May 31, 2023

On America’s Frontlines – Exposing Truth About The Border – with Ben Bergquam – [Ep. 171]

On America’s Frontlines – Exposing Truth About The Border – with Ben Bergquam – [Ep. 171]

Immigration, done legally, has brought blessings to many. Immigrants have enriched our nation and helped us become a diverse and prosperous country. A secure border protects citizens and immigrants, but an open border endangers everyone. What is the...

Immigration, done legally, has brought blessings to many. Immigrants have enriched our nation and helped us become a diverse and prosperous country. A secure border protects citizens and immigrants, but an open border endangers everyone. What is the truth about the border crisis? How can you know which reports are accurate? The current administration’s open-border policies have allowed adult and child sex and labor trafficking, drug trafficking, and crime to affect our entire nation. Our tax dollars support the chaos, while many of our own citizens suffer. Our tax dollars protect borders in other countries, why not in ours? Ben Bergquam, founder of Frontline America and the host of “Law and Border” on Real America’s Voice, joined Linda to share truthful examples about what is really happening at our southern border. Every town is now a border town as the invasion of illegals continues to overwhelm the system and bring heartbreak and devastation to the millions of people caught in the crosshairs of power and corruption. How can you stop it? Listen today to learn how you can support legal immigration and protect innocent people from being misled and injured by policies of an open border.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by guests on this podcast do not necessarily represent those held or promoted by Linda J. Hansen or Prosperity 101, LLC.
The opinions expressed by guests on this podcast do not necessarily represent those held or promoted by Linda J. Hansen or Prosperity 101, LLC.

Linda J. Hansen: Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101 Breakroom Economics Podcast. My name is Linda J. Hansen, your host and the author of Prosperity 101- Job Security Through Business Prosperity: The Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck, and the creator of the Breakroom Economics Online course, the book, the course and the entire podcast library can be found on Prosperity101.Com. I seek to connect boardroom to break room and policy to paycheck by empowering and encouraging employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs. My goal is to help people understand the foundations of prosperity, the policies of prosperity, and how to protect their prosperity by becoming informed, involved, and impactful. I believe this will lead to greater employee loyalty, engagement and retention, and an increased awareness of the blessings and responsibilities of living in a free society. Listen each week to hear from exciting guests and be sure to visit Prosperity 101.Com.

Thank you for joining with me today. I have another special guest here recording live at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando, Florida. And this is someone that I have been following for a long time. I love his reporting, I love his spirit, his love for God, his exuberance and love for America and freedom. And today my special guest is Ben Bergquam. Ben is the founder of Frontline America and he is the host of Law and Border on Real America's Voice. You can find him on all social media channels, but you can hear his incredible reporting from the border on Real America's Voice. And you can see some of the amazing specials that he has done reporting on what is really happening at the border. So I want you to get to know Ben Bergquam and you will be inspired to follow his work and get in the fight to protect America. Thank you Ben, for being with us today.

Ben Bergquam: That's great to be with you. Yeah. We have new episodes coming up, law and Border, where we went through the Darién Gap. We're calling it the Root of the invasion and showing you what the mainstream media doesn't want you to see. What Kamala Harris knows is happening, but not just is ignoring, but is facilitating what we have going on right now at our southern border and in a broader sense to our country. The undermining of our country from elections to border security and everything in between is not just known, but there are people in Washington DC that are complicit in it and that's what we're trying to highlight and expose and hopefully defeat.

Linda J. Hansen: Well, you are doing a great job of highlighting it and exposing it and I wish more and more people could see. So before we get any farther into the interview, I want to make sure that people know how they can follow you so we'll give more information. But before we get any farther, I want to make sure that they have that. So they can start following you on all social media channels and they can watch your specials on Law and Border.

Ben Bergquam: is my organization. I've got a great writer, Carrie Donovan, who's posting new articles every day. And then Americas Voice News, that's where you'll get the Law and Border series. So you can actually go and watch the previous episodes. If you go to Americas voice News, click all shows, go down to Law and Border, you'll see that you can binge watch the actually twelve episodes coming out this Saturday. And then everything on social media is at Ben Bergquam on Facebook. It's frontline America with Ben Bergquam. But if you just look up, last name is B-E-R-G-Q-U-A-M. You'll find everything. The only place I'm not is YouTube because we were permanently banned for telling the truth everywhere else though, right?

Linda J. Hansen: Yeah, well, they were permanently banned for telling the truth. And you would be amazed, listeners, at some of the things Ben has uncovered at the border. He has shown me some of the materials that he has seen from the border, from the rape kits, from the passports, from the luggage bags, like the bag claim tickets for immigrants. And so I want Ben to explain some of these things that he's seen and some of the truth about the horrors of what is happening at our border and the human rights abuses that are happening with the human trafficking, the drug cartels, all of it, the crime, it's just heartbreaking. So Ben, tell us more.

Ben Bergquam: Well, first I just want to differentiate between immigrants like my wife who fled communism to come to America. Her family had to be sponsored, they had to apply and wait for their turn. They were in a refugee camp in Laos before they came here versus illegal aliens who are coming in and basically invading our country. And I say, I don't demonize the people that are coming. A lot of the people that are doing this right now have seen the invitation. They live in terrible places Venezuela, Cuba, these communist hellholes, and they see the invitations. I don't demonize them. But there is a distinction. America, a lot of times you hear the left say we're a land of immigrants. Well, yes, in large part we are. America has been the melting pot, if you will, of the world. And there's been some great things that have come from that. But in the past, the immigrants that came to America came to become Americans. And there's a huge distinction and importance between what we have today crossing our southern border that are coming in demanding everything for free, that aren't leaving their country behind. They're wanting to make America into the likeness of the hell that they left.

What we see going on right now is really ultimately it's suicide of a nation. It's the death of our nation if we don't stop and if America falls, it's the death of the world. We're really the last beacon, large enough beacon of capitalism, of freedom, of liberty, to fight against this cancer of socialism and communism that we see infecting so much of the world, and just corruption affecting the world. And what we see on the borders, I mean, it's terrible, it's shocking. I've found, as you mentioned, rape trees. I've witnessed those with my own eyes, the bras and underwear that are left behind after cartel members have raped women. And they're on the US side. They're not in Mexico, they're on the US side, where they basically flaunt it that we can do this and we can get away with it because our border patrol, for all intents and purposes, has abandoned a lot of these areas because they're dealing with these fake asylum seekers, these coached asylum seekers. And I would say right off the bat, the most important thing to know is, like I said, I don't blame the people that are coming, but I do blame the organizations that are inviting them. And probably the worst actors in all of this are the non-governmental organizations, also known as NGOs, that operate as if they're charities, but they're really profiting off the misery of the illegal aliens that are coming across and have really partnered with the cartels, who are also profiting off this. So in the end, in a nutshell, it's good versus evil. It's the destruction of our country. It's the death of thousands. It's the rape and robbery of millions, and in the end, it's the death of a nation. And so we're showing that.

We go down to the southern border, we see that. I was just in Yuma a couple of days ago showing a bridge that was created by the cartel. Sinaloa cartel owns and runs that area. They've created a bridge across the Colorado River. Border patrol knew it was there. I even asked border patrol. I went down, I stood on the bridge, I did a video on it, and I went back to border patrol, who was about a mile and a half up. I was in an area they called no man's land. It's behind the wall, it's still in American soil. And I said, hey, you guys know that bridge is down there. You fly your helicopter right over it. Why do you leave it? They said, well, yeah, we know it's there, but at least the people that are coming over, it'll be safer for them to come over. So basically we're saying, we want to make the invasion safer, instead of saying, wait a second, we have authority. We have as a sovereign nation, we have the right, not just the right, but the obligation to secure our borders for the citizens of this nation. And we're doing the exact opposite. And I don't blame border patrol, the agents necessarily. I mean, they have sworn the oath, and at some point, they're going to have to say, either I uphold this oath or I don't. Even if I'm given orders from a superior, if those orders ask me to defy the Constitution and my oath of office, then at some point they're going to have to defy those. But what we see going on is at the highest levels, we have people who have sworn an oath to this nation who are intentionally breaking that oath. And in that process, they're creating the suffering for, as I mentioned, millions. We were just down in Panama, and we came across a Darian Gap, and the United Nations, one of the worst actors in this entire slave trade that's going on. That's really what it is. We have more slaves globally now than we've ever had in human history. We have more slaves in America than America's ever had in human history.

While we hear the left talking about the 1619 projects and all this other garbage reparations, we actually have more slaves today than we had during what we think of as slavery in America, when slavery was actually legalized in America, and you don't hear anything from them about this. So we were down there, United Nations, on the Columbia side of the Darian Gap, we actually witnessed them giving out rape bags. They're these packets that actually say, OIM cares. And inside of them were condoms or birth control, male and female birth control, male and female condoms and birth control. And rather than saying, don't do it, they're basically saying, this is what's going to happen to you. So here we're going to help the guys that rape you get away with it by not having evidence of it once you get through, this is the level of evil that we're up against. And so we're down there. We just want to document it. We want to show it. We want to stop it in the end. But ultimately, my biggest goal is that people that listen to this interview, that people that watch what I do and what we put out, they see the truth. They share the truth. And the people that are perpetrating this are eventually held accountable.

Linda J. Hansen: Absolutely. And for listeners, you can help people be held accountable with this. You can contact your elected officials, you can contact all of the administrative agencies that oversee this, and you can post. You can talk to people. You can share the news so that the truth can get out, because the mainstream media will not get the truth out. And my heart breaks when I think of this slavery that's happening now, and especially all of the rented children and the child sex trafficking. I know America's collective heart broke when they heard of this little eight year old girl who had 67 samples of DNA within her body. And it just broke my heart. It gives me chills even to mention it, but this is, I'm sure, not an isolated incident. And like you mentioned, while people are talking about reparations. We want people who never had slaves to give money to people who were never slaves. Sometimes in states that never allowed slavery. It's insane. But yet we have this human slavery and trafficking going on at our border right now, and we are giving up control of our border and so much of our freedom to the cartels, which these are very lawless, and also it is big money. They are armed like an army. And we have how many countries have.

Ben Bergquam: You see come in personally? Like you said, I gather the evidence down on the border. I pick up passports. I pick up IDs that are discarded. We've interviewed the people why they do that. They tell us they've been coached, that they have an easier time coming into America if Border Patrol doesn't know who they are. And the reality is, Border Patrol can't homeland Security can't vet the vast majority of people that are coming in, because we don't have a working relationship with many of the countries. I've seen probably 50 different countries personally picked up IDs for 50 different countries. But we know that there's over 150 different countries that are coming in. And so with just over the numbers change of the total number of countries globally, but just over 200 countries in the world, we're getting about three quarters of it coming through our southern border. And what we're really seeing right now, there's been a shift originally it was Mexico, Central America, South America.

Now we're seeing this shift to West Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and from countries that are not just adversarial, but at war with America. China admits that it's at war with America. I mean, it's a long war. They're in a thousand year war against the west. But you've got countries like Iran. I interviewed somebody from Iran just the other day coming through. We've got Sudan, we've got all of the countries in the Middle East coming through. And this is what we're up against. When, again, they pretend to talk. They talk about caring, being compassionate with people. The reality is, what we're doing is inviting terrorists into our country, and we're making it easier for them. But we're also inviting, as you mentioned, kids to be raped. I interviewed a Border Patrol agent when President Trump was in office who said they actually call it recycling, where they use a child. A cartel sells them, then they bring that. A man brings them across, does whatever they want to them, and then they send them back across the border. There's a child that was used over 13 times in Yuma, Arizona. And that's not an isolated case, as you mentioned. The eight year old then had 67 samples of DNA. That's not an isolated case. This is happening on a daily basis. And what's sad is just in the last week, one of our sister companies, just the News, broke the story that now Joe Biden is not even going to be requiring DNA testing for families that come in across the border. So really what we're doing is we're legalizing child trafficking and we're incentivizing it.

We're profiting the demons that perpetrate it, and these children are wrecked forever. And that's what outside the grace of God and Christ and just what he can do in somebody's life to set them free. You're talking about permanent damage to children. And it all could be stopped. And perfect example. For years we had Republicans and Democrats all talk about border security, never actually cared about it. Democrats wanted the illegal alien votes. Republicans wanted the cheap labor we had. President Trump came along and said, we're actually going to stop this because it's bad for American. It's also bad for the people that are coming. And he was in my estimation, he was the most compassionate president we have ever had. And the left demonized him, and they've attacked him, and they're still attacking him for what he's done. And it's in large part because he stopped the profit that was going into their pocket from the misery that their policies were creating. These organizations, first off, need to be defunded. You said that people can take part. They can. Congress is controlled by the Republicans. Right now, the House is controlled by the Republicans, and they control the purse strings. They should immediately defund every non-governmental organization that is involved with this. Catholic Charities, Lutheran, Social Services, the Jewish Family Services. There's about nine primary large organizations. They should defund them immediately. But until we get President Trump back into office, until we get somebody like President Trump into office who actually takes the fight back, unfortunately, I think it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

Linda J. Hansen: Well and defunding. Remember, listeners, that this is your money. This is your hard earned tax dollars. You are paying for this. You are paying for protection of borders in countries across the world, not just Ukraine, but others as well. You're paying for that. But at our own border, for our own security, our own safety, the protection for our own citizens, we are paying for this trafficking organization to basically facilitate the flow. I remember one time you mentioned that the Border Patrol, they were basically a concierge service. You were watching go to his shows and his social media, and you can see where he's showing, where they're putting people on buses. They're giving people plane tickets. This is at your expense. They get the cell phones. They get the travel things. They get the hotel rooms at your expense. Listener, this is your expense. You are paying for this. The ranchers in Texas and Arizona who are paying for this horrendous invasion with crime and lawlessness right on their own land, they're paying for it with their taxes. And so can you explain? I really want you to help the people hear about the baggage claim tickets. I mean almost better service than at an airport.

Ben Bergquam: Yeah, this was shocking. Again, last week, we were down in Yuma, and we did a border tour from Brownsville, Texas, across to Tijuana, Mexico, and made stops in between as Title 42 was lifted to see if any of what Secretary Marcus was saying that they were actually going to be doing something to stop it was true. And the truth is it's all a lie. What they're telling us is a lie. And what they've done, how sinister this is, is they've basically it's the semantics gymnastics, I call it. So our linguistic gymnastics, however you want to call it, but what they do is they just change the definition of words. And we see that with using words like sanctuary to protect illegal aliens. They've done that with the rainbow, a symbol of God's promise to the Israelites, now being a symbol of sin, and all of these things that the left distorts. Well, now they're saying, oh, no, this isn't illegal immigration. We're only allowing legal immigration. Well, what they've done is basically taken illegal aliens that come across automatically, put them in this pipeline through this new app they have called CBP One, and basically anybody qualifies now.

So in the past where we could vet you, you'd get in line, you'd come through the legal channels, and we would get to decide whether we let you in. Now they're just saying, no, you're not illegal. You just fill out this app. Whether we caught you illegally crossing or not, you fill out this app, then we give you a stay of deportation, a notice to appear, and within a year to ten years, we expect you to show up to court. Well, guess how many people actually show up to court? And when they get deported, if they lose their case, they get another 30 day stay of deportation to get their affairs in order, and virtually none of them show up to be deported. Surprise, surprise. So what we have is right now is de facto open borders. Everything they're saying is a lie. But to the point where I went down, where our National Security, department of Homeland Security was down there, that's who operates Border Patrol and CBP. And as they're going after January 6, patriots, people that love this country but didn't want the election to be stolen, we have our Homeland Security. I went down there, and when they're out of time, there's actually stacks of baggage claims. I have some of them with me. Where they've left them on the post next to the wall, where the wall ends, where Joe Biden stopped building the wall, where illegal aliens come across. They walk around the wall. And if Border Patrol is not there because they're so overwhelmed picking up people from all over these areas, they can tag their own bags with a Homeland Department of Homeland Security bag tag to make sure that they get their property back when they're transported to the NGO, that they're going to be handed off to. This is how insane this has gotten. Not only are we not stopping it, not only are we not slowing it down, we're incentivizing it. We're really putting our homeland at risk by the very department whose name is to defend homeland security.

Linda J. Hansen: Absolutely. And this podcast is often targeted to business owners and helping people understand how all these policies affect your business. Or like if you are an employee, how does this affect your employer's ability to provide for you? Well, when their tax dollars are being spent by the billions to do this corrupt immigration flow, they cannot use that money to build their business, to grow their profit base, to pay you more money, to provide you more benefits. We are providing benefits to the illegals that our veterans often don't receive. We are providing housing for illegals and health care for illegals that many times our veterans, our veterans do not receive. And that has to stop. And I'm so glad you're exposing all this because a lot of people don't know because they try to keep it so hidden.

Ben Bergquam: Yeah. Great example. If you look at the healthcare system in California, we have two hospitals in my local area before my wife and I escaped, got out of California, that went bankrupt because they were so flooded with illegal aliens that don't have insurance, that expect it to be paid by somebody else. And ultimately that gets handed down to the consumer or to the healthcare provider themselves. And so we're bankrupting our healthcare industry, we're bankrupting schools. Why do we under-perform almost every other country now, especially states like California? Because we're full of illegal aliens that are taking away from the citizens. We're having to do ESL, English as a second language, in all of these classes. So American citizens are being, children are being the ones harmed by this and businesses as well. You look at what Joe Biden has done since he stole office, whatever you want to call it, that's what I call it. As we see massive inflation because we stopped drilling for oil in America, because we stopped being energy independent. All the things that President Trump did. We have massive inflation while at the same time job, the, the income is, is going down. So we have lower paying wage jobs with higher cost of goods. So you have this you know, it's the worst of both worlds and all of that. Again, the more these big corporations can use this pipeline of cheap labor, the less they have to pay you. And so there's this vicious cycle of now you're having to pay more for everything, but you're getting paid less to do it. And it all goes back to these leftist globalist, godless policies that are at the border, but they're also in our energy sector. And it's all tied together.

Linda J. Hansen: It's all tied together. I tell people it's like a big spider web and it's hard to attack it at every level, but you're doing a great job. And one of the things that I am so passionate about in terms of helping employers educate employees about this and just getting basic information about our system of government, what it means to have the ability to create prosperity and human flourishing freedom. That's what I think of prosperity, is freedom flourishing. Not just money, but that ability to create, to innovate, to grow, to have prosperity in their life. But we have that because of our system of government. And we have all these immigrants coming with a free ride, some of them. I mean, like Ben said, we do not want to minimize those who are coming here with real good intentions. And there are really good people who are being lied to about what is happening to them. So we feel for them. We want to help them. But at the same time, we have to help all of these immigrants understand that America is not the land of milk and honey with endless supplies of dollars that grow on trees. These tax dollars that are paying for all these services they get are hard-earned tax dollars from the American people. And in the past, like you mentioned, Ben, we'd bring people in, they'd go through a legal process. They'd be educated about the system of government that we have in America. They'd have to pass a citizenship test.

Ben Bergquam: Now, I was with my wife when she did hers and the pride she had of having to do that and really even learning that the foundation, the civics of America lost so many people, real immigrants that come across and do it that right way. They love this country and they're honored to be a part of it. And that's why tears flow down their face when they're able to swear that oath. But yes, as you mentioned, those that don't, they don't care, they don't need it and they take advantage of it, right?

Linda J. Hansen: And they don't know, they don't have an understanding of our system of government. And so that's why I'm so passionate about this. That's why listeners, if there's anybody there that would like to help me fund getting the rest of my course and my book translated into Spanish, I have a great translator would love to do that because we definitely have to help them understand how important it is to protect this system of government. They're being brought in to be voters for these globalist policies. But if we educate them and educate our own American citizens who have not been educated the past couple of generations that have come through the public school system are often taught to hate America and they're not been taught to really understand the core values of why we can even have this life in America that we have. Why do people risk their life to get here? They don't risk their life to go to the Soviet Union in the past or to Russia now, or to China. You don't risk your life to go there. You don't risk your life to go to North Korea. You risk your life to come to America. But it will not be that place of freedom if we do not wake up and fix these policies and educate people everywhere. And I think the workplace is a really important place to educate people. So when these immigrants come in, they're working for someone. Well, one, as employers, try to only employ American citizens, make sure you're only employing American citizens. Make sure you follow through on that. It may cost you a little more sometimes, but that's the honorable thing to do to protect that's one thing you can do to protect your country. Buy American. Hire American. This is so important. So do you have anything else to share? Action points for employers, action points for individuals.

Ben Bergquam: No, I mean, that's really it, though. I mean, at some point, this is going to get to the place where, as you mentioned, our tax dollars go to this at some point, I would love to see a boycott of taxes where people just say, I'm going to I mean, very simple thing, but it takes critical mass to do this. If everybody deferred, not to say you don't pay them, not to say you put yourself in jail to do this, but if everyone deferred their taxes at the same time for six months or a year, you'd have massive issues with the federal government. But we need to defund. We have this battle going on right now with the debt ceiling and all this other garbage. For one, I 100% believe we need to defund the federal government until they realize they can't keep using our money like this. So we need to put pressure on Congress and in particular Republicans. But also, if there are any so called Blue Dog Democrats that are left, their constituents need to hear from them that not another dollar of your tax dollars you're willing to accept. Go to illegal aliens. But also, there's a thousand other projects that our money goes to that we don't want our money going to. Bottom line is, these organizations, these individuals, these people in office, there are many of them who want to destroy this country. They're doing it on purpose. They want to remake America in the communist utopia they've always dreamed of. You always ask them, show me one example where it succeeded. They can't do that. And the answer I'm always given is, well, it just hasn't been done right yet. And the truth is, it's been done exactly right every time, and it fails every time. And if this generation doesn't stand up to stop it, it's going to fail again, and America is going to be the one that falls. And again, if America falls, the world falls.

Linda J. Hansen: Exactly. If America falls, the world falls. That's what I always say. A strong. America makes for a stronger world. So. Thank you, Ben. And before we close, I do want to just have you share the time that you narrowly escaped being killed. That was very moving to watch you. And it was Oscar, oscar Bloomberg Ramirez, and you were reporting. I'd like you to share that. And listeners, this just gives you an idea of the truth of what is actually happening. And I really want you to go see the video that he has shared to show this incident. But please pray for Ben. Pray for his colleagues. It is not safe where he goes to uncover the truth.

Linda J. Hansen: Pray for him.

Ben Bergquam: Well, this is actually going to be our 13th episode. You'll see. We have our 12th episode coming out this Saturday, our 13th next Saturday. And that will be the highlight of the episode, is the experience. We were actually going in reverse over the Darian Gap. This is just a few weeks ago. And we were documenting. We're getting Intel of all the illegal aliens that were coming through the Darian Gap, talking to them. And what we found out as we were going we were on day two as we slept in Hammocks. And just it's miserable. I mean, it's one of the worst, hardest things I've ever done, going first over it. We did a four day trek over it from Columbia to the Panama side. And then we were doing the reverse flow. And we started finding out on day two, morning and day two, they started coming up saying there were these robbers further up the trail, started out that there were 5 hours up the trail. Then it was 4 hours and 3 hours, and ultimately it was 15 minutes around the corner. And they were robbing everyone that came through. They were raping many of the women. We have stories of the women that they had one in particular. They had her strip naked and lay in front of everyone that she said to show her part. She couldn't say it. It was the other people. She was crying so bad, children being raped, many being murdered.

We've heard stories of that from this group and so we were being escorted by center front Special Forces. It's Panamanian Border Patrol Special Forces. We had six with us, and they had actually offered to do this for us. They escorted us the previous time. It's the first time they've ever done that because we're telling the truth. Our network, Real America's voice is actually telling the truth. And then we asked to do the reverse to be able to get the Intel. And they were happy to do that. They decided that they had to take this group out. We found out later it was Colombian drug cartel, the Gulf cartel that we're operating it, who are also operating the human trafficking and the drug trafficking in that area. So they send the people through as a distraction so they can send their drugs through. It's the same thing that happens on their southern border. And then the guys that work for them are basically given a free for all, do whatever you want to them in the middle of the jungle. And so they rape, they rob, they murder. And so Center front, the group broke off into two groups. We were with one on one side of the river, another group where part of the platoon went across to the other side of the river. And we were actually down behind some rocks about 40 yards away from where these guys were doing their illegal operation. And right as we're waiting, we had an indigenous guide from one of the tribes there, from the Emberat tribe, indigenous tribes that are also being destroyed by this, their environment, the jungles being destroyed. The same radical environmentalists that are pushing for open borders are the ones destroying the jungle that talk about climate change. Again, it's all tied together. We were waiting there with him. He was pointing out where they were. We were filming, and then all of a sudden, all hell broke loose. Bullets were flying. We actually heard one go right over our heads. And in the end, thank God, none of us, none of the good guys were harmed. One of the cartel members was killed. He actually shot. They were in the process of disrobing one of the young women as center front went in and ambushed them. And in that process, he ended up shooting her. The woman they were disrobing, she survived. She was shot in the abdomen, but the one who shot her, he was killed. And then the other two were captured, and it was supposed to be a four day trek. Ended up having to get helicoptered out to Evac the girl who had been shot. And then also the Pannamian government decided that was enough action for us. We wanted to keep going because we heard there was another group further up the trail that was doing the same thing. And we found out just days later that Senate front went in and took those guys out as well. So it's not safe. It's not safe for the illegal aliens that are coming through this. It's not safe for us as journalists exposing it, but it has to be done. And I think of the same what we do. I deal with cartels down on the border, and it's not safe down there either. But I think of my two daughters who want to just turn six today, and what the future that they're going to live in?

Linda J. Hansen: And I'd rather it be me that goes into these places than them than them. Yeah, that's a beautiful thought. We fight for the next generation. We have to do that. I have grandchildren, and I can't imagine that's why I keep fighting. And my oldest grandson told me, Granny, I know you'll never stop fighting for freedom because you love us and that's why we fight. A politician thinks of the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation. So thank you for being a statesman. Thank you for being brave. I'm sure your wife was glad you were helicoptered out of that situation. I know, I was watching, and I could barely breathe when I saw what was happening. I was so concerned for you, but I'm just so thankful for your work. And again, please give your contact information so people know how to follow you.

Ben Bergquam: Americas voice News for the episodes and then you can find us on Dish Network, Roku, Pluto, all of the digital platforms and then all my social media. If you just search at Ben Bergquam. B-E-N-B-E-R-G-Q-U-A-M.

Linda J. Hansen: Wonderful. Thank you and may God bless you and keep you safe.

Ben Bergquam: Thank you.

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