June 29, 2022

Restoring Hope – Building Unity – Preserving the American Dream – with Dr. Carol Swain - [Ep. 127]

Restoring Hope – Building Unity – Preserving the American Dream – with Dr. Carol Swain - [Ep. 127]

Dr. Carol M. Swain is a product of the American Dream. She is a political scientist, educator, author, speaker, news commentator, entrepreneur, and mother. As a minority woman, she has risen from poor beginnings to achieve remarkable success, all...

Dr. Carol M. Swain is a product of the American Dream. She is a political scientist, educator,
author, speaker, news commentator, entrepreneur, and mother. As a minority woman, she has
risen from poor beginnings to achieve remarkable success, all while navigating many
challenges. Carol believes America offers hope and equal opportunity for all, and she works to
protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every citizen. In this episode, Linda and
Carol discuss the importance of valuing life and protecting our God given rights under the
Constitution. Her faith and love for others will inspire you to work towards restoring hope,
building unity, and preserving the American Dream.
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Linda J. Hansen:  Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101 Breakroom Economics Podcast. My name is Linda J. Hansen. Your host and the author of Prosperity 101 - Job Security Through Business Prosperity: The Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck, and the creator of the Breakroom Economics online course. The book, the course, and the entire podcast library can be found on Prosperity101.com. I seek to connect boardroom to breakroom and policy to paycheck by empowering and encouraging employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs.

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Thank you for tuning in today. It’s such a pleasure to have my special guest today, especially as we look at a time in our nation where we are truly facing a lot of division. I personally think Americans are not as divided as the media would like us to believe, but I know that there is a lot of division. There’s reports of racial division and political divisions, but we can all seek to promote unity.

And my guest today is Dr. Carol M. Swain. She works very hard in all of her work to promote unity and to promote – and bring hope to restoring the American dream. Dr. Carol Swain is an award-winning political scientist and former tenured professor at Princeton and Vanderbilt Universities. She is a distinguished senior fellow for Constitutional Studies with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and an educational advisor for American Cornerstone Institute founded by Dr. Ben Carson. She has served on the Tennessee advisory committee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the 1776 Commission.

Dr. Swain is the author or editor of 11 books, including the bestseller Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory Is Burning Down the House, co-authored by Christopher Schorr. Her latest book is Countercultural Living: What Jesus Has to Say About Life, Marriage, Race, Gender, and Materialism. She is an expert on critical race theory, American politics, and race relations. Her television appearances include ABC’s Headline News, BBC Radio and TV, NPR, CNN’s AC360, Fox and Friends, Judge Jeanine, The Ingraham Angle, and Tucker Carlson. 

She has published opinion pieces in the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Epoch Times, The Financial Times, and USA Today. Dr. Swain is an entrepreneur and her businesses include Carol Swain Enterprises, LLC and Unity Training Solutions, LLC, which offers an alternative to diversity, equity, and inclusion training. She holds five degrees including a PhD from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and then MSL from Yale. Thank you, Dr. Swain, for being here. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person –

Dr. Carol Swain:  Yes.

Linda J. Hansen:  – recently and I’m so grateful for you taking time for this interview. And this is an interview that we are recording on a very historic day, where the Supreme Court brought a decision on the Dobbs case, a reversal of Roe v. Wade. And I know you and I are both happy to see a constitutional return regarding that decision, but you have been fighting for constitutional policies really your whole career, and so, I thank you. So, tell us a little bit about yourself. So, for listeners who have never met you, tell us how did you get involved in the political space and your story. It’s just a beautiful story.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Well, I was one of 12 children, born and raised in rural poverty in Southwestern Virginia. I dropped out of school after completing the eighth grade, so did all of my siblings. So, we dropped out because of the poverty conditions we lived under. I married at age 16 to get away from home, had my first child at 17. By the time I was 20, I had three small children and people entered my life, and they encouraged me.

I decided to get a high school equivalency. I went to a community college and I got the first of five college and university degrees. Along the way though, I have worked real American jobs. I have worked as a sales clerk. I’ve worked in a garment factory. I’ve worked in nursing homes as a nursing assistant. I’ve worked as a door-to-door salesperson. And then I’ve worked in a library. Once I started college as a library assistant, I stayed on that job for five years. And as far as my college years, I was an honor student. And as an undergrad, I worked full-time, nights and weekends at the Community College library while I was getting my Bachelor’s Degree at Roanoke College and Salem, Virginia.

I am a product of the American dream. I believe in the American dream and I can tell you that when I was working those days in low-wage jobs, where you were you so happy if you get a 10 or 20 cents an hour raise, I was working alongside poor Whites, people like me who had hopes for their children and I’ve always had empathy for all Americans and I am committed to racial healing and reconciliation. And one of the reasons why I have always spoken out about fairness is because I believe in our Constitution. I believe in civil rights that they protect all people, and I believe that I’m called, in the Christian sense, to do what I do.

Linda J. Hansen:  That is such a beautiful story And so, inspirational for really anyone, but it proves the point that America really is not a racist nation.

Dr. Carol Swain:  No.

Linda J. Hansen:  And, yes – and you have been able to rise. You know, the American Dream has been offered to all people. We have equal opportunity. We do not guarantee equal outcome, which is something that I think the Left, you know, wants to guarantee, but we don’t want equal outcome, we want equal opportunities.

Dr. Carol Swain:  That’s right.

Linda J. Hansen:  And you have proven that with hard work and determination, you cannot only rise to success, but you can make an incredible positive difference for the world. Could you tell the listeners some of the work you do? I know you work very hard to fight critical race theory and you’ve provided alternatives to that for businesses and educational institutions, and you do a lot of speaking and writing. 

Dr. Carol Swain:  I do.

Linda J. Hansen:  You just have a wonderful influence for positive freedom-loving policies, and I’m so grateful for your involvement. So, please tell the listeners.

Dr. Carol Swain:  I can tell you, first of all, that when I share my story, it’s an American story. It’s not a Black story. It’s an American story and I will have people come up to me with tears in their eyes. Often they are White men or White women, and I remember recently, I was sharing my story and a woman came up to me and she said, “I want you to know that during the year she went to community college, I was living in a car with my parents, you know, in Rocky Mount, Virginia, which like is like 20 miles away.” She was a successful business person at that point, but she connected with me because I talked about, you know, Roanoke, Virginia where I spent my formative years. She connected with that, but she had her own success story.

And I see older men and they say, “I grew up just like that. I grew up in a shack just like that. We didn’t have any indoor plumbing.” And so, it’s an American story. I’m glad it inspires people and it was possible because I have always believed in hard work. And the messages that my generation received was, you know, if you got an education, if you worked hard, you could be successful and overcome the circumstances of your birth. I did not have anyone telling me that because I was Black and I’m poor, and I’m a woman and – you know, and I have children and that I couldn’t do, or that the world was stacked against me. And so, I did not allow myself to be crippled by those ideas. And I don’t believe I answered exactly the question you asked, but that was the message I wanted to get out.

Linda J. Hansen:  That’s a great answer. And, you know, when we tell people that you are an oppressor or you are oppressed, and we tell them that from the time they are young, it really can influence their future. 

Dr. Carol Swain:  It does.

Linda J. Hansen:  And, you know, you and I grew up in an era where you know, we were taught you can do anything.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  You can become anything in America, right?

Dr. Carol Swain:  Yes.

Linda J. Hansen:  We have opportunity and this is why people from all nationalities, all ethnicities, all races come to America, year after year after year to reach for their American Dream, and the proper education, a good work ethic. It’s amazing. One other piece of your story that I think is especially significant like today is that you were a teenage mom.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Yes, I was.

Linda J. Hansen:  And, you know, if you had been someone who got pregnant, even married and pregnant, you were young and married, but married and pregnant at that age, most people would have told you, “Oh, you should abort.” You know, in this day and age, it seems like that would have been pushed upon you, but you chose life and it did not hamper your ability to become a successful woman, to become, you know, all that God designed you to be and it enriched your life truly.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Well, let me tell you that my first child was born in 1971 and that was before the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. And so, abortion was not seen as an option and it never crossed my mind. I can also tell you something that I have shared publicly and I talk about it in my latest book, Countercultural Living. In the chapter on life is that I’ve also had an abortion and at the time, I had my abortion, I was married and I was working. And, like, the reason I got that abortion was that I was so naïve. I thought that the government protected people and that the government said that something was okay to do, that it was okay to do. And I didn’t know that the governments make decisions that are immoral. And I know for myself, I would never have gotten an illegal abortion but because it was legal, I assumed that it was acceptable to do. And I was immediately hit by guilt after that abortion and I did something that makes no sense, except women do it all the time, after an abortion.

I decided to get pregnant deliberately to set out – you know, as if to replace the child that had been killed and I had miscarried, and I never had a live birth after that. And so, I never had another live child, even though I would have wanted to. And they don’t tell you – they don’t give women informed consent and there are women that are sterilized after they get an abortion. They don’t ever get to bear children. And there are all kinds of health risks that are involved that we don’t discuss, or at least just like, you know, COVID, how the people that had therapeutics, they were alternatives to the vaccine, they shut down those voices so that you had to fight really hard to get information. That was the case with the abortion industry.

And so, we celebrate the overturning of Roe v. Wade because it had legalized abortion in the 50 states. And what it means now, the decision means that it gets kicked back to the states. Individual states can make their own decision because we have freedom of choice. We can vote with our feet. The women that want abortions, you know, they can travel to the states that re giving them like candy.

Linda J. Hansen:  You know, this is just such a beautiful story and I thank you so much for telling your story. Sometimes some of our most painful moments in life can be what really helped someone else get through their most painful moments in life. So, to anyone listening out there, whether you are a woman or a man, maybe you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you don’t know what this ruling means right now. Maybe you have been through an abortion and you’re struggling with infertility or other health issues. Maybe you’d love to adopt, and you don’t know how to do that, but there are wonderful crisis pregnancy centers all over America. They are ready to serve you and we don’t want anyone to have to go through the pain of abortion and the side effects that come from that.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  Not only that, this has been plague really, I believe, on our society where it has devalued children and it has devalued the family, and this is just a beautiful ruling today that brings life back to the forefront and it brings constitutional principles back to our government, and that it’s taking this down to the states and the people can now decide. So, this is a beautiful day for you to be interviewed and to tell your story because not only were you a young teenage mom and that gave life, but you also got swept up into the lie about abortion.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  And this is, you know –

Dr. Carol Swain:  It is a lie.

Linda J. Hansen:  It is a lie and I have no judgment against the women who – and men who are misled to such a decision. You know, these men who want their partners to abort or things.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  They are –  so many are misled.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  And, you know, I know that you said your first child was born in ’71 before Roe v. Wade. My sister had a child in ’73 and I remember thinking, “Wow, that baby was moving in her belly.”

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right. Yeah.

Linda J. Hansen:  And I’d seen the crude ultrasound, right?

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  And then I had my first child in 1979. I was married. I was having our first child and I remember the first time I felt a foot come up under my ribcage, and I thought, “Wow, that’s a foot in there. That is not my body.”

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  And I knew right away women were being sold lie to –

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  – and I committed to always working with the pro-life movement. So, your story is amazing.

Dr. Carol Swain:  There are a couple of things that I want to say, is that, you know, men suffer from the abortions that they participate in. And in my experience, I’ve come across so many men that work at Pregnancy Crisis Center and they are out there outside of abortion clinics, you know, trying to save lives. And when you talk with them – in fact, I interviewed a couple of men for my book, Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America's Faith and Promise. It has a chapter on abortion and they are the unseen victims of the abortions. 

And so, you know, a lot of grieving men and I’ve encountered a grievance student, a young man. He was Catholic. He and his girlfriend were involved in an abortion. His mother worked for a Planned Parenthood and she encouraged them to get the abortion, and she just made it seem like it wouldn’t have any impact. But they – the kid was missing classes and he broke down in tears in my office. And I encouraged him to go to his priest and confess it. And after that, he started attending classes again. It made a lot of difference that he was able to share with me as a professor at that time, and also to go to his priest. So, that’s one thing I want to say.

Another thing I want to say is that I am not guilt-ridden. I don’t describe myself as a post-abortive or whatever expressions that women use. I am a Christian. I had a late conversion experience but when I came to know Christ, I confessed all of my sins. And my Bible tells me that I am forgiven for my past, my present, and my future sins, that those sins are covered by the blood of Christ and we are not called to go around and what hit home down and shame describing ourselves in a clinical term, we identify with Christ, we’ve been washed clean. And so, I would tell women, “Don’t identify yourself as post-abortive.” I’ve had so many women that come up to me and say, “Oh, I’m post-abortive.” And, you know, you don’t, you don’t have to identify that way. If you’re a Christian, you have confessed your sin. You have received the forgiveness of Christ.

Linda J. Hansen:  Yeah, that’s such a beautiful testimony and I was going to bring that up as well, that if there is anyone listening, we want you to reach out to a local church or reach out to us. You can go to Prosperity101.com and contact me, and I could put you in touch with a Crisis Pregnancy Center or with a Christian ministry that can help you, but first and foremost, you can go to God directly.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  You know, if you – the Bible tells us in 1 John 1, that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So, if you’re listening and you feel guilt from abortion, you do not have to live with that your whole life. We know that you can be free and, you know, God has a way of turning the most difficult, painful situations into beautiful testimonies for good. And just like Carol is sharing her story, there might be a day that you share your story and you’re able to help someone.

So, we just know there’s – there might be a listener out there and if you’re there, know that we’re praying for you and this day can be full of a lot of emotions in our nation, but really, we can rejoice when life is exalted and we can rejoice when people can turn to Christ, and when children are allowed to be born and impact this society. When I think of so many people that have been great leaders or great innovators in our world, many of them had beginnings that someone might have encouraged their mother to abort. So, you know, we all have a unique purpose, and I believe every life is valuable and created for a purpose. So, with that, too, we believe that every life is valuable and created for a purpose, and it doesn’t matter what color you are.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  So, could you tell us what you’re doing to really combat the message of critical race theory or DEI.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  Diversity, equity, and inclusion. You’ve got some very innovative programs and things you’re doing, and I’d love for the listeners to know about it.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Well, you know, Linda, this interview has taken a direction that’s very different from what we planned and I almost feel like that we would sort of break the moment by shifting and I think maybe you should have me back on your show where we just focus on that, and that we should continue with what I believe is direction that God has taken this interview, and what I would like to say is that – you know, I can say that the racism that we see in the country that that is not of God, that racism is always sin, and, you know, with critical race theory argues that White people, you know, have their racism in the DNA and they’ve structured society to benefit themselves. They’re all guilty. That is not of God.

And any group can be racist. According to critical race theory, it’s only White people. But I think that the most important thing is that we encourage people to realize that God created one human race. We are all in God’s image and that means that if we’re in the body of Christ, we have brothers and sisters in Christ. And so, we often see blended families of, you know, White families that have adopted Black children. I’ve read about one Black family that adopted a White child, but in the body of Christ, we should be able to do that and to honor who we are as individuals.

And we don’t need the divisiveness, you know, that comes from the debates that have taken place in America today and around the world when it comes to race. These things are demonic. They’re not of God. And the whole abortion regime, no matter what progressives say, they targeted minority communities. And you know that by where they located the abortion clinics, you know that by the messaging. They even use Black women – attractive Black women on billboards to encourage people to take care of themselves first. And they saw – they say abortion is self-care, you know, and abortion is health care and just totally skipping over the fact that it’s the taking of a human life. 

And when it comes to pro-choice, everyone has pro-choice. The male and female who decide to have unprotected sex, they made a choice. And it was just two of them and that choice resulted, you know, in – if there was a pregnancy, it resulted in the introduction of a new life and they have a responsibility. And so, everyone gets to choose, the only case is where there isn’t choice is where there’s rape involved, and that’s complicated. And you find that in many cases, when there are people of faith involved that even those rape situations, people have given birth to children.

Linda J. Hansen:  I know many people who have either given birth to a child that was conceived, but I also know many people who were the child. They were the child that was conceived in rape and their lives are so valuable and wonderful. And so, we know that, you know, every life is valuable, and we should not punish the innocent child for a sin that was committed by an adult. So, we don’t know if maybe that child will be born and help millions of people to make better choices. So, it’s a wonderful opportunity we can have to show unconditional love and the love of Christ and It just is an opportunity to promote life to promote forgiveness and grace and healing. And it’s just I’m so glad you brought that up.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Linda, I want to tell your audience is there’s a reason why you would know because you’re younger, and you would have missed this, but Ethel Waters was a famous blues and jazz singer, and the second African-American ever nominated for an Academy Award, and she was conceived in rape. And Ethel wrote in her autobiography, the title of it, His Eye Is On The Sparrow.

Linda J. Hansen:  That’s so beautiful. You know, there’s so many stories like that and if people will just pause to really think through this issue. I’m really glad that you actually pivoted us back to this core issue that we began discussing because we will have you back. I will have you back. We’ll have a discussion about all that you’re doing in the workplace and with Unity Training Solutions, and all the different efforts that you have, but you know, a core issue is life.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right. Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  Our constitution says that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And we need to exalt life and so, today, on this day, the day that the Supreme Court brought the decision reversing Roe v. Wade, and putting the decision back down to the states, for the people to decide, we celebrate life. So, thank you, Carol, for that. 

Dr. Carol Swain:  Amen.

Linda J. Hansen:  Thank you, Carol, for giving life to your son when you were just a teenager. Thank you for sharing the story of a different time in your life, where you were led to believe that abortion would be the answer and the government had all the truth that you needed, and when they didn’t.

Dr. Carol Swain:  I was in college, Linda. So, you know, I was in college and so, by then I was sophisticated, right?

Linda J. Hansen:  [Laughs].

Dr. Carol Swain:  No [laughs].

Linda J. Hansen:  You were young enough to know everything by then, right?

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right. I knew everything [laughs].

Linda J. Hansen:  Right. Yeah. Everyone who’s lived a little bit, you know, every seasoned listener is laughing right now. But, you know, and this brings up another point that maybe we can explore in our next interview, too, is how the government can control the media and can control the messaging so much that people are misled. You brought up a few different examples and we could explore that further. But helping people to discern truth versus lie –

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  – is something that we really need to focus on. And I know that’s part of your passion and your work. It’s part of mine as well. We like to help people connect the dots and see how all this affects their lives. And so, I really would like to have you back. I know your time is short today, though. So, if you have any other closing comments, feel free to share, and then we can let listeners know how they may contact you.

Dr. Carol Swain:  I can tell you that I tend to be very transparent and I think that it’s important. Like, I had my Christian conversion experience in my 40s and I had lived a life of seeking truth. I mean, seeking, seeking, seeking, but I found truth in my 40s and I believe that it’s important that when you share with people, that you don’t try to cover up your mistakes. And so, that’s why I’m very open about my abortion. I’ve been married twice. I’ve never had a successful marriage but, you know, I could say, “Well, first one happened when I was 16. The second one happened when I was 24 and I didn’t know Christ.”

Now, in my book, Countercultural Living, I have a chapter on marriage, not because I’m an expert on marriage, I’m an expert on how to get a divorce but, fortunately, Jesus and the Bible has everything you need to have a successful marriage. And so, I started to use my life to illustrate things that I’ve learned. In the book on gender, you know, I talk about the gender roles that the Bible talks about and the church, you know, and the fact that it’s that – the churches are dominated by males and how Jesus treated women, and even in the Old Testament, the Lord allowed women to inherit. And so, the sexism, you know, that was not of God. So much of that was man made and the church, you know, has had a problem.

So, there’s been, you know, the Me Too movement, the Church Too movement, and I think God is exposing things. He’s purifying things. But when it comes to me, I do believe in transparency. I do believe my life is a gift from God. And I believe, you know, the – my company, Unity Training Solutions, which we’ll talk about next time, and the name of the company has changed to Carol Swain’s Real, capital letters, Unity Training Solutions because of people putting all kinds of stuff out there today and they’re calling it Unity Training when it isn’t [laughs].

Linda J. Hansen:  Very good. And, you know, the left has so co-opted our language. I actually – one of my posters, that I have as a resource with Prosperity 101 materials that people can find on my website, but one of the posters has a statement. It says, “We, the People, you know, are in charge of our government.” And a young person told me, “Oh, I don’t think you should use the phrase, ‘We, the People,’ it’s very political.”

Dr. Carol Swain:  [Laughs].

Linda J. Hansen:  And I looked at her and I thought, “Oh, no,” you know, this – we cannot let our language be co-opted.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  You know, our culture –

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  – our language. We cannot let truth be twisted into a lie and we must stand. We must stand for truth. We must stand for biblical truth –

Dr. Carol Swain:  Amen.

Linda J. Hansen:  – which allows us, you know, to be different, you know, which allows us to have differing opinions, and we can do that in America. I’m so glad that we have the freedom to speak like this still and we don’t have to worry that, you know, we’re going to be hauled into prison or something because we are speaking.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Well, I’m not so sure there’s truth. I’m not sure that’s true. Let us interview some of those people that have not had due process for protesting on January 6th.

Linda J. Hansen:  Right, I was going to bring them up –

Dr. Carol Swain:  [Laughs].

Linda J. Hansen:  – because you and I can still have this conversation. But I was going to bring up and I’m so glad you brought them up, and if they happen to be hearing this, we are praying for you and hoping for justice to be served, and for you to be freed if you are an innocent person. So, we know that –

Dr. Carol Swain:  We know justice is not blind.

Linda J. Hansen:  Right.

Dr. Carol Swain:  We also know that every American is entitled to due process and the presumption of innocence. And if you have been in jail for 100 days and you’ve not had a trial, then there’s something terribly wrong. That’s not the America we know and love.

Linda J. Hansen:  Exactly, exactly. And right now, Carol and I are still able to say that, but there – if we do not defend our Constitution and our rights as Americans, it may get to a point where we cannot have this conversation.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  We cannot talk about those January 6th prisoners or others.

Dr. Carol Swain:  We might be in jail with them. 

Linda J. Hansen:  Exactly, exactly. And for those of you listening who might not think that we’re speaking truth here, we invite you to really, you know, investigate because due process is not being served to many, many people in our society right now. And then we look at people who are truly committing acts of violence, like those against pro-life centers are bombing pro-life centers. There was, you know, death threats and things. And, you know – and there’s no charges filed.

So, we have – you know, we have a country right now, that in many instances is not following the rule of law. And that is another way that they tried to upend a culture and upend a country. But we are here to say, “You know, the American Dream is alive and well.” Your life is a perfect example of what can be accomplished with hard work and determination and a big dose of faith and prayer. And we’re just so thankful that America has allowed you that freedom, that it didn’t matter what color your skin was, what color my skin was, that we really do have a colorblind society, and we want to work towards that.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  So, more and more all the time and to defeat these lies about what is wrong with America. You know, we will always have things that we can improve on and just like there’s no perfect person, there’s no perfect country. But if we all focus on what is truth in – like you and I believe the Word of God, but also the basic principles of our Constitution and we continue to uphold that, America will come out of this season.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  And we will thrive again and hopefully be stronger. And hopefully, the young people that really weren’t taught, say what you and I were taught growing up, hopefully, these young people will be wiser and more in tune to the need to protect their freedoms before they’re taken away, so. Well, thank you so much, Carol. I just am so grateful for the time that you’ve taken. I know you have a busy day, more interviews, columns to write, but we will have you back again. So, in the meantime, I know you have many, many resources.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Right.

Linda J. Hansen:  And you and I both work to help employers be able to share a lot of these policies with their employees. So, if you could give your information, give your website, and how people may contact you.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Okay, I have several websites. One is, instead of We, the people, it’s the BeThePeopleNews.com. BeThePeopleNews.com, all my interviews. I have blogs. I have op-eds, my books, they are posted on that site. This interview will be posted on that site. And then I have the company that Linda has referred to, Carol Swain’s Real Unity Training Solutions. And so, if you Google Unity Training Solutions, my company should come up, my website, and then you can always go to CarolMSwain.com. I’m all over the place and follow me on social media. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Gitter, LinkedIn, Truth Social. I’m on those sites that I – Instagram –that I actively work. And so, follow me on social media. Sign up for my newsletter. Visit my website and I look forward to being on the show again soon.

Linda J. Hansen:  Well, thank you so much. And listeners, please do find her at one of her websites. Get in touch with her. You will be blessed. You will learn a lot. And hopefully, you can take some of that information out to others that you know. So, each one can reach one and we can all make a positive influence on our nation and the world. So, thank you, Carol.

Dr. Carol Swain:  Thank you. 

Linda J. Hansen:  Thank you.

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