Jan. 20, 2021

How to Think, Not What to Think – with Kristina Vourax [Ep. 54]

How to Think, Not What to Think – with Kristina Vourax [Ep. 54]

In our age of readily available information, it may be easy to assume people gain critical thinking skills, wisdom, and self-discipline through simply ingesting voluminous amounts of information.  However, as current culture indicates, there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, and from acting or reacting. How do we educate young people to think critically, judge wisely, and be self-disciplined, responsible members of a free society? Teaching how to think, not what to think is a great first step, and this can be optimized through school choice initiatives. In this episode, Linda interviews Kristina Vourax, Founder of Lake Country Classical Academy. Discover why she started this classical education charter school, and learn how school choice policies affect families, businesses, communities, and our nation. 

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