March 2, 2022

Protecting the Supply Chain of Freedom – with Kevin Fobbs [Ep. 111]

Protecting the Supply Chain of Freedom – with Kevin Fobbs [Ep. 111]

One can hardly visit the grocery store without noticing empty shelves and missing products. Supply chain disruptions have impacted millions of people around the country, and we often find it difficult to purchase goods or services. What about the...

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One can hardly visit the grocery store without noticing empty shelves and missing products. Supply chain disruptions have impacted millions of people around the country, and we often find it difficult to purchase goods or services. What about the supply chain of freedom? The recent Truckers for Freedom Convoys in Canada, the United States, and around the world highlight the importance of the trucking industry to maintain our health and safety, and the truckers are peacefully opposing unconstitutional mandates that have limited liberty, commerce, and prosperity. Many who have exercised their freedom of speech and assembly have had financial assets frozen, professional licenses cancelled, and other egregious assaults on their privacy and freedom. How can business owners and individuals protect themselves from becoming victims of over-zealous leaders who choose power over the rule of law? In this episode, Linda interviews author, business owner, and news commentator, Kevin Fobbs, regarding the Freedom Convoys, cancel culture, and how we can all safeguard our liberty and protect the supply chain of freedom. 

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Linda: Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101 - Breakroom Economics. My name is Linda J. Hansen, your host, and the author of Prosperity 101 Job Security Through Business Prosperity, The Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck and the creator of the Breakroom Economics Online Course. The book, the course and the entire podcast library can be found on I seek to connect boardroom to breakroom and policy to paycheck by empowering and encouraging employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs.

My goal is to help people understand the foundations of prosperity, the policies of prosperity, and how to protect their prosperity by becoming informed, involved, and impactful. I believe this will lead to greater employee loyalty, engagement and retention and to an increased awareness of the blessings and responsibilities of living in a free society. Listen each week to hear from exciting guests and be sure to visit Thank you for tuning in today.

Are you a patriotic American? Are you concerned about being canceled, harassed or financially impacted if you speak up for freedom? How can you protect yourself, your family, your business if you stand up for liberty? The title of this episode is protecting the supply chain of freedom. And my guest is my good friend, Kevin Fobbs. Kevin is the current chairman of the American Christian Civil Rights Movement, the senior managing partner of Ascension Entertainment Productions, director of RTL Productions and he is the founder of NAACP 2021, which is the National Association for the Advancement of Canceled People.

Kevin is a prolific author has been published in numerous publications. He is currently writing for Communities Digital News, Clash Daily and Renew America. He covers issues surrounding the Second Amendment, illegal immigration, pro-life, patriotism, terrorism, and other domestic and foreign affairs issues. For nearly 40 years Kevin's personal devotion to Christian conservative values and principles has guided his public service in both state and national government, as well as private sector and media leadership roles including elected and appointed positions. And Kevin is a repeat guest on the podcast and thank you Kevin for taking time to join with us again today. And I know that our listeners will look forward to understanding how we can protect the supply chain of freedom, so welcome.

Kevin: Thank you Linda, for having me. I'm just overjoyed to be here again.

Linda: Well, it's always fun to converse with you and I hope we'll be able to have some really great information for the listeners as we move forward. I know one of the things that we decided to discuss during this episode is are American businesses at risk? If they're being doxed, which you will explain what that is for those who may not know. At risk of being doxed or having their finances confiscated, if they support patriotic causes. We've seen this happen in Canada with businesses and individuals. We know that some people in America have been targeted for this in various ways that we can discuss that. But how can we protect ourselves, our businesses, our families, as we want to protect the supply chain of freedom.

Kevin: I think the first thing to do is to help everyone understand just what Doxing is, is if you think about dox think about the word dox. It really is document. It's like taking documents that are online, information that's online that is private information typically, and sharing it across the social media and also in ways that would be used to either blackmail or in effect kidnap your freedom because that's really what's happening when you're doxed and it's used by hackers. Now hackers can be anybody or any kind of group or organization, but typically there are those who are on the, in terms of conservatives, they're liberals and liberal supporters who take that information and they provide it and send it to Reuters or in the case of Washington Post recently, but many others. It was just plain social media.

And this could be home addresses, your workplace, personal social security numbers, bank account, credit card information, even private correspondence. So anything that you can think of that you have either shared online or you've passed on you thought in secrecy or to business partners or to employees that's all fair game for a hacker. And then when they do, they take the information and they share it. So that could be your bank account, where you bank specifically, where you live, your medical information, all that type of information, as well as your employees and their information is all open to be kidnapped and to be used and as a way to attack you, if you try to support, or even in the case of what's happened in Canada support the freedom truckers by just giving a small donation.

This is nefarious and it's been happening for over 20 years, but it's just got ratcheted up because it's been new, it's been weaponized in ways that most people never thought it ever happened. Especially people who are not political, people who are simple business owners and they felt that you go about your day just to transacting business with your clients, your customers. Then the next thing you know, your name is splattered all over media and you're being attacked either personally or your business is being attacked or in some cases invalidated. And that's what we see far too often, not just with the truckers, but we're seeing here in America as well.

Linda: Yeah. I imagine that some of the people listening to this might have a sense of fear. They might be wondering... They're afraid to speak up, but that's the exact opposite response that we should have. We've seen a very docile citizenry in Canada, actually speak up now, as they've said enough is enough. They do not want any more of these unconstitutional mandates even going against the Canadian Constitution, but they are defending freedom. And so could you share a little bit more about like the freedom truckers in Canada what's been happening there? You mentioned how some of these businesses have been targeted. I know that the prime minister there is decided that Canadian bank accounts will be frozen if anybody supported any type of freedom movement, gave any support whatsoever to the truckers. I know some American businesses and individuals have been targeted for this as well. Could you talk a little bit more about that and how would you prevent yourself from these unconstitutional actions?

Kevin: Well, yes. What we saw happen and many of us all over the world actually saw, and we saw that the 50,000 truckers, it was actually a world record in terms of the number of truckers who took part in this from the western side of the nation all the way over to Ottawa. They arrived, when they arrived in Ottawa the prime minister did not meet with a single leader period or anyone from his administration. That's number one. And number two, up until the 15th of January, they were essential workers. Now, all this time for about almost two years, or at least two years, these truckers were essential. So they could go across the border back and forth transporting goods that were essential for Americans, as well as for Canadians returning goods as well.

Until then on the 15th that week, he decided no. And he decided to make certain that they had to jump through a number of hoops in order to, even if they were vaccinated. If they came across the border after transporting goods to the United States that they still had to go into quarantine. Now here's the problem with that, is that their truck is their livelihood and if you think about truckers as we all know, they're by themselves essentially 99% of the time. And they were essential, still are essential, but this prime minister, just like his father, Pierre, who had done something similar when he was prime minister decided on his own that as a dictator, because this is what he ends up doing when the truckers ended up in Ottawa and decided that someone has to listen to what they're saying. You noticed it was peaceful. There, of course, noise and sound, but sound and noise is not violence.

Sound and noise is just sound in terms of hoking their horn noise, because others don't like it. But the reality is that what a terrorist is? And that's what he said. He said that these truckers were engaging in terrorism, domestic terrorism. So in effect, for these three week period, he still did not have a single representative from his government meet with them. And that is something that is untenable for us as Americans and for them because they felt again, that this was a freedom-loving nation, except the prime minister didn't get the memo. And unfortunately for them, he decided to use and he labeled them domestic terrorists and therefore their constitutional protections and anything that you thought as a Canadian that you had, if you were a trucker, it went away which includes mind you the control over your own bank account. Those bank accounts were frozen. Your truck insurance was canceled and/or suspended, and you were subject to arrest.

Now this is like China on steroids or Russia with a new version and with a new face. And this is something that basically as Americans we would just go really bananas about if we saw that. Now we've gone through our own torturous as business people we've seen that happen, this yo-yo approach that the Biden administration has taken, but this is untenable where as a banker you are told freeze the account of your customers and freeze the businesses if they give aid, or if they support. That is something that is almost nightmarish, but denser. So that's what happened to the truckers after they arrived in Ottawa. And again as you probably already know, too, that they had to GoFundMe account, and that was frozen, 10 million frozen.

And then they started a new account with another organization that's a Christian organization. And it was that Christian organization that got doxed or that the information that was taken from, or hacked from the donors, including business people, and that was utilized and weaponized by media. And by those speakers, for example, liberals in Washington, as well as the president or prime minister of Canada.

Linda: Correct and that was Gift & Go.

Kevin: Gift & Go.

Linda: And they were working with the freedom truckers to protect their assets and things, but then they got doxed, as you say. And so the names and information of many of the donors was released. And you had mentioned that it was not constitutional for prime minister Trudeau to actually enact The Emergency Powers Act with those particular situations, correct?

Kevin: Correct. He here's what the situation with Trudeau in this case, you have the prime minister saying that he's going to issue signed declaration, but it had to be debated and approved in parliament. Meanwhile, he used his cut that cover as a way to get the Mounted Police and federalize, if you will, the local police or force of local police to actually go in and arrest and take possession of through his executive order, so to speak, of the bank accounts and also suspend insurances. And his deputy prime minister, she ended up making that announcement about a day after he made that announcement. All of this is not constitutional, but guess what? Like in the United States, everything is constitutional until you take it to court. So the reality is these truckers may have 100, 200 or 1,000 court cases that they would be able to litigate in Canadian courts. But the reality is they still were basically victims of this ham-fisted use of raw, naked and illegal power.

Linda: Exactly. And for anybody listening that maybe hasn't been following this in detail and maybe has only heard that it was not peaceful or that the truckers were causing harm to buildings or individuals in Ottawa or other areas that is absolutely not true. And I have personally watched hours of live video feed from people on the ground up there in various locations. And it has been just a sweet almost like a party atmosphere in some ways. I mean, people have been helping one another. They've been setting up ways to feed the homeless. In fact, I've heard from Canadian friends who've told me that some of the homeless population has never been treated better, provided for better than when the truckers descended upon Ottawa and other areas because they really came with real solutions which the government had not done.

Also, there was talk of destruction of buildings and things, but actually they have been cleaning up buildings. They've been shoveling snow. They've been polishing statues. There's been all kinds of really great, helpful things that they've been doing. There's been church services outdoors. There's been bouncy houses for the kids. It has been a really peaceful, uplifting environment. And they have the right under the Canadian constitution to peacefully assemble and like we are supposed to have that right here in America.

And in our double speak society right now, we've heard violent protests with burnings of buildings and people being killed or injured as being described as peaceful. Then we've heard that parents who go speak at school boards are domestic terrorists and need to be profiled by the FBI. So we definitely have the cancel culture double speak situation happening, and our hearts and prayers go out to all the people in Canada. But you mentioned these people who had given on Gift & Go and even many American citizens who have been exposed as these donors and they are finding some negative feedback from that. So what can businesses do to protect themselves?

Kevin: Well, I think the most important thing that they can do is first take like an inventory of their account information, take an inventory of the platforms that they are on including their own company website, because those platforms can be vulnerable. So I would, number one, say, make certain that you have security on your platforms because that's how hackers get in that's number one. Number two, your employees. Now, when employees use email, typically most people, if they really are not really paying attention, they will click on even email that's unfamiliar. Once they open that email, and then click, then it's your phished. And which means that then a hacker can come in, get into your system, which is what the Russians are, at least that's what has happened to us before in terms of American companies being attacked. That's a similar kind of tool that's being used by hackers who are doxing.

So you want to make certain that your company platform is secure. You also want to make certain that the employees and I would put them through a quick training so that they're... It doesn't matter how large or small your company is, but every single person that's working for your company that has access to the internet, either through their public, their account with you or their own account, but they access from their own account your business account, because they have a password. So you want to make certain that the passwords are secure, that you change those passwords up. Most importantly, make that you have your own website secure and the human resource information of your employees as well as yourself, that that's secure as well, because all that can be open to a hacker who wants to dox your company.

And the other thing that's important that you have to understand many companies have platforms on Facebook, and that's a way for you to share information about your company and to get others who are interested in your company to click and come to your company. Well, what you have to make certain is that's secure as well, and Facebook does have some protections. But the other thing that's important is that when you have your employees, that they're trained about what they post because you can give away information just as easily. So if you have an employee that is posting on Facebook to your company and you have your company Facebook page you're going to make certain that they don't have the access as an administrator and that the administrator of your page actually has that kind of understanding about not being taken. Because it can go directly from Facebook to your website, from your website to your accounts. So those are some of the things that's important.

Here's the thing too. If you feel that you have been doxed, I would number one, take a picture. You can always take a picture of from your computer of that shows the doxing. The other thing that's important is that you want to contact law enforcement because the only way that law enforcement can at least get involved is if you contact them. So make certain that you contact them and also contact the Better Business Bureau, your local, especially to let them know that this is occurring too, because there's many ways that you can contact or your business association kind let them know as well, because most of us belong to some kind of business association. So that there is a record of this occurring and then the media, if it's large enough or small enough, because there's a pattern in practice here with doxing that you don't want to be on the other side of so you want to be protective of yourself and your other fellow business owners and your employees too. Because their information is just as vulnerable to doxing as the company information is.

Linda: Okay. Now I have a question for you. If you're an American citizen, American business owner, American individual, and you support freedom causes say you support the freedom convoy that is starting to drive through the United States of America right now or you go to your school board and you speak up your school board about what you feel needs to happen at your local school board level or wherever you speak up. What if it is the government officials who are harassing you or doxing you as you know, some of these school board parents were deemed domestic terrorists by the US government and they really weren't. They were just parents and I know that there may be some listeners who don't believe that's actually happened, but yes, if you're hearing this for the first time, please feel free to reach out to me or to Kevin. We'll give his information at the end too.

And we can provide you with examples of this and help you understand what's really happening because we're living at a time right now where right is deemed wrong. Wrong is deemed right, up is down, down is up. And what we have known to be the normal flow of our civic freedoms and our ability to use our right of free speech in America has been really interrupted and it is really endangered right now. So what we're seeing in Canada is really a foreshadowing of what could happen here if American citizens don't speak up and use their God-given and constitutional rights to protect their own freedom.

Kevin: Right. You know, this is important I have written several articles on that. I have information too, that I will share with you. The articles are on Community Digital News. And we've covered this in two or three, four times, and this is so onerous. You can't even imagine as a business owner and you decide that you or your employee, because your employees also are impacted when you go to your school board meeting and you make a statement or they have that you sign in, most people do and it's public. So then what happens is that information is taken by the school board or by the school and it's public. So anyone can make a Freedom of Information Act request, and/or if you speak, obviously most of these are broadcast over social media.

So what we saw in Virginia and we saw in other places, including in Ohio was a parent or parents being harassed by the school boards, even though they are saying, they're just making a statement. "We are here to protect our children and their right, their freedom in terms of not to be wearing a mask or not to be vaxed or whatever." But that's their free... Their right. And what we saw on the middle part of September was the attorney general of the United States issued a memo to the FBI to enforcement and to declare this is first it has never happened in the history of this country, declare parents domestic terrorist. And so this went out to all the US attorneys throughout the nation. And the request to the US attorneys was to begin investigations and to look for information on parents who are standing up for their children. You can't make this a up. This actually has occurred.

Now that's so egregious that you can't believe that anyone would do that, but yes he did. And the other thing when the... And it was based upon the National Association of School Boards, a letter that was sent to the White House and acted upon allegedly on a Friday, and then we saw the executive or the memo from the Department of Justice on that Monday. Now what you don't know, and what we discovered was that, because I've worked with the White House and two different presidents. I know how it works. It doesn't work that fast. What actually happened is that the Department of Education sent a letter to the Superintendent Association and then they sent the letter crafted by the Department of Education to ask the president to get involved, who instructed the Department of Justice to get involved.

So what we have is an administration that was stripping parents of their constitutional right and actually it had its genesis there. Now to say that can't happen and to say that it can't happen to you as a business owner or to your employees, this is just the start. And that's what's tragic about this is that we believe that the constitution actually protects us. And yes, businesses can be victimized just like parents can because all it takes is a stroke of a pen from a president like Joe Biden and for Justice Department to declare that business owners who support peaceful protests, support truckers, or support parents that you in effect are domestic terrorist in action.

Linda: Right. You know this is so concerning and what we're seeing in Canada, the video that I've seen lately with the police trampling people, the police coming in on horseback trampling people, you see the military units there and people have been praying front of them. They've stood locked arms. The people have been peaceful and this tyrannical rule is very concerning and it's right to our Northern border. Our Canadian neighbors and friends need our prayers. They need our support. And we need to be mindful of the fact that this could happen here. When our constitutional freedoms are ignored, when they are disregarded by those in power, we are at risk as well.

And if we don't think this can happen here all we have to do is look at Mike Lindell. Mike Lindell is the well known owner of MyPillow, a very, very successful American company, the Lindell Recovery Network for substance abuse treatment. He also is head of and they have a TV network growing. But because Mike Lindell has spoken up regarding election integrity in the United States of America, and he has brought forth evidence and conversation and investigations regarding election fraud and the need for election integrity he has been canceled by his bank. He got word that he is no longer allowed to bank there. They were closing all of his accounts. So these are multi-million dollar businesses and he has been de-banked.

Now for a smaller business owner that could be horrible. I mean it-

Kevin: Catastrophic.

Linda: Catastrophic. It could be catastrophic. Thankfully, Mike Lindell has the ability to move quickly and take care of this, but this is a warning sign to all of us of what can happen, but we shouldn't run in fear from this. We should really stand up and make our voices be heard, make sure more people know the constitution, make sure we get more information out to business owners, individuals, employees in these businesses. We need to educate people so that people don't run in fear, but they stand up before it's too late.

Kevin: Right. You know, I cherish freedom over fear. And I think that's important for us as business owners is that we have the obligation. We actually can set the pace for our employees and for our friends and for our neighbors and for this nation that we can stand up because we fearful as we might be we cherish freedom over fear.

Linda: Well, that's really true and this is the current battlefield. This is the war we fight right now. And when I think of my son or others who have gone into battle in defense freedom all over the world and we're afraid to speak, we need to look at that and say, people died so that we could have the right to speak and we have the ability to do so still in America. And we may have some hurdles to get through like Mike Lindell does or others who have spoken up and we could go through a list of people who have been impacted because they chose to use their First Amendment rights. But if we are going to protect the supply chain of freedom, we need to speak up and we need to be active. And I chose that for the title of this episode, because I really did want to give a salute to the trucker in Canada, truckers around the world, truckers here in America who keep us moving.

Like you mentioned earlier in the broadcast that they were the essential workers, the trucking industry kept America moving. And now they're showing that it isn't the government that truly helps a nation run. Well, it's actually the individuals, it's the citizens. It's the men and women of these countries who do the day-to-day operations, the moving goods and services, creating goods and services, creating commerce. And so hats off to the truckers and we need to pray for their safety. We need to provide them support. And now I know that the convoys are moving throughout the US and they're headed towards Washington DC and follow this because we have a supply chain crisis here in America. We've talked about it on other episodes and we can all see it. We can go to the grocery store we can see that certain products aren't available. We may order things by mail and we don't get them forever it seems, because we have a supply chain issue.

We've seen ships off the coast of California. You know, we know that there are issues here, but what we really have a problem with is the supply chain of freedom and truckers in Canada and truckers in the US are highlighting that fact. And so we thank them not only for helping us to have our goods in our grocery stores and our retail outlets and everywhere else, but also that they are reminding us that we need to deliver freedom now and to future generations and we do that by standing up.

Kevin: Right. Exactly.

Linda: Exactly.

Kevin: You said it perfectly, Linda.

Linda: Well, thank you. Thank you. Well, I think we need to give people information on how to contact you. So how can people contact you, Kevin?

Kevin: You can contact me at That's or

Linda: All right. That is great. Well, I think that people may want to reach out to you. All the listeners, I recommend you start following him. You have something coming up, a new project you're working on too. I want to make sure the listeners know about that.

Kevin: Yes. There's a couple things. We're launching. The NAACP 2021 will be launching pretty soon on national freedom parents and children's petition drive that's for anyone in America, anyone in Canada to join in and support the effort of children and parents who are affected and impacted by what we are seeing here in America and in Canada. And I also have a new show that's going to be American, it's called American Correct Voices. And that's going to be on a couple different networks coming up very, very soon. And we're going to be dealing with anyone and everyone actually that has been canceled or has their own individual story of success. But most importantly, moved by the voice of God. And I think that's what we see happening in millions of people, for millions of people across the country. But this is an exciting show that I know that we're going to just be, I think all of you will love to just listen to the stories and hear the voices in America and around the world too, but especially American who are doing things American correct.

Linda: That sounds exciting and hopefully after you have that going, we can have you back to tell the listeners more about it.

Kevin: Oh, thank you, Linda.

Linda: All right. All right. Well, thank you so much, Kevin. And we look forward to having you back again.

Kevin: Thank you. God bless.

Linda: Thank you, bye. Thank you again for listening to the Prosperity 101 podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, share, and leave a great review. Don't forget to visit to access the entire podcast library, to order my newest book, Job Security Through Business Prosperity, The Essential Guide To Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck or to enroll you or your employees in the Breakroom Economics Online Course. You can also receive the free ebook 10 Tips for Helping Employees Understand How Public Policy Affects Their Paycheck. Freedom is never free. Understanding the foundations of prosperity and the policies of prosperity will help you to protect prosperity as you become informed, involved, and impactful.

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