Oct. 6, 2020

You are the Judge. What Will You Choose? - with Judge Jim Troupis [Ep. 39]

You are the Judge. What Will You Choose? - with Judge Jim Troupis [Ep. 39]

The 2020 presidential election carries the potential to catapult our country into two very different directions, depending on the outcome.  What are things to consider before voting? How will various policy proposals affect your business or personal life? If you are an employer, how can you talk with employees about economic issues that affect your business? Judge Jim Troupis is widely respected for his abilities as a lawyer, an educator, and as a legal consultant.  He is a former Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge and has taught legal studies around the world. In this fascinating interview, he shares with Linda insights gleaned from teaching internationally and experiencing real-life implications of various political systems. What is his warning to America, and what is his challenge to employers as we enter the ultimate courtroom of political decisions?  You are the judge.  What will you choose?

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