Dec. 29, 2020

How Can We Pivot and Prosper in the New Year? – with Joe Delagrave [Ep. 51]

How Can We Pivot and Prosper in the New Year? – with Joe Delagrave [Ep. 51]
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To celebrate the first year of the podcast series, Linda highlights an episode that was a listener favorite. The interview with US Paralympian, Joe Delagrave, inspires us all to face our own challenges and opportunities with renewed hope, wisdom, and grace. As health challenges, isolation, grief, civil unrest, pandemic politics, business lockdowns, and economic losses dominated 2020, how can we pivot and prosper in 2021 by turning obstacles into opportunities and hardships into triumphs? There was pain, but good things emerged, too. How can we build on those as we approach the future? You will be inspired by Joe’s story and his insightful tips for prospering in the new year and beyond.  

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