May 19, 2023

Take Heed America! – A Brazilian Perspective – with Vilson Simon – [Ep. 169]

Take Heed America! – A Brazilian Perspective – with Vilson Simon – [Ep. 169]

Many immigrants, especially those from Communist countries, share concerns over the direction America is headed. Pleas to not let America become like the country they left are nearly universal, and the frustration and fear they express as they watch...

Many immigrants, especially those from Communist countries, share concerns over the direction America is headed. Pleas to not let America become like the country they left are nearly universal, and the frustration and fear they express as they watch America decline is often very emotional. Linda’s guest, Vilson Simon, holds dual citizenship in the USA and Brazil. He shares his perspectives on the rapid declines seen in both countries and provides suggestions for protecting liberty in America and worldwide.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by guests on this podcast do not necessarily represent those held or promoted by Linda J. Hansen or Prosperity 101, LLC.
The opinions expressed by guests on this podcast do not necessarily represent those held or promoted by Linda J. Hansen or Prosperity 101, LLC.

Linda J. Hansen:  Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101 Breakroom Economics Podcast. My name is Linda J. Hansen, your host and the author of Prosperity 101- Job Security Through Business Prosperity: The Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck, and the creator of the Breakroom Economics Online course, the book, the course and the entire podcast library can be found on Prosperity101.Com. I seek to connect boardroom to break room and policy to paycheck by empowering and encouraging employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs. My goal is to help people understand the foundations of prosperity, the policies of prosperity, and how to protect their prosperity by becoming informed, involved, and impactful. I believe this will lead to greater employee loyalty, engagement and retention, and an increased awareness of the blessings and responsibilities of living in a free society. Listen each week to hear from exciting guests and be sure to visit Prosperity 101.Com.

Thank you for joining with me today. Immigrants have always been welcome in America. We are a melting pot of people from a variety of countries and creeds. Legal immigration pathways have enriched the lives of millions, and in turn, their contributions to society have enriched our nation. However, the current administration has opened the borders wide, and millions of individuals have flooded our border from all over the world with little to no background checks or health screenings. Asylum laws are abused and broken, and American citizens are paying the price not only with their tax dollars, but with their safety and security. In addition, well-meaning, immigrants are often victimized by the cartels, destroying their hopes of a better life in America. Nearly every immigrant I've ever met, especially those from communist countries, share concerns over the direction America is headed. The plea to not let America become like the country they left is nearly universal, and the frustration and fear they express as they watch America decline is often very emotional. In my last episode, I interviewed Jorge Galicia, an immigrant from Venezuela. Jorge spoke out against the corrupt political regime in his home country, and he has suffered consequences for his outspoken defense of freedom. He now also speaks about corruption in the United States, and his courage is contagious. Today I am introducing you to another immigrant, Vilson Antonio Simon. Vilson's story is different than Jorge's, but his concern for the future of America is the same. Wilson is a dual citizen of Brazil and the United States. He is President and CEO of Agora Learning and Consulting. And he is a CresCom authorized licensee. Vilson and I first met at a C Suite for Christ event, where he openly shared his concerns for his home country of Brazil and for the future of liberty in the United States. I asked him to join me to share his immigrant perspectives in hopes we can all learn to protect freedom in our own country and around the world. Thank you, Wilson. Welcome to the podcast and thank you for making time for the interview.

Vilson Simon:

Thank you, Linda. Thanks for having me. This is a great opportunity to share something about Brazil that some people maybe don't know what is going on in Brazil right now, but it's a beautiful country in the South Hemisphere. And as you said, I listened the podcast of Georgia, and it's really sad to hear what is going on in Venezuela. In Brazil, we are not in that stage. But if nothing changes in the next six months, we are moving. We are walking very consistently into the same situation. So, first, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. We have 60% of the Amazon forest in the world. We have about 220,000,000 people. We speak Portuguese. People, sometimes even USA say yeah, you speak Spanish? No. We speak Portuguese in Brazil. Our capital is not Buenos Aires. Our capital is Brasilia is a city that was built to be the capital back in the 60s, moving the Brazil capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia in the center of the country. It's a beautiful city. And the life expectancy in Brazil for men are 72 years, and for women, 79 years.

We have some facts about Brazil that is really amazing. First, voting in Brazil is compulsory. So you have to vote. If you don't go to vote, for example, if you don't have the receipt that you vote, you cannot get your passport. For example, we had our last election in 2022 for President. And I was aware at that time that if the criminal that is in power now, called Lula DA Silva would win the election, we would move into a situation that is critical. And after 150 days, Linda, the situation in Brazil is just horrible. So we have censorship coming in 150 days. The new government, they just destroyed everything that was done in the last four years in the economy. So the President, Bolsonaro, that is from a conservative right wing left account with super Abbott, with no corruption. Right now, five months after, we are seeing the same picture that we saw before, when Lula was for the first time President. So this is the third term that Lula is in power. But this time is complicated, Linda, because we know, but we cannot speak in Brazil openly and freely about what happened. 100% of the votes in Brazil are counted by machines. You don't have a paper that you can say, look, let's recheck, let's audit the elections. Let's take the paper as we have in North America, USA, we can. And here, if we think that we have fraud here, think about a system that is completely rigged, that is the machines, and all votes are electronically.

A year before the election, Bolsonaro went to the Congress and said, we need to approve a law. By the way, the law already exists from ten years ago that we should have the third generation of voting machine as Paraguay has. Think about Paraguay has the voting machine, but with a printer you put your number the candidate you want and then it will print. You will see the printer, you will take not paper home, but the printer will send this vote in paper into a locked box if you need after you will be able to count. So then in Brazil now people say because was really a dispute from left and right and then in the middle was this what we call the Centron or people from the center. They are not on the left, they are not in the right. So they were in the middle of this and we say now that these people now are regretting not voting for Bolsonaro. But Bolsonaro lost election for a very small amount of votes. We have 160,000,000 voters in Brazil and he lost for 2 million votes. He lost in the northeast region of Brazil. So you cannot talk about in Brazil. We have right now in Brazil we have people that are journalists, famous journalists, Brazilian journalists that are living in Florida. They cannot get back to Brazil. Paulo Figueredo Constantino, Rodrigo Constantino people that are from the right are conservative. Their passport was re-vocated by the Supreme Court. So today we have, we say the balance of power or checks and balances, right? Three power legislative, executive and judiciary. Judiciary is completely corrupted in Brazil. So what is the next step? We don't know, because yesterday is only in Brazil. We have electoral supreme justice. So it's just in charge to take care of elections that is centralized in the members of what we call the Electoral Justice Tribunal. They are members of the Supreme Court as well. And the Judge of Brazilian Supreme Court.

They are politicians, they are playing politics. And if you think about as an American our Supreme Court and we have criticism about our own Supreme Court in North America, think about Brazil. So I'm really concerned about the future of my beautiful country. My oldest daughter, she lives in Brazil, she's a lawyer. Now she's back in school taking psychology. All my siblings, my wife's family, my business I have investments in Brazil. And yesterday the electoral jibonau revoked one of the congressman's the rights. This is just persecution. Lula is back in power with revenge and is horrible what is going on down there. So I'm concerned about my country right now.

Linda J. Hansen: Yes, exactly. And you brought up some very important similarities to what has been happening in America and some things that Jorge outlined in terms of what caused decline in Venezuela. He also mentioned the voting machines and how corruption can be brought in through the machines and you can't audit as correctly. In order to have freedom and protect freedom, we must have transparent, open, lawful elections here in America and around the world. And I watched with sadness and horror as I saw the Brazilian people protesting the elections. And the horror I felt was for the freedoms that were lost, not because they were protesting and there were so many peaceful protests and the Brazilian people were out really saying like, Bolsonaro is our president, Lulu is not. And we just see that, and people could see the corruption, and it's almost like their hands are tied. And it's almost like here in the US. We see corruption and people think our hands are tied, but we still have opportunity for freedom, even though in Brazil, in Venezuela, in countries around the world, there's censorship, there's tyranny, like there is.

Some here in the US. Especially, it's growing. But the way we combat that is to speak out and speak truth and expose the lies. And eventually enough people will hear and understand and be able to look beyond headlines and see what's actually happening. And I mean, this is just not Brazil. It's not just Venezuela. It's not just the United States. Its countries around the world. And these totalitarian regimes are really taking over and just destroying any hope of freedom for people. And they're disrupting countries as we're being basically repopulated through our open border system and things, the whole culture of America, the whole makeup of America. And I'm not talking about racial or ethnic, I'm talking about just the understanding of American laws and freedoms. And it's just heartbreaking to see. So what would you say to Americans who want to prevent this from happening in America, but also who may want to help your home country of Brazil?

Vilson Simon: I think we have America is the symbol of democracy for the world. And we have one of our citizen right is to vote. So go out of your house, go and vote. Vote for the right candidate, vote for the right platform that you want to be to see. Vote for the true, vote for the Christians, vote to save your lives. Vote to save democracy. I think this is the message. We are seeing all these issues, as you well said, Linda, is not just in Brazil. Venezuela is around the world, I think. And we saw this coming many years ago. And as citizens, we said, it's raining today, its cold. I have other things to do, I will not go to vote. But the ones that represent what we call and we know this woke agenda, they are just destroying what would be a good life, a family life, and basics of things that should be normal in democracy. In democracy, you should have the right to speak up, to provide your opinion without being canceled. Now you have to be really careful on what you say and how you say. Even if you are speaking the truth, you can be canceled. And this canceling agenda, this woke agenda, is horrible. And I think that we have one sit and one man that I have a lot of hope. I know that people criticize, but I think Elon Musk is doing something right for the free speech. He took over Twitter yesterday. He came in public and said that Mr. George Soros hate humanity. So he hates humankind. He's just doing the wrong thing for humankind. So George Soros, the guy that financed all this, woke agenda around the world. And I see some good news coming. Even in South America, in Chile, the new Congress that will write a new constitution, the conservatives, they won from the 50 representative, they got 33 in Paraguay. Colorado party won the election. So we have movements. We see Italy back, we see other countries that are really fighting the right side.

The conservative side is coming back. And I think this is also results of prayers. I think we have to keep praying every single day because there are things in Brazil, I say, look, let's pray to God, because only God can change the direction of my country, the country that I was born and raised, and the country that I love. I love two countries in my life. I love Brazil and I love North America. I love USA. So we have to pray. And people need to pray much more than we are praying today because it's the only way to ask God help to save us. To save us and save democracy around the world. Save freedom, save life. I think this is my appeal to the Americans. Well, that's a beautiful appeal. And yes, prayer is one thing we can all do, regardless of our skill. Set and as sense and blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. It doesn't mean we're saying everyone has to believe exactly like we do or anything. But when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. When ungodly rulers are in place, the people groan. Scripture is clear about that. And we know that God cares about the leadership in nations and leadership, quality leadership, godly leadership is important to him. And as we think about even a secular society, there are rules to society that create order and prevent chaos. I was just mentioning to someone that Even the Ten Commandments, the Judeo Christian heritage that we've had here in the United States and in many countries around the world influenced our constitution, influenced our systems of government. And it doesn't mean everybody has to believe like we do. But it opens up freedom for everyone and it creates a structure to society. You don't steal, you don't lie, you don't murder, all these different things that create a stable society. And now that we've seen truth thrown out the window, as well as, like you mentioned God, out the window, we see all truth. Everybody claiming a truth. But also there is chaos. There is chaos. In order to have true freedom, we need to have boundaries, proper boundaries, in a sense. And I've explained it to some people, like a river.

A river can flow and flow freely and flow gracefully and it can get higher and lower and things. But chaos occurs when it gets outside of its boundaries, outside of its banks, and then there's flooding and there's destruction and things. And that's kind of what happens here. And so I do want to go back in touch. You mentioned the compulsory voting in Brazil, which is interesting, an interesting concept, but also the machines. And as I mentioned, Jorge talked about the machines. I know instances where machines were a problem here in the United States, and people can argue that. But I say if you want to argue it, then dig deep and look, because you will see the fraud and corruption with so much of the machine. So I get encouraged when I hear about counties and municipalities in the United States that are switching to paper ballots. Paper ballots hand count. And if France can do it, France did it. And they had their election counted that night.

Vilson Simon: Germany did it.

Linda J. Hansen: Germany did it. Yes. And I think is Hungary. I know President Orban in Hungary has been just a freedom fighter and just really standing firm there as this country that is not bowing to the globalist agenda and standing firm for freedom. And so we can look to Hungary and say, what's he doing that is really promoting freedom and providing such stability for his people. And you mentioned, too, how after Bolsonaro lost the election, all the gains that he had from the previous years were just in 150 days gone. And I think to the very beginning of the Biden administration. And I'm not trying to be partisan here.

I'm just saying this is what happened, right? We were energy dominant, in a sense. And immediately, his first week as president, he was doing executive orders to change our energy production. All these things that have happened here in the United States in the last two years has just decreased our economic strength. It's decreased our freedoms. It has decreased our place in the world in terms of our strength as a nation in the world. Now we're looking at, like, the BRICS nations changing and the dollar's demise. I had a podcast interview recently on the demise of the dollar. But the demise of the dollar is so critical. We've got sky high inflation. These are just things that are not.

Sustainable as a country and we've seen it happen in other countries. So, as an immigrant, what would you say to employers who want to help their employees understand how all of this affects their businesses and their paychecks, their benefits? How all of these policies affect the ability to grow a business and become more profitable?

Vilson Simon: Linda, this is a great question. And if you think about the geopolitical, let's say reorganization with all this globalist agenda. So first, America. America, because as a Brazilian in Brazil, we call the Americans Gringoes. Right now, I feel being a Brazilian gringo Brazilian. So I think America, North America, USA have to go back and to take the lead position in the world. America is the pillar of democracy, of the world. We are losing the respect around the global. We are losing the power that we had or we have. So we have to restore this. Otherwise I think the next election, presidential election, North America will be a decisive moment of what America we want for the next generations. What is the America we want? We want the America leaded by Reagan or we keep America leaded by Biden. I think this is a crucial decision and I cannot say enough, but given that here the vote is not compulsory, held in Brazil, go and vote. Exercise your citizenship. Right? Go and exercise. When I submitted my citizenship and I went through all that process and then I had that famous test that you have to go in front an official officer and they ask you about 50 questions about the America story, about USA story, and they what are the fundamental rights to be a citizen? And one of the fundamental rights is vote. And I think this is what we have to work a lot in convincing people that your vote is really important. Don't let others to make the decision that you can make by your vote. And this is what's happening in North America, if you see in the gap is we have to I don't know why. I know that is all this discussion about corruption, North America, but he's still here. We have a way to check, to out it. Think about a country that you cannot check it or even you are not allowed to talk like Brazil. So I think USA needs to come back as the west powerhouse of democracy. And we are losing this day by day by day. And this is a big concern as a citizen of this beautiful country.

Linda J. Hansen: Yes. And it's a concern for citizens around the world. I've heard it said from many leaders around the world that they want America to be great again. They want America to be strong again. Because as you mentioned, we are the pillar of democracy, we are the beacon light of freedom. And I've often said no one's coming to save us. America goes to help other countries. We fight for freedom all over the world. But if we fall, there's really not anybody to save us. And it would be a long time before we could regain the freedoms that we are quickly losing if we let them all go. So you mentioned voting, but also I would say too that for people yes. Don't take for granted your right to vote, but also be involved in the process. Volunteer as an observer, volunteer as an election worker. Anybody can give two or 3 hours to protect their country, right? Once or twice a year, or once every four years. But that accountability is so important and we need to make sure that good people are involved in the election process and to have a cross section of People that are involved. Have it be transparent, demand transparency, demand accountability. Understand what your state and local laws are regarding things, understand what the terms, chain of custody, signature verification, and vulnerable voters.

All these different things are so important and because people take for granted the freedom and the right to vote, often they don't vote or they don't even think about how their vote could be disenfranchised. Yes. And so it's upon all of us, we the people, our government is of the people, by the people, for the people. But if the people don't govern, if the people don't lead, corrupt people will build that vacuum. And so we just need to stand up and we can be thankful we still have the opportunity. Well, I thank you so much for your time, your perspective. I'm sure the listeners have learned a lot about Brazil. I know I did, and I'm really thankful for that instruction. But also we can compare it to what is happening in America as well. And we can be thankful for all the freedom fighters in Brazil. We can be thankful for freedom fighters around the world and people who are brave enough to speak up, So thank you for your courage to speak up, to speak for freedom in both countries, but also your ability to share that with people. Do you have any other closing comments?

Vilson Simon: Before we yes, Linda, I want just to share with your audience that I have from the Scripture. And this was the beginning of the campaign for Boston Arm in Brazil back in 2016. And he said all the time, and still he says, and I think this is the truth. So he says John 832 you shall know the truth, and the true shall make you free. The freedom is on the truth. This is something that God tells us every single day. Pursue the truth and the truth will make you free. So this is what I want to share. I thank you so much, Linda, for giving me the opportunity to share and to ask people, look for Brazil, pray for Brazil, pray for America, pray for USA. Let's pray for our freedom in democracy.

Linda J. Hansen: That's beautiful. Thank you so much. And thank you for sharing that scripture. What a great scripture to close with. So thank you and I look forward to having you back again. And if people want to reach you, how should they reach out to you?

Vilson Simon: I have my email, so I have LinkedIn email, but my email is Simon Vilson And they can find me LinkedIn as Wilson Antonio Simone.

Linda J. Hansen: All right, well, listeners, feel free to reach out to Vilson. And thank you again for your time. Your insights are very valuable and inspirational for all of us.

Linda J. Hansen: So thank you so much.

Vilson Simon: Thank you, Linda. All the best.

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