancellation list.


So, their example and their story will encourage you, will help you. And you know, I think it will embolden all of us to stand up for our rights as Americans and to defend those rights now and for the future. So, James, for a review, for those who maybe didn't listen to the first couple of times I interviewed you, could you share basically how your story began?


James Staake  

At the beginning of the cancel culture or the beginning of the business?


Linda J. Hansen  

[laughs] Well, let's start with the beginning of the business. Your 6-year-old son had an amazing idea that changed your life.


James Staake  

Yeah. So, we were still in California at the time, in San Diego. And we were watching a sporting event. And the ladies were inside having their conversations. And the dads were in the garage having our conversations. Max drove up on his bicycle and said that he came up with a business idea to start a business where I would be making American flags as a carpenter. And my wife being an artist, she could put patriotic art on the flags.


So, we were pretty shocked. It was a really good idea, obviously. And we thought about it. We joked around with some buddies. And that night, just joking around, we came up with 15-20 really cool flag ideas. And the next day, we started making our first flag, Max and I. We actually started the business at that time. California sucked every penny from us. And all we had was a $50 gift card we got for Christmas. That's what we actually started the business with when we bought the material to buy that first flag. We made that first flag, and we sold it pretty much the same day. And we sold five more of them by posting it on social media.


So, the initial launch was really our friends. You know, literally the people from high school and business, and that kind of thing that we've gotten to know over the years. Those were the ones who probably bought our first 10 to 15 flags. Then after we sold those 15, we realized that we were onto something and talked – we've teased ourselves about maybe doing a booth and taking it to art festivals, and maybe a gun show or something, and seeing what would happen at those.


We did. They were very successful, pretty much every single venue that we went to. And it just grew from there. We ended up traveling all over the country, from San Diego to Reno, Nevada to Las Vegas


to Sturgis and South Dakota, Arizona, and I mean, we went to I think 11 different states selling the flags at different types of events. Met all kinds of wonderful people, great patriotic Americans.


It was those interactions in the first two years of our business that actually really got us to understand our client, our demographic very, very well. When you're in a booth at an art show or a gun show, or a rodeo or a country music festival, the people will come over to our booth. They love all the flags. But inevitably, you hear, “Well, do have one, you know, with a guy riding a bull? Do you have one for Iwo Jima? Do you have one?” So, we were hearing those. These were all new ideas to us. But there was no reason we couldn't do it. So, we would take the order. We’d put custom artwork on the flag for that customer. And then we would just add that design or that kind of more that customer's vision of patriotism to our flag selection.


Today, we have about, I think, almost 200 different flag designs on our website. Most of those have been the designs and the desires from other patriots that we've met around the country. We’ve come up with a couple of good designs. But most of the designs that you'll see on our website are at the request of customers, including the flag that got us canceled, the infamous Donald Trump flag. That's the one that a customer asked us to make, which was really a great idea – another great idea from our customers. A customer asked, “Do you guys have presidential flags?” And of course, my mind immediately went to, “Well, we have an Abraham Lincoln flag and George Washington flag.”


While not a president, we have a Martin Luther King flag, sitting bull flag. So, different patriotic, iconic patriots, we've done silhouette art of them on a flag. There's no reason that we couldn't do other presidents. This particular customer who wanted Donald Trump on. So, of course, we agreed. And then that customer posted on Facebook and Facebook didn’t like it. And that’s when everything started getting canceled.


Linda J. Hansen  

Well, and that's when your story began. And people began to hear more of what cancel culture was doing to you. And you had this wonderful business that was growing out of this vision from your 6-year-old son. And you and your wife were, you know, changing your lives around to accommodate this growing business. And it was becoming, you know, your livelihood. And things were going quite well until this customer who requested a flag with Donald Trump on it, like many of the other flags of special-order art in the corner of the flag. This customer posted it on Facebook, and then the story began. So, please tell the listeners what happened next.


James Staake  

So, this was early 2020, I believe January. And we just started seeing a huge dump of traffic. Nobody was coming to our website anymore. Now, back up a little bit, this was pre-COVID. We were going around the country selling our flags at booths. When COVID hit so that stopped. We had to kind of reinvent ourselves. So, this was the second time.


We already built our business with one model, that kind of the face-to-face business model. That was canceled by COVID. So, we had to rebuild our entire business and become an internet business where all of our sales would be generated from the internet and then also be fulfilled through the internet. We


were able to do that, and we were so successful on Facebook with our Facebook marketing campaign that we were able to move from California to Tennessee.


Shortly after we got to Tennessee is when this happened. I think it was four months after we moved to Tennessee. That's when the Trump flag was posted. We actually made it while we were still in California. But I think through the election, that customer got really excited. And he started posting it on social media, and we're very proud of it. And it was February – I'm sorry, January 22nd. I actually did my research and saw that we were actually getting no traffic on our website. Something was very, very off.


The pattern that we got used to seeing for, you know, six months before this was now broken. So, in looking into it, we found out that a customer had posted our flag or his flag of President Trump. And Facebook then sent us a message that our advertising was suspended, not canceled, not – you know, they were very vague about how they say it, so that they – you can't really get a lawyer involved. So, they suspended our ad privileges temporarily while they evaluated our business. They did that and it took about 30 days. And the result of that was that we weren't allowed to sell pretty much anything patriotic, which makes it very difficult for us to sell anything because everything that we sell is patriotic.


So, anything having to do with the Second Amendment, anything having to do with, “Don't tread on me,” anything to do with Donald Trump, for sure, anything having to do – I mean, even our multicultural flags. They took down some of our First Responders flags, our Military flags. All of our best-selling flags, we were no longer allowed to sell. So, that effectively killed our business. We didn't know what to do because we knew we'd be canceled anywhere.


So, we reached out to Newsmax and others. But Newsmax dumped all over the story. We were on the Rob Schmitt Tonight Show. And with that, we got a lot of sales that night. But all of the – as soon as – basically, Big Tech took our marketing away. And we figured it out how to market around Big Tech, we had a very good several days being involved with Newsmax. And then PayPal got involved and they froze 100% of the money in our PayPal account.


Linda J. Hansen  

So, January 22nd, 2020, after someone had posted a flag that they had ordered – that they had custom ordered with a picture of Donald Trump on it, and they posted it on their Facebook page. And it was just something that you offered on your website as well, like all the other flags that you've done. You've shown what you have created. But that flag was the tipping point for Facebook. And so, that went on for a bit. And how long after that? Like I know that you went on several media outlets. You had interviews on different media outlets. And you kind of got the word out that Facebook was canceling you because of this one flag. And then what happened?


You just started to tell the story of PayPal. What did PayPal do? And honestly, like we're recording this now in October of 2022 and just recently, PayPal was in the news again for saying that they would have a $2,500 fine for anybody who had misinformation as part of their business or their website, or their communications and things. And they really had a backlash on that. A lot of people canceled. Their stock tumbled. You know, really kind of the, “Go woke, go broke.” And you know that phrase became


kind of true for them. But you know, PayPal has not been a friend to conservatives or patriotic Americans. So, what did PayPal do to you?


James Staake  

Well, as soon as we got traction, Newsmax, they held all the money, 100% PayPal. PayPal just froze it. We actually learned that it was frozen when we went to buy lumber to fulfill – to buy all the lumber for the orders that had come in from being on Newsmax the previous several days. And our debit card was denied. We obviously knew there was plenty of money in there. Didn't know why. We called PayPal and ask them what the reason was. And there was a – this is the first time I ever spoke about this. There was a customer service agent. His name was Scotty. And Ginger was talking to him on the speaker, I was listening in, and she had asked, you know, “What is this hold for?”


We've been doing business with PayPal with various businesses for about 16 years. Never had any type of problem. Never had, you know, any type of complaints or anything like that. What is this hold for? The customer service agent kind of giggled and sarcastically said, “Well, it looks like – after reviewing your business, it looks like you guys have a very shady business model, and probably won't be in business very long.” That's why they were holding the money. And I immediately grabbed the phone from Ginger and said, “Wait a minute. What is your last name or what's your operator number?” He laughed again. And in the middle of him laughing, I said, “All right. What – I need to talk to a supervisor.” And then the line was.


So, that was how more or less the first interaction when they were holding $100,000 of our money. We now have 350 customers that will be wanting their product. And we have no money to buy the paint, buy the screws, buy the glue, buy the wood, buy the posts, buy the boxes, all the things that we're going to need to get these customers their flags. We don't have the money to get any of it.


So, we frantically called back to see if we could get another customer service person. Through multiple phone calls, we've eventually found someone that was reasonable and apologized, and said they're going to look into it. They're going to escalate it. But what it looks like was that this has been put off for a review in six months. So, there was nothing we could do. There was no explanation. There was nothing.


I even said, “What if we fulfilled all the orders and showed you that all of the orders are filled, will we get our money?” And this guy was very – this particular agent – several others were extremely rude – this particular agent was very nice and said, “James, I don't think that they're going to.” The final guy when we asked him, you know, “What do we have to do? If there's a six-month hold, what's the next step?” He made it very clear that there's really nothing for six months that any – that's the decision. It's six months and they'll look at it again, which means that we – customers are not going to wait six months for us to start their flag.


So, that's when we knew that we had to get a lawyer involved because there was just no way that this could be legal or right, or you know, there's – something has got to be wrong. There's no way this could be legal. So, we contacted Harmeet Dhillon at the Center for American Liberty. They jumped all over it and Harmeet was more or less like, you know, “You make flags. That's what you’re good at. I'm good at


fighting bullies.” She went and fought the bullies for us.


She – the Center for American Liberty and Harmeet with Mark Meuser got us back 90% percent of the money. About $93,000 was what they were able to get back. PayPal was still holding on for $10,000 more dollars. This was 11 months later. So, we've been past it. It took lawyers that long to get the money back. So – and another thing is that we were forced – even though we already decided to get lawyers, we were forced to get a lawyer because PayPal has said, “Hey, this is now our legal team. There's no one else in customer service you can even talk to. This is done. Go, get a lawyer.” So, that's what we did.


At that 10th month and Harmeet said, “Hey, look, they just want a nondisclosure.” You know, she's very – you know, she gave us all the details about surrounding what that really meant. And asked us, you know, what our decision was. Our decision was that we did not sign a nondisclosure. She supported that. She let them know that. And they pretty much said, “Okay. Well, then we have the money.” At that point, I got real frustrated. And the only thing that I really do was call the news back.


And luckily, at that point, Fox News and Duffy – I reached out to Sean Duffy and he gave the story, I believe, to either producer, booker or writer, Rachel and she did an interview. And the really cool thing about that was – that was on a Saturday that I reached out to Sean. On Sunday morning, I was being interviewed by Rachel and five hours after the interview, 11 months after they took the money, five hours after that interview on a Sunday while they were closed, they gave back our money.


Linda J. Hansen  

Amazing, amazing. Now, there's another piece to this puzzle though and that is the Shopify piece. Could you share just shortly because I know – could you share what Shopify did? And then I want to get into what is currently happening with you and how, you know, sometimes things don't seem good at the time, but there's always a silver lining to every cloud. And there's been some really great things that have occurred as a result of what you have been through with your business and your family. But let's stay in the point of pain, where you know, it's – first, it's Facebook, then it's PayPal, and Shopify.


James Staake  

So, Shopify, right in the middle of – we’re actually not sure when Shopify started it. But we noticed it after we started looking into everything that they were taking down our best-selling products, our We, The People, our second amendment, anything with Don't Tread on Me, anything with the three percenters, everything related – around Donald Trump. And the two that – those were all bad enough, but the two that really bothered us the most were one, our First Responders and Military flags when they canceled those, I think that really said a lot. There's absolutely no – there's no flags on our website at our – for our First Responders or Military that have anything political on them at all. We won't even go that way.


I mean, if it was a very custom thing for a special customer, we – you know, if they wanted – you know, if they had some unique design, we would hear it out and maybe we would do it. But we don't like to mix politics with our Military and our First Responders on those flags. So, they took those flags off or many of them. Not all of them, but about 15, I believe.


Then the other flag, they took down was our multicultural flag. I mean, that bothered us so much because that's – I mean, we did I think 30 different multicultural flags for Americans who have immigrated from other countries. But while they still put – the American flag is on top part of the flag, and the American flag is always going to be on the top part of the flag, they still want to remember where they came from. I think it's a beautiful flag. I think it represents exactly what our country is all about in the spirit of being the melting pot. And when they took that particular flag down, I mean, that one really got us upset. I mean, that's what that is – it's very difficult to get a flag that really embodies what America is all about than that flag. And they canceled it.


Linda J. Hansen  

So, here we go again – Facebook, PayPal, Shopify. And, you know, basically, they're trying to put you out of business. And I remember in one of our first interviews, you said, “We weren't even a small business. You know, we're a micro business.” You know, it's you and your wife and your family. You know, you were targeted for some reason. And we're so thankful, James, that you and your wife had the courage and the faith to stand up to this and let your story be told because it exposes exactly what has happened to not only you, but really many people. And we don't really know how many people have suffered silently under such elitist power. But we know that this is a problem. And it's something that we have to expose and fight against.


So, tell me now what's happening with you. And I know there's been lots of things blossoming with your business, with the story that your family has to tell. And also, I mean, as we emerge into sort of parallel economies, you know, we really don't want to end up being, you know, totally separate economies. But it's almost like some of these organizations are forcing us into it and I think we will emerge better and stronger because there will be more freedom, more opportunity, more prosperity for individuals and businesses, as we all just stay the course and stay strong and stand up for what we believe in, stand up for the Constitution, stand up for our values like you have done and you've helped pave the way for so many. So, what came next? Tell us what's on tap now for you and your business?


James Staake  

Well, going on to Fox News and Newsmax definitely help our dark story out, too, but it also kind of get –put our cancel culture story out. But there are little hints in each one of those interviews about the story about our family. And I've been pushing since we've – this first happened that, you know, everybody has heard the story of a cancel culture incident. I mean, we've heard dozens of them.


But the story that nobody so far has really, really been willing to tell is the collateral damage around the company that's been canceled. There's employees that pay. There's the employees’ families. There's the owners’ families. A big net when you cancel that business. There's a lot of collateral damage involved. I think that talking about some of that got some people's attention. And we were contacted by folks at Parler. They gave us a call and had a unique offering.


And it mixed very well with our idea to kind of tell our story, our cancel culture story. And, you know, little 10-minute episodes where we're going to keep people – we're going to invite people in to take a deeper look into the inside of the cancel culture fight and what's going on, and what we're doing with local legislators to get anti-cancel culture legislation. And we're also going to, I think, the show is really


going to be about, is the stories behind the flags.


Every – not every flag – a lot of the flags that we have, people order on the website. We handcraft for that individual person. Nothing is pre-made. Everything is made to order and then we send it off. Sometimes we get a call from a customer, and we hear a story that there isn't a flag really on our website that works. We make them a very custom flag. Sometimes it's for people who passed away. Sometimes it’s to commemorate someone's service. Sometimes it's just someone's unique patriotic vision that they have a really cool flag idea for.


So, those stories we end up – with those flags, we ended up developing friendships with these customers. And those flags ended up having pretty cool stories behind them. So, we wanted to use this show to kind of tell really what makes our company and our family a little bit different from all the other people making flags. One, everything is done by hand, 100%, no vinyl stickers, no stencils or anything like that, no spray paint. And we make every single flag for a specific person. No flag is just made and put up on a rack and waited for someone to buy, and then we pull it off the rack and give it to him. That flag is made from start to finish for that individual person.


So, along the way, we've probably – at least 50, maybe even as many as 100 people. Over the 4,500 flags that we've made, there's literally probably 100 very, very special flags that we've had the privilege to make for people. And we talked to many of them and asked them mostly if we could go on camera and talk about the stories and our relationship, and that we've become friends and stayed in contact now for several years after we've made their flag.


And I think that in the climate that we're in today, with people not believing so much in the American dream anymore, we've got some really good stories that will show people that the American Dream is very much alive. But I think that when people see that it's very much alive and if you're willing to work, you can get it. I think the show will really have an underlying theme that people are really hungry for right now.


Linda J. Hansen  

Well, this sounds like a great series and something that will encourage many people. Your story not only alerts people and helps them to understand the depth and depravity of our cancel culture, but it really can help people to be alert to what can happen to them. But also, you know, you help people have the backbone. You know, the courage to stand up. You know, it's like courage is contagious. And when we know that we can stand up against this and actually win – it might be an uphill battle – but we can win.


And our families, our nation, our future is worth it. Our freedoms are worth it. We have a nation that has allowed this opportunity for people for generations. And we are not going to stand back and let elitists who want One World Government control, you know, a culture that despises family prosperity, free enterprise. We will not stand back and let it happen. And so, thank you, James, for standing up to that. And, you know, before this interview, you and I talked about how this parallel economy in a sense, you know, you're reaching out – many Patriots are reaching out to you to do these flags. We've got this upcoming video series on Parler that will highlight your story and the story of your customers. But


there's other things.


You have just made a beautiful flag for PublicSq. And PublicSq, Michael Seifert, the founder there, I mean, he just wanted to have a place where people, you know, could have a public square to share their businesses, their stories. They could get to know, you know, businesses and individuals that really share their values. So, when we spend our money, we're spending our money in businesses that support the American values we hold dear. So, tell me why you decided to make a flag for PublicSq.


James Staake  

Oh, man. The PublicSq story is actually our first episode. So, PublicSq, we met them three years ago at a street fair when we just got our American Dream off the ground. And the really cool thing is that they came to our booth to buy a flag for a co-worker who had his own American Dream from New Zealand, their COO, Sebastian Harris. He came from New Zealand, had an American Dream, move here, become a citizen, start his own business, and live the American dream. He’s doing it. So, when they bought a flag from us for Sebastian, we didn't know it.


But that relationship would – our paths crossed then and then after we all got kicked out of the economy, they were building a platform in the parallel economy. They’re one of the very first people that reached out to us and said, “Hey, you will never get canceled from us. We want you here. You're wanted here. Come join us.” I did. And our relationship has been great ever since. They've been unbelievably helpful.


Linda J. Hansen  

Well, that's great. And this parallel economy that we talked about, it's really, you know, being able to be free to express yourself, whether it's online sources like you mentioned, Parler. There's Getter. There's Truth Social. There's places where we can go. We can have conversations. We can post things. We can, you know, inform people of things. I mean, people have Substack. There's DailyClout.io. There's all these places that are popping up in a sense that are making sure we can still have our freedom of speech, our freedom of expression, and freedom of commerce.


This is important, you know, at the time, too, where we see big banks canceling people. It isn't just PayPal. We see big banks canceling people because of their views, because they support religious freedom, or they support pro-life causes. Or, you know, they – maybe it was a small business that expressed, you know, support for Donald Trump. I mean, it's just crazy what people are being canceled for now.


So, you mentioned PublicSq. We mentioned some of these other social media places. I'd like to just mention two. There's a Red Balloon – Red Balloon.org. For our listeners, you want to go back and listen to episode 101 of the Prosperity 101 podcast because I interviewed Andrew Crapuchettes from Red Balloon. And he was basically canceled from a business he started. And the Board decided he was, you know, a little too conservative and a little too Christian to be the CEO anymore. And so, he started this amazing job board for freedom-loving Americans, you know, free to work and free to hire. And so, people can go to RedBalloon.org to find a job with a freedom-loving employer or to find an employee who values freedom as well. So, you know, we all express our freedom in different ways and


– but we need to have the right to do so in America.


And one of the other things I wanted to bring up, too, is we are finding a lot of affiliate organizations that – you know, we're helping one another. You know, we can help a business by sharing their information. And hopefully, you know, that affiliate relationship helps our business as well. I mean, I just recently became sponsored with Switch Away. Switch Away is an organization that is really helping people to find the everyday products you use all the time and being able to purchase those from a family-owned American company that cares about quality, natural ingredients that aren't harmful. They don't have harmful chemicals and things. And you can switch away.


So, you know, listeners, again, go to SwitchAway.com/p101 and you can find out how you can purchase products from a company that supports your values. And we are seeing this more and more and more. So, you know, thank you James for bringing up the parallel economy, for bringing up PublicSq, talking about Parler. We can, you know, mention Getter, True Social. These other, you know, avenues of free expression. We see businesses that have come into the fold and are really supporting freedom-loving Americans. And maybe some of those businesses would love to have their logo or their family on a flag from your flag store. So, how do people reach you?


James Staake  

They can just go to YourAmericanFlagStore.com. And I mean, like I said earlier, there's about 200 different designs. And every single design in there is customizable. So, if you see one you like and you want a little bit of a twist to it, you can give us a call, tell us what the twist is, and we'll make it.


Linda J. Hansen  

Well, that's exciting. So, listeners, you can go to YourAmericanFlagStore.com and order your custom-made flag that expresses your love of freedom and love of America. And you can support such a great family, James and his family, who have been strong under trial and have been an example for all of us not to back down, not to wither away and slink away, but to stand firm and to stand strong for the values that made America great.


So, James, as we close, what are, like, just a few thoughts that you have closing, especially for employers, who may be wanting to help their employees understand the importance of this freedom? But also, for others in the workplace and other family leaders who need to help people understand this. What are some closing points you have?


James Staake  

I think that the one thing that I'd like to ask people to do the most is buy American-made products. That would probably be the best thing. You can find them on many different places. We mentioned them. PublicSq is a great one. Parler is a good one. All – anything that is talking about or being – as being part of the parallel economy, I would support those companies. The parallel economy people kind of think it's a weird thing.


But it really is, as you said earlier, it's economy that was created because people like us were pushed out of the old ones. We didn't want any of this, but we got a business. And as – also, as you mentioned,


this is our livelihood. And when we were kicked out of that other economy, our traditional economy, that all of us has known for years, thank God, there was some people like Michael and Christina over at PublicSq. And the guys over Parler that are building – and so many others that are building these new platforms that will allow us to continue to thrive and support those businesses.


Linda J. Hansen  

And support those businesses. So, if you're a business owner, please look to source all your products from American-made companies and help your employees to understand why you're doing that. You know, and if you are an employee, maybe go talk to your employer and say, “Could we source our products from American-made companies?


James Staake  

Great idea.


Linda J. Hansen  

There's always a way. And if you really are struggling like, “Where do I go? What do I do? I don't know what to do next.” Or maybe you've got a story that needs to be told, whether it's a cancel culture story, or you've got something that you really want to help people understand about how to stand strong in this trying time in our nation, please contact me at Prosperity101.com and let's talk. Let's see how we can help you get your story out.


But also, we all need to work together to educate people, whether it's in the workplace or the family. We need to help people understand that protecting freedom, protecting our constitutional rights is important now and always. So, James, thank you so much for joining with us. Again, listeners, you can go to YourAmericanFlagStore.com. You can see their flags. You can hear their story. And please support them. This is an important mission that they have. And they've been a great encouragement to all of us freedom-loving Americans. So, thank you, James.


James Staake  

Thank you.


Linda J. Hansen  

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