June 22, 2023

Kingdom Business – A Higher Purpose – with Krystal Parker – [Ep. 174]

Kingdom Business – A Higher Purpose – with Krystal Parker – [Ep. 174]

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you? What is your purpose? What reward do you seek? We all must ask ourselves those questions. What drives us to press on through difficulties, endure through hard seasons, or seek a higher purpose in our...

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you? What is your purpose? What reward do you seek? We all must ask ourselves those questions. What drives us to press on through difficulties, endure through hard seasons, or seek a higher purpose in our work? Linda and her guest, Krystal Parker, President of the U.S. Christian Chamber of Commerce, share a lively and very personal conversation about faith, purpose, and seeking eternal rewards as they serve Christ in business. Kingdom business can glorify God and bless others as we seek to serve with a higher purpose. Whether you are an employer, employee, or solopreneur, your life and business have eternal significance and purpose. Listen today and be encouraged to hear how God may guide you to a higher purpose.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by guests on this podcast do not necessarily represent those held or promoted by Linda J. Hansen or Prosperity 101, LLC.

The opinions expressed by guests on this podcast do not necessarily represent those held or promoted by Linda J. Hansen or Prosperity 101, LLC.

Linda J. Hansen:  Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101 Breakroom Economics Podcast. My name is Linda J. Hansen, your host and the author of Prosperity 101- Job Security Through Business Prosperity: The Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck, and the creator of the Breakroom Economics Online course, the book, the course and the entire podcast library can be found on Prosperity101.Com. I seek to connect boardroom to break room and policy to paycheck by empowering and encouraging employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs. My goal is to help people understand the foundations of prosperity, the policies of prosperity, and how to protect their prosperity by becoming informed, involved, and impactful. I believe this will lead to greater employee loyalty, engagement and retention, and an increased awareness of the blessings and responsibilities of living in a free society. Listen each week to hear from exciting guests and be sure to visit Prosperity 101.Com.

Thank you so much for joining with me today. As you know, I have a wide variety of guests on this podcast, and if you're a regular listener, you know that I never shy away from bringing people on who are willing to share their faith, their testimony and their calling. Like, why do they do what they do? That's something we all have to ask. Why do we do what we do? For many of us, we feel called by God in our work. And our work is not only what sustains us financially or professionally, but it is what we do in service to the Lord. And today I have a special friend, a new friend, Krystal Parker. We've recently met in this last year and I'm just so blessed by her. She is the president of the US Christian Chamber of Commerce. And I know you'll love hearing about the US Christian Chamber of Commerce, why you should join, but also her story will be an inspiration to you as you think about how you can serve and use your gifts to do something that goes beyond making a living, but something that has eternal rewards. So welcome. Krystal, thank you so much for joining with us today.

Krystal Parker: Thank you, Linda. I'm so happy to be here and it's really been a great pleasure to get to know you. The work that you've done and the work that you're doing. I’m a super fan.

Linda J. Hansen: Well, the feeling is mutual and I get inspired by all that you have done. Could you give the listeners a little bit of background, the background you'd like to share with the listeners? You are quite experienced and you're also an author and you've just had a great career. And so please share with the audience your background and what led you to be leading the US Christian Chamber of Commerce.

Krystal Parker: Sure, be happy to do that. Well, it's funny, you talk about this great career and successful background and I always say it's not bad for a pig farmer from Moscow, Kansas. And that's really where I started. In Moscow, Kansas. A population 300. Just so excited to get out of that little town. Went to college, and with 21 hours left Linda, I dropped out of college. Six and a half hour drive back home with my tail between my legs in a town where they already knew I was coming before I even got there, and talk about feeling like a real failure. And so that's really where I got started. I figured, well, I'm 20 something years old, I better figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life now that I failed college. And I started stocking shelves in a truck part store. And that truck part store just happened to be a subsidiary of an oil and gas company, pretty large one, the Fortune 200 Oil and Gas Company. And within that year of working there as a secretary admin, they ended up putting me on with the contingency that if the business didn't work out, then I'd be starting over. And I thought that was okay because it was a good opportunity and it didn't work out. But they happened to have a front desk position at another one of their companies, and they asked me to come be their secretary there. So that's really where I got started and how God just started this small town girl who was a pig farmer.

We raised pigs every year for 4H. And so I understood business. I love business. And so I got to start at the very grassroots level and work my way up. Within just twelve years, I became the youngest officer in that company, and I was running the gas company on the west side of Texas in 47 cities and all of customer service in Texas. The crazy thing about it was well, there was a lot of crazy things about it, but the craziest thing about it was I thought that it was all stuff I did. When you look at it in a Fortune 199 company and you see this dropout from college, move up the ranks of this huge oil and gas company, and not only that, I was a woman. Well, still am. Thank you. And I was a psychology major, and I was just surrounded by a sea of male workers, men, engineering people, and so it's really an amazing story. At the time, I thought it was all my doing, but I understand now, looking back, that God was preparing me for a time such as this. And I did go back and end up getting my undergrad in psychology and then went and got my master's in marketing.

They sent me to Harvard Business School. And the great thing about that was I got to study at Harvard Business School. Innovation, globalization and leadership, diversity. And for a small town girl from Kansas, this was blowing my mind, because I really cut my teeth in business in a very slow moving, staunch, risk, adverse oil and gas company. And so then here I am seeing business through a different lens, and I just was so excited. And I'll never forget the professors had said, if you come from a bureaucratic organization and you've been through this Harvard course, you're going to go back totally changed, and some of you will not continue on with your current employer. And I don't know, I just will never forget hearing that. And that was me. I decided to go out and try it on my own, started my own company, intent and impact. And here I am today. Lots of ebbs and turns and flows, but I really wanted to join an organization for Christian businesses. Somebody suggested that I go to the Christian Chamber of Commerce. And when I met with the president, he didn't tell me this at the time, but when I met with the president, he got in the car, called his wife, and said, god said she's the one. And within a few months, he told me that I think you're supposed to be the president of the Christian Chamber.

Linda J. Hansen: That's such an exciting story, and things happen for a reason. I can relate in some ways to it, because while I was raising while we were raising our kids, we also raised pigs. And my kids were in four h, and we had a hobby farm. So people who know me now just kind of laugh at it, and they think, oh, yeah, I had this huge garden. We always had a steer. We raised a steer every year. We had chickens. We raised pigs. And it was great. I loved it. And it's a wonderful experience for anyone to be able to learn how to raise animals, how to raise your own food, how to live off the land in a lot of ways, but it was just great. But here I was a home school mom. I, too, didn't finish my college. I stopped my college to raise our family. My husband was in the military, and we were moving around, and there wasn't family around. So when I had our first child, I'm like, well, I can't keep going to school and keep my job. I really wanted to be there for my son. And there wasn't any babysitters you could call and stuff, and there were no online classes then. I'm older than you, so there were no online classes, so I just had to put it on hold. Well, then you get farther on into life. And I'm involved in politics because I care about god called me into politics the moment my oldest son was born. Really, He just really gave me a heart to protect freedom in America. And so I just did things on the volunteer level coming up, and one thing led to another, led to another, led to another, and as kids got older and left home, I ended up with more responsibility, more roles, more things like that. And it's like you said here you were in this position.

And I remember after being deputy chief of staff for Herman Cain's presidential campaign in 2012, which, I mean, one of very few women who've ever held that level of position on a presidential campaign, right? Well, at Harvard, they bring you back every four years. It's the look back on the presidential race, right? So we're there. Everything's getting transcribed. I'm sitting there thinking, how did a home school mom from a small town in Wisconsin who didn't finish her college end up here? And it's such a God story. There's these steps that you just to anybody listening, don't be limited by what your circumstances are, because God is never limited by your circumstances. And I had no clue, no clue that I would be in such a position as that or all the different roles I've had, even since all the different regulatory reform work I've done, what I'm doing with Prosperity 101. I mean, I had no clue that God had that for me while I was just being faithful, raising my kids, doing the next thing, constantly learning, trying to learn all the issues, doing things. And so to everyone listening, Krystal has a great story. It's okay to start small. Do the next thing. Do what's in front of you. Go through the open door. And that's what I did. I went through the open doors, and God will open and close doors. And don't cry over the closed doors, because I love this quote, don't be upset when God gives you a no. He might be protecting you from less than his best.

Krystal Parker: It's so true. And I love to say you can have a 24 hours pity party because I've had plenty of them, and I give myself 24 hours when I have those failures or defeats or shut doors, because it sometimes stings pretty bad. But oftentimes most of the time, and as believers, I mean, nothing happens or exists if it doesn't come through God. And so just trusting him. And I like what you said about the small things. I think so many people want to be discovered, but they don't want to go through the development. And we see people like, people that maybe would look at me go, wow, look at all that she's done. It's so cool. But they didn't know me when, right? They didn't see me when. And that's a lot of time of development that takes place. I had a lot of stinking thinking that I had to deal with on my own to even be here, and I haven't arrived, and I know that. But when I was in corporate, I thought I had. I thought I had arrived. I had the car, the house, the title, the money. I was young, the education, and let me tell you, I was a jerk. And I really thought that I had it all together. And I know now, looking back, like I even called myself a Christian, too. And I wasn't acting like a Christian, but I thought I was a Christian because I went to church every now and then, and I would be in there for an hour. And so therefore, that made me Christian. And that's what I experienced.

I just didn't know that that was supposed to be in relationship with the Lord and the head and the heart alignment with Christ and bringing Christ into the marketplace, bringing Christ into work. It wasn't this, and it was everything together, integrated. Anyway, I remember when I was just starting in the Christian chamber, I had a moment kind of like what we're talking about right now. And my very first speaker was Peter Low. And Peter Low is if you've ever seen or been to and a lot of people have a success seminar. It was those big seminars where you would see, like, I don't know, Al Gore. He would bring in all these big speakers, and then at the very end, he would give a call to a message to people to just awaken their spirit in Christ. And Peter was the first speaker that I got to introduce as the president. And so I'm sitting there feeling completely inadequate, like, how did I get here? I don't even know. I can't believe I'm introducing Peter Lowe. Are you kidding me? And so as I was sitting there, I was getting all of the chamber files and putting them in my file cabinets and getting everything organized.

So I needed to clear out some of my file cabinet to make room for these new files I was getting. And as I was clearing out my file cabinet, I came across this book. And it was just one of those moments where you go, like, you can just kind of hear God say, look at it. And so I look at it, and on the front cover of this magazine is Peter Lowe. And I remembered all of a sudden, I remembered years and years and years ago sitting as one person in a stadium of 25,000 people, probably in the cheap seats because I couldn't afford anything else at that Success seminar, watching Peter Lowe. And I remember sitting there, and I hadn't thought about it. I didn't even realize that it was Peter Low. And so as I was sitting there, I remembered how I felt in that room of one in 25,000 people and how God called this one girl out, and he said, you will introduce this speaker on your stage. And there's no way in a million years I felt qualified, I felt worthy, or even felt like that this would ever be something that I could do. But God can do it. I didn't do it. I just said yes. What's the next right thing? Show up. Be obedient. Do the next right thing. And then through that obedience, and the small thing, god did something very big.

Linda J. Hansen: Well, that's so true. He does things that we just can't even imagine. And I like you. I've had a roller coaster to my life and there's been times where I've told people, sometimes I feel like I have this constant bruise on my forehead because I'm beating my head against the wall, right? But we just have to keep doing the next thing. And as God calls us into things, it doesn't mean it's going to be easy. If we look in Scripture, it's not always easy for these people. I mean, it certainly wasn't easy for Jesus Christ, right? And many of the disciples, it's not always easy to be obedient to God's call. And sometimes people will criticize it or mock it or just say you're doing it wrong, or whatever. But the main thing is the main thing and that is keeping close to Jesus Christ and keeping aligned in his word. And so for you, for me, I know our passion, our heart, and what drew us together in friendship too, was that we love the Lord with a passion. We love the Lord and we want so much to serve Him through our work. We want to serve Him through promoting freedom and liberty.

It is our passion and it is our calling. And being able to serve other business leaders and helping them be bold to do that as well is something I think is so important. It is truly a higher calling. It is eternal and it is something that business is business and we can make money, right? We can make money and money comes and money goes and money is a great tool but a horrible master and it's something that we can worship instead of worshiping the one who gives it to us. And you know, just like all truth is God's truth, you know, really all money is God's money. You know, it's up to Him. And so when we look at what we're doing, it's like going back to what we talked about before, what's your why? So listeners, Krystal had a why, I have a why and what's your why? And if you are not sure if you're listening right now and you're not sure if you've ever had a point in time where you committed your life to Jesus Christ and that's something you'd like to do because you'd like to have that same assurance and joy that we are expressing now and that confidence that even through the roller coasters of life, even through ups and downs and times of like what you called stinking thinking when we're doubting ourselves. We're not maybe in a good emotional place or things, but we've had this rock solid relationship with Jesus Christ that gets you through everything. And so if you're listening and you've never had that, I invite you even now just to offer up a prayer and ask Jesus to come into your heart, be your Lord and Savior. And if you have questions, reach out to me at Prosperity 101. Com. Reach out to Krystal at US Christian Chamber. We'll make sure you have her information as well.

But bottom line, when our lives are done, we can look at what we did. But who we are and what we did for eternity is what really matters. And at the end, when it's our last breath, we don't have our business with us. It's just one on one. It's God and us, one on one, right? And so don't wait. We don't know. I just lost a friend this week, very, very suddenly. A young friend, very suddenly. And tomorrow I'm attending a funeral of a family member. And so I don't mean to be morbid in this and never thought that this would take this turn in this conversation, but really, what's more important? What's more important than our relationship with God? How we relate to those we love, how we serve God and our fellow man? And we can do that in business. We can do that. And when we do that, we promote truth, we promote liberty, and we promote true freedom, because true freedom is in Christ. And the more free we are in Christ, the better we are as citizens, as business leaders, everything. And that helps our nation, it helps the world. It just builds everyone up. So before we move on, do you have anything to add on that?

Krystal Parker: Yeah, I actually do, because I think it's important for people to understand this and its powerful word that you said, Linda, and I think I'm so glad to hear you say it. I mean, just understanding, like, what is my purpose in life? My mom used to tell us kids, and she worked and she was successful in her career, but she used to tell us kids, my purpose in life is to be your mom. I'm called here to be your mom. And it was that simple for her. But she knew what her purpose was, and I think a lot of people struggle with that. Maybe they're not in alignment. It's part of why I wrote my book, the Best Robot Wins is I see so many people in the marketplace that are in their job, and they feel like they have to put on a hat and be somebody that they're not. When I left the gas company and keep in mind to make a strive like that in a career, in a short period of time in a company like that, there was a lot of sacrifices I made. My priority list was work, work, me, family, God. And before I even left that company, I ended up divorcing because my priorities were out of whack. And here I am. I became not a single mom, a solo mom. Overnight, I look up and I have a two and a half, three year old daughter, and she's this beautiful daughter looking at me, depending on me. And frankly and candidly, I told you I was a jerk. I didn't even know where she went to dance. I just had such a focus on my career, my power, my money and taking care of everything.

I thought that that was my job, my role and that I was doing it. And I didn't see myself as somebody that was needed to be focused on God and nurturing my family and stuff. And I thought if I took my eye off of that work then everything would crumble because it was about me. And so I see that happen in so many small business owners and even larger business owners is they have worked so hard in their own flesh that if they take their hands off of it, it will crumble because it's man made, not God made. And God tells us clearly you're not to serve two masters. And I had a pastor once say from the pulpit and I thought it was really wise. The greatest competitor to God is money. When you have enough money, you can pay to make your problems go away. You can buy all these things. And trust me, I did. And still I was empty and I was broken and I was shallow. And I continued down a path of regret, if you will, until finally one day, second divorce, sitting in this 5000 square foot house in a very affluent area in Florida. And I said to myself, okay God, I've tried it the way that the world has told me works. And I've stuffed everything I can into this huge hole in my heart.

But I ask God, just like he said will you please come into my heart, forgive me for my sins. I don't know who I am. And he filled me immediately. And so as people are listening today and you just say I don't know who I am. Come Holy Spirit, into my heart. Forgive me for my sins and I accept you. It's that simple. And there was a washing over me and there was this living water that filled me and filled every crack, every brokenness, every hole, every hurt, and every failure. And I got to live for Christ. And now I believe that my success that I have now. Today I have a book. I'm happily married. My daughter is 16, healthy and beautiful and driving. Thank you God. And I get to be a part of the Christian Chamber of Commerce and I feel on fire for the Lord. But that all is a result of me asking God to come into my life and to heal me and to show me, to teach me and to grow me. And now I get to be in a community of believers that believe the same thing. And it's really fantastic. Linda, what happened?

Linda J. Hansen: God is amazing and your story is just incredible. When we first met, we talked about how I had a different path. That's what I did I home schooled my kids. I stayed home. I figured I have a season for other things. This is my season. They were the priority. My family was the priority. And it was very much that season. It was just intense, raising all six kids. And that's great. I'm so thankful for it. And I wouldn't change that time in my life. But it's amazing what God has done since, too, as these kids have grown. And I've been like, oh, who knew I'd be doing X-Y-Z-I had no idea. But you just do the next thing. And the thing about God, too, is he cares about business. In my last episode, I interviewed Andrew Krapuchett, the founder and CEO of Red Balloon, and people go to Redballoon.org and use the promo code P 101 to be part of the Red Balloon family. And I invite you to listen to that episode because he talks about what led him to start that and how so many people are really wanting to change the culture in their business, change the culture in their workplace, really honor the Lord, honor freedom, honor values that made America great. And this resurgence of that, I think people have seen what's happening in our culture, in our nation, and they're saying, like you did? No, this is not what I want. This makes me empty for me. I saw that early on. I'm so thankful I came to know the Lord very young.

I was an adult, but I was a young adult, and it was really before my kids were growing and everything. And I just am so thankful for that because he does give us a wisdom and a sense of peace through all the ups and downs in life. It's not that I haven't had heartbreak or hurt or roller coasters of things going on, because we all do, because that's life. But having that steady rudder, it's like a sailboat in a storm. You have a steady rudder and you can take the waves. You can bob and not flip over. Right? You cannot submerge whatever your path is. Whether you have a path like Krystal or you had like a simple path like I did, it doesn't matter. Or maybe you're super successful now and you feel like Krystal did, like maybe that everything you've worked for just isn't enough. And it's interesting how this conversation has taken this turn, because when I wanted to do the podcast with you, I really wanted to highlight how so many business owners are getting bolder about their faith. They're getting bolder about their faith. They're getting bolder about just being real about who they are and actually sharing faith with their peers as well as with their colleagues and employees. But I also just really want to say that I think its part of the revival that's happening in America, in a sense. And so for people who want to say, join the Christian Chamber of Commerce, what would they need to do and what would be the benefits for them to do so?

Krystal Parker: Sure. Well, first of all, I agree. People are getting bolder. I think that they're awake. People are starting to wake up. I love Christians because Christians in business oftentimes are really focused on serving God, family and business. And their heads down and they're working and they're doing what they're doing and they're not out there looking to take more ground. They're just like, don't take this away from me. I still want to be able to pray, I want to go to church, I want my firearms or whatever the Christians want. And what happens is the opposite side of that. People that don't have our values as Christians, they're out there making daily wins. Daily wins, and they take you more ground. Taking more ground. And finally, Mr. And Mrs. Christian wake up and go, wait, what has happened in our world? Well, it didn't just happen suddenly. It's been a very slow moving thing. And so Christians are awake and they're starting to advocate more for Christian businesses.

I know that you're part of and familiar with some of those great Christian organizations that are out there bringing awareness like CEA, C, Suite for Christ, those types of groups, C Twelve. I mean, there's so many neat, wonderful, amazing groups that are bringing awareness to Christian businesses on how to operate a business for the kingdom. And I think that I personally think that we've been lied to. I think we've been told since early on that you're either in ministry or you're in the business world and it was either or and not. Yes. And I get tickled at business owners that talk to me and they say, I know, I want to be an evangelist for the Kingdom. I'm on fire. I'm going to quit my job and go into ministry. And I'm like, dude, you're already in ministry. Like you was such an opportunity. And I think it's just an awareness that people are starting to realize that integration of faith. And what we've seen is some statistics that have come out to say that Christian business leaders have 840 times more impact on the unchurched than a pastor on Sunday. So people are starting to realize that the marketplace is a huge mission field. Structuring your business in a kingdom way is good business. It's great for the kingdom, but it's just good business. I mean, the principles of Jesus Christ and what he stood for, when you can apply that to your business, which is why I wrote this book. And it's all based off of biblical principles. It's how to run a business in a way that helps you get a competitive advantage through your people. But it's all biblically based. The Bible is the greatest book on business ever written. And so it's no surprise that faith driven CEOs outperform the peers that are not Kingdom people. So yeah, we're just seeing it over and. Over again, an awakening of this that is just incredible.

Linda J. Hansen: And I loved that percentage too, because I really believe, too, that with what I offer, with Prosperity 101, it's kind of the hand in glove in a sense, of the right hand and the left hand. I think that could be a really great tool for especially all business owners, but especially Christian business owners who really want to show their employees and things that they truly care. They really care about their future. And that's why I wrote my book and developed my online course, because I want them to have a tool that they can share with their employees that says, I care about your future. I care that you understand basic issues so you can be an educated voter. It's nonpartisan. It doesn't tell people how to vote. It doesn't tell people what they should think. It just helps them think about it. I mean, it just guides their thinking so they can come up with their own conclusions and make their own choices, but it helps them ask the questions that matter when thinking about these greater issues. And so for employers, I invite you obviously go to Prosperity101. Com. I'd love for you to get the course, share it with your employees.

You'll find that loyalty, engagement, retention are so improved when you can let your employees know you care. And it opens up the door to letting them know you care. Let them know you pray for them or that you care about them or how can you support them in prayer. And it's just amazing what happens sometimes with people and just starting to open up even about issues. So all of this plays in. And I'm glad that you mentioned that business can be ministry. I feel that what I do. I mean, Prosperity 101, to me, it's God's project. This is his work, his calling. He leads it and guides it. And I am so thankful for the opportunity to do it and just pray his blessing on it. And I love what you're doing with the US Christian Chamber. And you mentioned these other groups. I've interviewed a couple that you mentioned. Shannon Royce from CEA Christian Employers Alliance. So I invite listeners to look at that. And then I was just recently on the C Suite for Christ podcast, which listeners, you can check that out too. But you can find Krystal on so many things. She's so active in speaking and around, and you can just go find her online. What would be the best way for people to find you?

Krystal Parker: Sure, you can find me at the not the, but Uschristianchamber.com LinkedIn Krystal Parker. Krystal with the K Parker MBA. I also have a website for my company, Intent and Impact. Or you can just search The Best Robot Wins for my book or even better, to search Krystal Parker. You'll find me. I'm very active.

Linda J. Hansen: Yes, you will. And she's great. She's got such energy and the team is amazing. And I really hope that the US. Well, I don't just hope, I know that the US Christian Chamber will grow under your leadership. And I'm excited for what you can bring to it. Krystal Parker: Thank you, Linda. I so appreciate that.

Linda J. Hansen: Well, I appreciate you so much. And so, listeners, again, you can go to US Christian Chamber website, which is uschristianchamber.com, and you can search for Krystal Parker. Do you have any closing comments before we close out this interview? Things you'd like to say to employers, employees?

Krystal Parker: Yeah, sure. I think it's thank you for the opportunity. The final point that I'd like to make is if you are a Christian business out there, join the Christian Chamber. Look for the Christian Chamber in your community. One of the things that's really become apparent to me is that through our own ignorance of not knowing who the Christian businesses are, we have really been reckless with our money and how we're supporting businesses and leaders that maybe don't share our values. And so what I love about the Christian Chamber concept is that we have a directory of Christian businesses and community of Christians that are working to strengthen, to hold each other accountable, to come together, to do business together. And I get calls a lot about I need a Christian whatever, how do I find them? And so be loud and be proud. It's time that we stand up for what we believe in and really put God first in all things that we do so that we can serve him first and advance the kingdom of God through the marketplace and truly make a difference.

Linda J. Hansen: Well, that is really inspirational and I so appreciate your words. And so for everybody listening, please search out Krystal. Check out the US Christian Chamber of Commerce. And if you love supporting businesses and ministries efforts that promote the kingdom and promote freedom and human flourishing, I invite you also to go to prosperity101.com, become a prosperity partner. Down at the bottom of the website, you can see the prosperity partner link. We can't do this without your support, so please be as generous as you can to help support the podcast, the work that we're doing. And if you are a business owner, please take a look at the course. And if you have questions, just reach out to me at prosperity 101. Com. But again, this is such a great opportunity for people to rise up at a time that our nation really needs believers to be strong and bold. When we think of we're recording this in June of 2023. It is pride month in the US. And I think it's time that we show the pride, like you mentioned, the pride in who we are, our savior, our values and beliefs that made this nation strong. We can be proud of these values and we can be proud of what God has done in America and what God has done in our lives. And I don't mean proud Boastful. I don't mean it like that. I mean to elevate him, elevate others. Honor God through our work and all that we do. So thank you. Thank you, Krystal. Yes.

Krystal Parker: And put God right back at the center of this nation, because we are one nation under God.

Linda J. Hansen: Absolutely.

Krystal Parker: Let's show it right and live our lives in such a way that it honors Him in his priorities.

Linda J. Hansen: There's been times, like you said, and this is just a quick little close on kind of wrapping a bow on something you said about how you had everything, your priorities were messed up. And there's been many times where I've had to step away from something that could have been a very lucrative opportunity, because God I'm hearing God in my mind, go, God, family, country. God, family, country. Because I will jump on something that I think will help our country, right? But there's times that I can do that. And especially when my children were growing and I was homeschooling them, I had to wait for a different season. There's even times now where I was spending several years caregiving for my mom. We have different seasons. So everyone out there, again, just be bold, but don't rush ahead of God. Seek that timing. Be faithful to take the next step, and he will lead you. So thank you again, Krystal. It's just a blessing to have you on the podcast.

Krystal Parker: Thank you, Linda. God bless.

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