Feb. 9, 2023

When All Else Fails, Follow The Directions! – Humble & Turn – with Dr. Patricia Bailey – [Ep. 154]

When All Else Fails, Follow The Directions! – Humble & Turn – with Dr. Patricia Bailey – [Ep. 154]

America is truly at a crossroads. Our Constitutional system of government has been the framework for our nation through good times and bad, and our core values have guided society. Are you a leader lamenting over the state of current affairs? Linda...

America is truly at a crossroads. Our Constitutional system of government has been the framework for our nation through good times and bad, and our core values have guided society. Are you a leader lamenting over the state of current affairs? Linda and global leader, Dr. Patricia Bailey, discuss the seven mountains of culture which impact our society and how we may reclaim them as we lead our families, businesses, communities, and governments. Don’t wait until all else fails, follow the directions today!

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Linda J. Hansen:

Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101-Break Room economics podcast. My name is Linda J. Hansen, your host and the author of Prosperity 101- Job Security Through Business Prosperity: The Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck and the creator of the Breakroom Economics Online Course. The book, the course, and the entire podcast library can be found on prosperity101.com. I seek to connect boardroom to breakroom and policy to paycheck by empowering and encouraging employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs. My goal is to help people understand the foundations of prosperity, the policies of prosperity, and how to protect their prosperity by becoming informed, involved, and impactful.

I believe this will lead to greater employee loyalty, engagement, and retention, and to an increased awareness of the blessings and responsibilities of living in a free society. Listen each week to hear from exciting guests and be sure to visit prosperity101.com. Thank you for joining with me today. I believe and history has shown that the economic and spiritual health of America impacts the world. We have a system of government that allows for human flourishing, wealth creation, philanthropy, and freedom. My goal is to help preserve that freedom so we may in turn share not only our wealth, but our principles for freedom and prosperity. As a Christian I believe true freedom begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ, and from that our lives may flourish and grow to share with others and have impact for eternity.

I've spoken in past episodes on the connection between US policies, economic conditions, and global evangelism and philanthropy. You've heard it said that we cannot pour from an empty cup, and that is true for individuals and nations. We must be strong and prosperous in order to share abundantly with others. My guest today understands these principles and has devoted her life to developing leaders across the globe. Dr. Patricia Bailey is a lecturer, author, ambassador, and founder of Master's Touch Ministries. Her ministry has produced a tremendous impact for more than 40 years in 147 countries. She has served as a consultant to the UN, heads of states, diplomats and governmental dignitaries. She's been featured in international media and is widely respected as a global missions consultant.

Her heart is to equip leaders through her global leadership training center and YUGO, Young Adults United For Global Outreach. She is also the founder of SEW, Sisters Empowering the World, which equips women and children in developing nations by providing clean water, healthcare, education, and economic empowerment. She's also the founder of EVI, the Economic Vocational Institute in Haiti, equipping young leaders to become the economic solutions to their country. Welcome Dr. Bailey. Thank you for joining on the podcast today and for your lifetime of servant leadership.

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

Thank you so very much. It's my honor, and I just believe that this may perhaps be the beginning of many because we share the same heart for our nation, for this generation. I'm honored that you allowed and I'm going to be here whenever you need me.

Linda J. Hansen:

Well thank you so much. I'm honored to have you on and to get to know you more as we move forward and to partner together in various outreach efforts. When you first heard about my work with Prosperity 101, you understood it immediately. You understood that my heart is to impact others around the world through building a strong America, with religious and economic freedom, limited government and people engaged in reclaiming the seven mountains of culture, which for those listening are family, religion, education, media, arts and entertainment, business and government. We must reclaim those mountains of culture here in America in order to help those mountains of culture be thriving and prosperous elsewhere around the world.

So what would you say to business leaders today who are lamenting over the state of current affairs in America and who realize their employees have little to no understanding regarding the true principles of freedom?

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

First of all, this will be reminded, Linda, of our foundation. I think everything goes back to the foundation. And then the word of God tells us, and all I get and get understanding and several times you'll see God speaking to his children the reference and the word saying, remember, remember me, remember, don't forget, don't forget, is so amazing the human nature of man, to not forget the cycles of history. So from the foundation as you look at our nation as it was being formed and a little baby nation developing with a desire to have religious freedom. So we got to look at the motive and the intent regardless of some of the things that has happened in our country and in our history that are dark and that are evil and that are unjust, they're there.

And might I say, when you go to several different other countries and you dig in their background, you're going to find things in there that are unjust, that goes all the way back from the beginning of time. But God honored this baby nation that endeavored to say that she would be built on the biblical principles of God and the right to have religious freedom and for our constitution as much as possible to mirror the constitution of the word of God. In so doing, not that we were perfect, God honored and blessed our efforts and crowned our efforts for success and made us to be the type of nation that we would lend to many nations and not have to borrow. When you look back in the foundation, you'll see that how we begin to spring up and God prospered us, he blessed us. He gave us the resources that were needed to be able to sustain ourselves.

And the word of God is so clear that as we a nation that exalts him, a nation that is righteous, that nation is going to prosper, that nation is going to be blessed. And so little by little we begin to amend and separate ourselves from the original founding forefathers who had this constitution in their heart and in print to make this a nation, one nation under God. We began to be the nation that everybody wanted to come to. We were blessing other nations. And when you're flying, one of the main things in aviation when you're flying commercial, is that they tell you, in the event of an emergency, concerning the oxygen, take that oxygen and put the mask on your face first before you endeavor to administer it to others.

And what has happened now, in order for us to be a blessing to other nations, we begin to crumble from within, crumble from within concerning morality, economies. And as we begin to amend that constitution and amend that constitution, taking the word of God off of the courtroom walls, taking prayer out of the school, opening ourselves up for an inclusion type of a nation that represents inclusion versus a nation that unashamedly, we're not ashamed to say we're a Christian nation. Also during this time as we embrace the principles of God and make our constitution mirror as much as possible, we get to bring forth some of the greatest inventors, some of the greatest inventions and the majority of a lot of inventions as really you look throughout earth throughout time. The majority that benefit us today have come out of Israel and have come out of these United States.

So she became the first in this and the first in that, in leading and lending to nations and not borrowing. He blessed our economy and our dollar and made it stable and made it to be the very premise, the benchmark, the standard for even trade. Even though countries like Great Britain and all had a stronger currency than ours, yet our currencies would be the currency that other nations wanted to, they felt more secure doing business and trading with our money. And even when you look at the 10 Commandments, this has been a global study, Linda, they've done a global study on nations that have within their rule of law and their constitution, those that mirror or abide by or use as a guideline or a school master, the 10 Commandments.

And each one that has the principles of the 10 commandments in their constitution, the closest to that, turn out to be the nation's, Linda, that are the most prosperous nations. Like duh, maybe God is smarter than us, Linda. And so those nations that oppress their people, those nations that exploit their people, those nations that ignore their people and the needs of the people, those are the nations where there's judicial tyranny and oppression. Isaiah, the name Isaiah, I mean Uzziah. Uzziah. Isaiah, says that "The year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord." And Uzziah means oppressor. And so isn't it interesting that the year that the oppressor died and was an oppressive king, the people could see the Lord.

So that oppression keeps people from being able to see who God is in them, their God-given abilities and talents which shuts out the Elohim part of inventions, with the inventions, downloads, things that will prosper the nation. And then little by little we begin to divorce ourselves from the 10 commandment principles and embrace other principles and embrace, which is what happened with King Salman, embrace other religions and other ideologies that are not mirrored in the word of God. And we begin to see our economy declining, to now you have an leadership today that was willing to forsake our energy independence. How could that even be? See, because when you begin to detach yourself from God, the wisdom of God is now detached, the Elohim of God, the creativity is now detached, the prosperity, the increase, all of that that makes God who he is, you've separated yourself from that.

That means even the wisdom, what wise nation wouldn't want to be energy independent? What wise nation would borrow from their enemies? This affect our economy, the people that are working for these business people, your everyday people having to try to handle the price of gas and the price of food. And then not to mention what's happened in the real estate industry and all. And they're seeing it. And no matter, Linda, how many times they try to tell us that there's not a pink elephant in the room, a pink elephant in the room is very visible. So they can try to say, we're not heading towards, we going to raise the debt ceiling and we're going to keep printing money and printing money and printing money. There's not going to be any kind of, when history has already told us over and over again what happens when we follow this kind of a practice.

My heart goes out to those independent business owners who want to see and the whole purpose of being in business, they not one who want to prosper themselves, but they want to see their employees prosper. And I'm sure they see their employees struggling and facing the prices of gas, food, and then not to mention, Linda, those who are their employees whose children are in school and they have to get up every day and pack a lunch or whatever, whatever, and send that kid off to a public school that used to be a safe place for their employees to leave their children while they were at work. And now this very same country you have, we want to be proud of the school, but then now look at the crime in the school. We want to be proud of the school, then look at the gender questions and the gender confusion that's in the school and the big government that's doing the overreaching, overarching, overreaching into what should be the parental discretion and determination concerning their child.

I just think about that business owner, their workers that are there, it affects a mother and a father when they don't feel like the child is secure or they're secure about what the child is learning. Or they get up in the morning and they begin to prepare breakfast and they got to determine for those that do eat pork or bacon, look at the price of bacon, look at the price of eggs. And then that same family when they get ready to stop at the gas station to put gas in the car, to go to work and take the child to school, look at the price of gas. And then that same family in the evening when they're going over bills and they're looking at how can they pay their mortgage. The only way back and the only road back is, one, if my people call by my name, will humble and turn, will humble and turn. Humble means I got to acknowledge the fact that I hit a brick wall. This is not working. I don't know it all. I need God.

Turn means to repent, to change, to change your mind. Apparently it's not working. We can't look at our nation and pretend it is as it used to be. Neither can we hide under this disguise or excuse, or umbrella or facade of the whole world is evolving. You can't expect us, we're progressive. The world is evolving. There's certain fundamental biblical truths that deal with family, traditional family, that deal with respecting human beings and just certain things that no matter how the world progresses or evolves as they say, these biblical foundational truths which happen to be universal, they're universal, they just will never change. They will never change. So my heart goes out to those that have, I know that's a long answer, because you can tell my heart is so full, my heart goes out to those Americans who believed in the American dream and those that perhaps are watching and listening, Linda, who came from other countries and your parents came as immigrants from other countries, who believed in the American dream of a better life.

We don't even want to go there when now are the questions that I'm hearing that some of the Ukrainian immigrants are going to get social security. And then you got the whole thing with the open borders where people are coming in as illegal immigrants and they're getting some of the type of services that are very old people that are working hard every day and trying to find a job or trying to hold down a job and trying to hold down and hold up what is a responsible citizen in these United States are not even afforded some of those very same benefits that are being given to those that are coming across the board illegally. In other words it's almost like we're incentivizing to disregard the rule of law. There has to be a turn, he says humble and turn.

And as we humble, we turn, repent from our twisted, perverted, wicked ways, wicked, wicker, twisted. Wicked, which means twisted, perverted, which means it's just not straight. It's crooked. You think it's right that it's not right. There's a way in demand that seems right, but the end there of the step, when we turn away from that and embrace God's way of doing things, he'll heal our land. He'll hear from heaven. It's not too late to turn it around, but it won't happen unless we humble and turn.

Linda J. Hansen:

Don't worry about it being too long, it was a wonderful answer to the question and you brought up some really good things. And for the listeners who may not be familiar with that verse, you can find that in 2 Chronicles 7:14 in the Old Testament, and all throughout scripture and throughout our history we can see times where God has shown favor upon individuals and nations who put him first to choose his ways. And some people think that you're trying to make everybody think like you. No, it's principles of freedom. It's principles of truth. And the beautiful thing about God's truth is he doesn't force anyone. He doesn't force anyone. It's something that we can choose. You mentioned turning, you mentioned humbling ourselves and turning. That's a choice.

So as an individual or a nation, we can choose. And just like if we're raising kids and we say if you do that, you don't get to have dessert or go out with your friends or whatever it is, there's always a choice. With every action, there's a reaction in a sense, and this is very true for nations as well. As you've traveled the globe, I know that you have mentioned times where you've spoken with leaders from other nations and they have expressed such concern for what's happening in America and they're begging you and others from our nation to please, please not let it fall because they need a strong America to help their country be strong. Can you share a few of those examples?

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

I remember my South African leaders, Nigerian leaders, those in the UK, different parts of the world, Asia world, and they see what's happening. They see what's happening in our school system. They see the very push concerning identity. And of course we have these self-proclaimed global leaders because let's just face it, even with the World Economic Forum and even the, well, let's say the G7, the G summits, let's put it there. We're not G7 but the G summits. I supposed to be governmental leaders, intergovernmental leaders coming together to make decisions for the destiny of nations. How do men like Klaus and George Soros even get invited and they're now forming policies from their ideologies and their philosophies that other global leaders who are elected politicians. Klaus and George Soros are not elected politicians and yet elected politicians are following.

And this last G summit, Linda, anyone can Google and fact check me, they didn't even apologize by saying it's no longer the reset, it's now the new world order. Boldly saying we must reshape the world. One of the things that they pushed this year, so interesting, they said there should not be diversity concerning the path for the destiny of the nations. But interesting the same people says diversity with ethnicity and diversity with this, diversity with religion. But now concerning this plan for the nations that you all have concocted and have in your mind and pushing other nations and global leaders to follow, you want it to be one order, one thing that we push worldwide and then that's why you see it bleeding into other cultures and other countries. So of course the template nation, the model is these United States and Great Britain, and it happens even with the United Nations through the same way.

Americans still don't understand, Linda, as goes the United States goes the rest of the world. Some of the leaders say this to me, they say, don't you understand? I remember when the late Myles Munroe was alive, he talked about what goes on in the United States and how it bleeds over and affects the Bahamas because it was a nation built on tourism and we're so close in proximity. He says, when America sneezes Bahama catches a cold. And that's what these other nations are saying. What you do, we feel. So the next thing you see trickling down, things that we legislate, in areas that deal with morality, that deal with economy, that deal with so many different things. Next thing you know those things begin to trickle down and you find it in their government.

And then we have to realize and remember that even when it comes to law and the rule of law, there are only so many different original institutional law systems. Our law basically was spillover, we have different things of the residue from not everything but from the England and then England got their residue and their spillover from the Rome, Romans. And so when it comes to even just how things are constituted and parliaments and things like that, they do, South Africa, their law is very much governed and reflected and as a guideline by our law and by the British law and then of course by the Dutch law as well. And so what we do and what we legislate and what we embrace as culture, what we embrace as the societal norm, they begin to be the benchmark of the model that other nations follow.

So an example, the whole trans agenda is considered a human's rights agenda. And it's considered the priority, the top of a human rights agenda. So because they say that or we decreed that and it's been decreed from our leaders, then the other nations now all of a sudden say it's a human rights issue to them. Such to the point that these same men that are dictating policies that are not even elected officials, because they said that this is a priority issue, the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank and other entities are saying that if you don't go along with what this new order is, we will withhold your aid. And they've been doing that since 2008. We see that what we do really does affect another. And so many nations are looking to us to be the ones that will stand up and be the voice, especially, Linda, Christians.

They don't necessarily expect it fully based upon our government and our political system alone, because everybody understands our politics goals. But they do expect it of the believers. Because, Linda, whether we understand it or respect or accept it or not, we are an apostolic nation. We are our prophetic nation. We are a leader. God appointed us to be a leader. He exalted us like he did Israel. I rise above all the nations of the earth. It doesn't make you better, Linda, it makes you responsible, so that he can have a model of what righteousness looks like. Are we there? I'm not saying we're perfect, probably far from it definitely, but at least we live by this as a constitution and we don't disregard what the Bible has to say.

And that the Bible was the constitution for us as a people, as a nation, as a whole. And so they're concerned that as we begin to relax and modify and begin to mixture and mixture and compromise and compromise, and actually we're really compromising to a small population of people who see this as their alternative life or their way of life or their views. These views about where children are taught, it's not the majority, but guess what happens, Linda? The majority is silent. The majority keeps silent and as silence is consent. So those that are not the majority, that are making the most noise and strategically positioned and united and consistent, those are the three things I say. That's all they have.

United, consistent and strategically positioned, where the narratives are heard consistently from them by the people they have strategically positioned. I'm going to say that again so that people can follow this one. Their narrative, they all agree. It's actually Genesis 11 chapter. You do realize that. One mind, one voice, one heart saying the same thing, one agenda. Okay, Linda, right? Genesis 11, wasn't it? Right dear? So they one mind, one voice, one narrative and you know it because you can watch one newscast, one broadcast, and then once this is the particular narrative that they all been told on UPI or whatever to say, you go to another and they're saying the exact same thing. They don't even try to make it comical or change, add a few adjectives or whatever. It's the exact same line, like a script.

And they're united in that, and they are consistent. Keep driving it and driving it, driving it, because some of these different things like Title IX and some of the different issues that we are being concerned about, like the woke agenda and what's being taught to our children. They didn't just wake up overnight and do this. They've been consistently pushing this, some of these agendas for 50 years and 40 years and 30 years. Puberty blockers, they didn't just wake up and say last year we going to make puberty blockers available to children to change their gender without parental consent. They've been working on it for what? Which means they have to be consistent.

Linda J. Hansen:


Dr. Patricia Bailey:

Be consistent. And those three things-

Linda J. Hansen:

Right. The Bible says that they'll know we are Christians by our love and if we as believers unite in love and we are consistent, united and we are strategically positioned, which we know we are, because God has given us all a sphere of influence and we are strategically positioned to be leaders in our own sphere of influence. So we can impact the world and the beauty of what we have. We have truth on our side.

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

I say that.

Linda J. Hansen:

We have truth on our side and that is why we will ultimately win this battle. But before I forget, I want to go back. You mentioned Title IX, and this is just something I think young women don't realize that the fight for Title IX, I remember when Title IX was passed and sports and things were opened up to women. My sister was much older than I and she didn't have the same athletic opportunities, she didn't have the same opportunities that I did because I came after it was passed. And so now all of these things were, we really were elevating women and helping them to have equality and freedom and opportunity. Now in this culture, we are turning that aside and we are just saying that men can compete against women, biological men can compete against women.

We have people who unfortunately have been raped by trans men or trans women, but men who are women in women's prisons or locker rooms or places of business. And it's like we've lost our sense of reality. And this is what you mentioned before, that we lose that sense of wisdom when we walk away from God, we lose that wisdom. And that it's like everybody doesn't have to be a carbon copy Christian. That's not what I'm saying at all. But there are Judeo-Christian principles that have guided this nation and the nation of Israel and these two nations have been really leaders for principles that have helped to provide freedom and flourishing around the world. And so we cannot turn away from that.

I always say what we really need in America is a true spiritual revival. And it's interesting because I was just listening the other day to someone, I don't know if listeners know about Dr. Naomi Wolf, but she is an amazing woman. Amazing woman, who I would say she's never been conservative. She's been more of a feminist. She's worked on the opposite side of the political fence than I have. But she has been very outspoken in terms of what has been happening not only in government, but especially with the vaccines. Everything related to the vaccines and the vaccine mandates and the vaccine passports, which are a whole nother thing that we could explore how horrible those are. Let's go back to the Gesundheit past in World War II in Germany, but we have these people like Dr. Naomi Wolf and others who are saying out loud that what they're seeing is a spiritual warfare.

She said the other day that she felt that this is spiritual warfare of biblical proportion. She said, we've never seen such evil in our nation and in our world as we are right now, at least not in our lifetimes. And so it is truly a spiritual battle and that's the core of where we need to fight this. Yes, we want to have good governmental policies, we want to conduct business in ethical and honorable ways and we want to educate people and things. But the bottom line is that turning that you mentioned, that humbling and that turning and realizing there really is good and evil in the world. There really is. We can't have one foot on this side and one foot on the other, we'll be split splitting two, and you just can't.

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

A house divided will fall anyway, that principle.

Linda J. Hansen:

Absolutely. And that's how it's always been with America. And you mentioned how they've been so consistent for all these decades. I've often said on the podcast too, that I've been talking about all these things for 40 plus years, and 40 years ago people thought I was nuts. I'm sure some people still think I'm nuts, but some of the things-

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

Welcome to the club.

Linda J. Hansen:

... but some of the things that I was saying 40 years ago were going to be part of our lives as a result of the direction we were headed as we walked away from God's principles and as we walked away from the foundations that made this nation great. It's progressive. It's like somebody said the other day, it's progressive. It will always get progressively worse, where we have a truth we stand on and we want to make it progressively better. We always want to go back to that solid truth and the foundations that are the bedrock of a healthy society.

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

Absolutely. Absolutely. There really is no other recourse. Once something is, you see when God establishes his earth, his way, his instructions, his laws, it doesn't matter how man tries to override or supersede that, his way is best. He's been around longer than anyone to test it. And what does Psalm 119 tell us about his laws and his statues and his commandments and his precepts and his concepts? They're proven, they're tested. They're proven and tested. They're pure, they're sure and heaven and earth will end up passing away before any of the DaDa Diddle of this word will ever fail, because he and his word are one.

When we align ourselves to his way, and the thing that's so beautiful is when we follow his way and his instruction, it will be well with us. It's not to try to take anything from us or keep us, it's because he knows what's best for us and everything has all been designed for us to have a good life and to live a peaceable life. He said, "I will bless your food and your water and drive sickness and disease from your midst." Listen to the goodness. He says, "You will leave your days in pleasantness and years of prosperity." Listen to this, "Great shall be the peace of those that love thy law. And nothing shall by any mean offend them." Listen to this. "For the children to honor the mother and father that life will be well upon the land of the Lord thy god has given you that your days may be long." Listen to this.

They're all good promises. It's not him up in heaven with a bat just want to bang you upside the head if you miss it. But he's saying like the GPS system, you're veering off, turn right, turn right. You're getting off, recalculate, recalculate, because I'm trying to help you get to your destination. And his destination for us, I think it was the Westminster Catechism, the ultimate goal for man is to love God and to glorify him. Catechism was. Westminster catechism, that's what it was. And you think about it, to love God, glorify God, to love him and to glorify him, to know him, that's the ultimate. Because to know him is to love him and everything that he has for us, he knows here my 29:11, the thoughts he has for us, the plans he has for us, they are plans to prosper us.

When I say prosper, we're not talking about monetary, because Luke 12:15 says, "A man's life does not consist of the things that he accumulates and stacks up." But when I say gain, I'm talking about shalom, peace, nothing missing, nothing like it. A holistic life of peace and wholeness and that we are in harmony with our God and harmony with man, which to me that makes up the cross. "Love the Lord, thy God with all their heart and all their mind and all thy soul and love thy neighbor as thy self. Then take up that cross and follow him. That's the life that he designed for us to live.

Linda J. Hansen:

It is. And you said too that he really desires to lead us into righteousness, and he wants the best for us. And you mentioned Psalm 119 and it made me think of the verse. Psalm 119:105. It says, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." And that is truly it. So in our nation we've had that in the past. If we look at the statements by the founding leaders of our nation, men and women that were around at that time, you could see the faith that they had. You could see the hand of God upon them. You could see their commitment to scriptural principles. And you could see that they realized that without that guidance this nation would fall. And that our system of government was made for a righteous people, God fearing people.

We started this interview with me asking you what you would say to business leaders. Well, we've really covered so many things. You mentioned for business leaders, yes, but it's for everyone, because we're all leaders. And so I'd like to pause this conversation for right now, but I'd like to continue it in another episode where we can talk about your global leadership efforts through your training center, through all the different things you do, how what we do in America can impact and help to provide entrepreneurship and things I've learned and been a part of, some of the things that you're doing around the world where we're helping to empower women and children to become entrepreneurs and to provide better lives for themselves and their families. And this is so important.

So for anybody wanting to learn more about effective leadership, leadership not only here in America and with your family, but effective leadership in how we can support that around the globe, please stay tuned for part two. I would like to have Dr. Bailey back to talk about leadership and what she's doing with all these different organizations. Thank you Dr. Bailey. Do you have anything to close in this particular episode before we come back to talk about your leadership organizations?

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

I just want to encourage the listener to remember, he's the Lord thy God that has given us the power to obtain wealth. And that wealth has an assignment. He says it in that same text. He says, Deuteronomy 8:18, "To establish the covenant that I swore to your forefathers that this covenant will be established around the entire world." So we have truth on our side and we have God's covenant on our side and we have the almighty God on our side. And it doesn't matter how it looks like, culture is shifting and has shifted and it has. God's been here before. He's seen this before. Kingdom's rise and kingdom's fall, but God's plan and will is what's going to ultimately stand. So be encouraged my friend today, God [inaudible 00:38:04].

Linda J. Hansen:

Absolutely. And if people want to get in touch with you, what's the best way for them to do so?

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

Go to our website, patriciabailey.org, and they can find me on YouTube, our YouTube channel in my name, Dr. Pat Bailey. Patriciabailey.org is our website. Instagram is officialdrpatbailey, is the Instagram and those type of things. I'm on LinkedIn out there and they can find me, but the main source is patriciabailey.org.

Linda J. Hansen:

Well, that's great. And so listeners, please go to the website, you can learn about all the different ministries and find opportunities to serve and learn and grow. And again, everybody, whether you're a business leader, an employer, employee, entrepreneur, parent, student, these principles are important. They're important for us to know as individuals, but they are important for our nation. And as we have a strong nation, we can help others across the world. Let's help America come back to its core roots and educate our families, our employees, and bring forth a new birth of freedom in America. So thank you Dr. Bailey.

Dr. Patricia Bailey:

Thank you so very much.

Linda J. Hansen:

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