Jan. 8, 2023

Get Kinetic – Off Benches and Into Trenches – with Rick Crump – [Ep. 150]

Get Kinetic – Off Benches and Into Trenches – with Rick Crump – [Ep. 150]

Are you frustrated with the cultural changes, economic decline, and loss of freedom and prosperity in America? What can you do in your own business or community to help our nation change course? Be inspired as Linda interviews freedom loving business...

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Are you frustrated with the cultural changes, economic decline, and loss of freedom and prosperity in America? What can you do in your own business or community to help our nation change course? Be inspired as Linda interviews freedom loving business and ministry leader, Rick Crump, founder of Kinetic Faith. Kinetic comes from a Greek wording meaning “to move.” Learn how you can move from sitting on the benches to fighting in the trenches in the battle to save America.

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Linda: Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101 Breakroom Economics podcast. My name is Linda J. Hansen, your Host and the Author of Prosperity 101, Job Security Through Business Prosperity, the Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck and the Creator of the Breakroom Economics online course. The book, the course, and the entire podcast library can be found on prosperity101.com. I seek to connect boardroom to breakroom and policy to paycheck by empowering and encouraging employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs. My goal is to help people understand the foundations of prosperity, the policies of prosperity, and how to protect their prosperity by becoming informed, involved, and impactful. I believe this will lead to greater employee loyalty, engagement, and retention, and to an increased awareness of the blessings and responsibilities of living in a free society. Listen each week to hear from exciting guests and be sure to visit prosperity101.com.

Thank you so much for joining with me today. You may look around and see all that needs to be done in our country. We can see so many things that are threatening our freedom, our liberty, our prosperity. We wonder what can we do, how do we fix this? Today my guest is a good friend, another Freedom Fighting American, Rick Crump. Rick Crump is the Founder and Executive Director of Kinetic Faith and KineticXperience, both organizations designed to help activate and accelerate people who care about business, prosperity and freedom. So thank you, Rick for joining with us today. So glad you're here and I can't wait to share with the listeners the story of Kinetic Faith, KineticXperience, and how you came to be in these roles.

Rick Crump: Thank you. It's great to be with you today.

Linda: Well, thank you. For the listeners, Rick and I met when I was speaking at an event in Washington, DC and he was in the audience and a friend talked with me and we developed a good friendship and found that we had very, very many similar concerns about America and really felt united in how we could work together to help make this a better country. Like I've always said, "we can't all do everything, but we can all do one thing." And some of us can do more than one, but I think Rick is great at helping people understand how to put their faith into action, how to put their patriotism into action. And Rick, I'd love to have you share with the listeners how did you decide to found Kinetic Faith and KineticXperience?

Rick Crump: Yeah, so the germination of thought was in chronic order and the execution was in reverse order. So I had this burden for the past 30 years, been wrestling with pastors and elders about the church and the disengagement and the lowering of the bar, the lowering of the standards, watching society slowly go down the drain. Now it's not slowly anymore. And I just had this seed of thought for Kinetic Faith, but it hadn't fully developed yet, but I just kept thinking kinetic, kinetic, which can be chaotic if it's not done right, right? Kinetic is the word for motion, to put your faith in motion and kind of shelved that. Launched my consulting firm, KineticXperience, professional consulting firm and classical management consulting. Was doing well in that. Got a phone call from a client up in Connecticut. These were after a series of school shootings. Wanted to help develop a private sector solution.

And long story short, which is a whole episode in itself, I walked away with a very strong conviction that day after that session with the client and a number of other CEOs from other businesses, that I was meant to take what I had in my consulting experience and my ability to form teams and solve problems and help bring that to the public square and ideally help bring it into the churches so the church could be relevant again. I mean there was a time, Linda, when people came to churches for answers. There was a time when if you were distraught, you went to the church for comfort. If you were confused, you went to the church for clarity. If you were conflicted, you went to the church for some kind of counsel. And nobody goes to churches for that anymore. In fact, churches are deliberately pushing people away to find answers elsewhere.

Literally, the church tells you to go to the government for answers now instead of come to them, which is a whole other issue. But I just felt very strongly that it was time for the church to get off the bench. And so I've tried to phase out the consulting and focus more on the ministry. As many of us know, I'm a lot better at making money than raisings money, so that's another episode, right? But I'm really grateful to God for the opportunity to this, and I'm often asked why this insistence on the focus of faith? And I said, well, if you think about all the great advancements made in Western civilization, they were almost all led by the church. Now the Magna Carta was negotiated between the king and the barons by the church. Okay? Slavery, the abolitionist movement. You've got the Civil Rights Movement. I mean all of these are associated, and the reason is because it all came down to a moral apologetic, a moral argument. Could you make the moral argument? And if you can, you win the day.

In fact, we see in society the reason why socialism is winning and the reason why the woke culture is winning, at least right now, is because they're making a manipulated moral argument. Now they're manipulating our emotions, but it's not a logical argument. It defies logic, right? It's not a prosperity argument they're making. It's a twisted manipulation of a moral argument. And whoever wins the moral argument in their communities and their society wins the day.

Linda: Well, it's so good that you are focusing on that because many people have just really thought to approach all this through a totally secular mindset.

Rick Crump: Oh, no.

Linda: And you bring forth how in America our history is rich with the influence of the church. And by the church for listeners, I don't mean the church that's the building, the building on the corner. Keith Green who passed away years ago, but Keith Green said, "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to McDonald's makes you a hamburger."

Rick Crump: Yeah.

Linda: So it isn't church. And we're talking about the body of Christ, true believers who try their best to live according to scripture, according to how Christ would want them to live, and to treat others as they'd like to be treated, follow the Ten Commandments. These kinds of things really do build up a culture. And the Bible tells us that, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." And the people rejoice when a righteous ruler is in place.

Rick Crump: Amen.

Linda: And they groan when wickedness is in place.

I mean, when we think of the last couple years and there's a lot of groaning in America, there's a lot of trouble. And you and I both believe that those of us in the body of Christ, we can really turn that around. And it's not us. It's not us. It's us working in the way that God would have each of us do. Like I said before, "We can't do everything, but we can do one thing."

Rick Crump: Sure.

Linda: And then God takes our resources, he takes our abilities, he takes our efforts, and he can multiply it to bring forth results. "The action is ours, but the results are God's."

Rick Crump: Amen. Love that quote. We use that quote.

Linda: Yeah.

Rick Crump: By the way, just a couple quick points on what you said. When you used the word the church, I get often asked, well, what do you mean by the church? Who do you refer to by the church? And usually the person asking it is like, I'm going to find a fault for what you're saying so that we can marginalize it, right? I got into the habit of reminding people, let me be real clear what I mean by the church. If you claim Christ, you're what I refer to as the church. To your point, it's not the building, it's not just the elders and the deacons and the pastors, but that's a huge part, the leadership, right? It's not the corporate body all the time. Sometimes it's the individual, sometimes it's the cooperation between the believers and the body of Christ.

But the bottom line is if you claim Christ, I'm literally going to make you renounce Christ or I'm going to hold you to a bar. One of the things that we are often told is that, Linda, you can't judge whether somebody's a Christian or not. I say, I never judge whether somebody's a Christian or not. All I do is take them at their word. If you claim Christ, you just gave me permission. You just gave me permission to hold you to a standard that Paul talks about in I Corinthians 5. And that's all I'm saying. Look, if you don't claim Christ then you don't fit into my definition of the church.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: But if you do and you start to feel the squeeze, then we have some reasoning to do. We have some iron sharpening iron to do because the church, I will tell you this, the other piece I was going to say is, our mission is a mission of apologetics, influence salt and light.

And we are unequivocally saying that the church is culpable for why we're in the state that it's in, the world. And we are responsible for doing something about it. And everything we do starts with that premise. And I actually welcome it when people challenge me on that or I welcome it when they argue out of it. What most people do is they dismiss it 'cause they disagree with it. I say, "Well, no, no, no, don't just dismiss it. Let's talk about this." And I think most people like to dismiss it because deep down in their DNA, and Linda, they know. They know. They know we're neglecting the children. They know we're neglecting babies. They know we're neglecting what people died in Normandy Beach to fight for. They know we won't get out of our Lazy Boys and put our remote controls down for, and they know deep down that there's some culpability and responsibility there and they're running from it for right now. But we're chasing them.

Linda: Mm-hmm. Exactly. And people often criticize what's happening, but I often ask people, well, what are you doing to change it? And a lot of times I get a blank stare. Well, who are you to ask me? And I say, you don't have to answer me. You don't have to answer me. So listeners out there right now, you may be hearing this and we're asking you, what are you doing to change what's happening in America right now? Are you stepping up and defending your faith? Are you stepping up and defending the Constitution? Are you stepping up and defending life? Are you stepping up and defending the family? Are you stepping up and defending economic freedom and the rights we have in our Constitution that allow this type of freedom to not only flourish here in America, but for us to be able to spread and share this across the world? Are you stepping up for national security? Whatever it is that speaks to your heart. We can't all influence every single issue or every single area, but...

Rick Crump: Think about the areas that you mentioned. If I may say something real quick. How many Americans do you know can make the moral argument in the church for national security? How many Christians do you know can make the moral argument for capitalism?

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: They haven't been equipped. And that's what I love about when I met you and I learned about Prosperity 101 is, you and I are in the equipping business.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: We're there to equip you, not just to tell you capitalism is great and why socialism is bad, not just to tell you what's good and what's evil, but to equip you to learn and win the other people over. I tell people this all the time. It really doesn't matter what Linda and Rick think. It doesn't even matter how passionate we are. What matters is how many people Linda and Rick can persuade and influence and win over and multiply. That's what Christ's definition was of bearing fruit. And the church has lost its way. It's lost its bearing on that. And so is it any wonder that the one thing we haven't successfully passed on to the next generation is our values?

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: It's the one thing. We pass on prosperity, we pass on affluence, we pass on laws, we pass on everything, but we haven't passed on our values.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: And that's why we're in the state that we're in. And we have to own that.

Linda: Yeah, we do. And that's what so often people complain about the leaders or whatever, and I tell people, no, they are not our leaders. We are theirs.

Rick Crump: Yeah.

Linda: We are their leaders. If we're in a mess in America right now, it's because citizens allowed it. We did not put boots to our prayers.

Rick Crump: Oh, gosh. Right?

Linda: We did not put faith in action. We did not-

Rick Crump: Don't get me started.

Linda: ... exercise. Yeah, we...

Rick Crump: Sister, you're pushing all the buttons.

Linda: We did not exercise our constitutional rights and responsibilities to be the we the people leaders of our government. And now we look.

Rick Crump: Let's talk about prayer.

Linda: Yeah.

Rick Crump: Let's talk about prayer just for a minute.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: Just on that one button issue. What do Christians love to tell you they're going to do about your problem?

Linda: Pray.

Rick Crump: They're going to pray for you. They're going to pray, they're going to pray, they're going to pray. They're going to pray, they're going to pray. How's that working out? Now does that mean Rick's against prayer? No, but I am against insulting God. Because we teach people how to recognize the platitudes and how they're being managed and manipulated. In a recent Stake, Study and Stand, we talked about all the platitudes that men have been hearing that have been keeping them on the bench.

Linda: Time out. I want you to explain what Stake, Study and Stand is.

Rick Crump: Oh, so Stake, Study... Don't let me forget my rabbit trail here though about coming back to prayer.

Linda: Okay.

Rick Crump: So Stake, Study and Stand is an event that we host. It's a monthly or bimonthly men's breakfast, men only because ladies, you don't want to be in there and get beat up like I beat up on these guys. No, seriously though, again, I was led by the conviction that over the past four years, of all the people that have been on the teams that we've supported across the state of Pennsylvania for election integrity, for fighting the jab, for keeping businesses open, for taking back control of the school boards, et cetera, et cetera, 90% of them are Christians. And not because we recruit Christians, but because they have the pierced conscience. And 90% of them are women. And they're all asking the same two questions. Where's the church?

Linda: Where are the men?

Rick Crump: And where's the men? Exactly.

Linda: Where are the men? Exactly.

Rick Crump: And so we started this with the thought that we had to show men, it's in your DNA, you've just been suppressed. For instance, real quick, do you remember that shooting several years ago that happened in Colorado where they had the Batman premier of the movie and the guy went in with the gun and he shot people up in the theater?

Linda: Yes.

Rick Crump: Okay.

Linda: Yes.

Rick Crump: When the investigators went in, there was something that came out of that that was very telling. I remember this just sent chills down my spine. When they went in and they were uncovering the bodies and everyone was dead, what they found was that women had thrown themselves on top of children and men had thrown themselves on top of their women, just the way God designed it.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: And I told them in that story, and I say, "In your DNA you are a protector, you are a provider, you are a century, and you have been told and programmed to sit down and shut up while the destruction of society goes around you."

And they come alive and they're so angry and they're like, finally, somebody's waking this up in me. And I say, "You have got to stop listening to the lies that are manipulating you." So Stake, Study and Stand is all about helping men. It's a three part series. The first one is basically we educate them on God's expectation that we bear fruit. What does that mean? What does it not mean? And how you've been indoctrinated to sit down. The second one is we get into the three big shackles, love without justice, that love, love, love message, politics and religion and how it's been manipulated and perverted. And it's all supposed to happen, this fatalism that Christians have that we're just supposed to stand by and watch Rome burn. And then the third one's the coup d'état. The third one is it's all about sex. And it's basically a point to men that your very first identity, very first identity before your identity in Christ was you were created in the image of God, male and female.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: And God's entire design for society rests on sustaining that model, because what did we use to say was the cornerstone of society, the building block of society?

Linda: The family.

Rick Crump: The family. What does a family take? A mom, a dad, a husband, a wife. And there's a recognized differences between the sexes that causes us to have to raise children to be the next generation. As we have perverted the differences between men and women and brought down and destroyed the very distinctions that God wanted, we see the building block of society deteriorating.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: So the point is is that it's all about sex the way God designed it in our designations and our designs. So anyways, thank you for letting me give a plug for that. The next one's on January 21st. And we're so excited because the turnout's been fantastic. But back to my issue with the prayer thing.

Linda: Listeners, if you're in the Pennsylvania area, I mean we'll make sure you have the website for that. But please.

Rick Crump: Yeah, please. Yeah.

Linda: Yeah. Yeah.

Rick Crump: It's fantastic. And by the way, if you disagree with me, show up, challenge me. If you say, well, I agree with everything, so why do I need to be there? Because we're an equipping ministry. We're going to teach you how to go make that argument and apologetic to others inside your own church because most people's churches are their true first mission field right now.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: But back to prayer. A couple things we like to challenge people on is what if you couldn't pray for anything? If one year, one year you agreed that you couldn't pray for anything that you weren't directly involved in, would you pray less or would you get involved more? Whoa.

Linda: That's a really good question. And it holds people accountable.

Rick Crump: Yes.

Linda: And the thing about it is prayer is important.

Rick Crump: If I could make one other quick point though about prayer.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: If we ask Christians to be honest, which one are you more interested in? What God can do for you or what you can do for God? Because if you say, oh, I'm more interested in what I can do for God, what percentage of your prayer is made up of that?

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: Because we always look at, if you reflect about the time and the effort you put into prayer, most of our prayers about what we want God to do for us. But if we really sat and meditated and prayed earnestly, what do you want of me, God? What can I do to your point in this chaos? What can I do? And if we really sought him right? Remember it says, "If my people who are called by my name, if we saw him..."

Linda: Seek my face.

Rick Crump: And what we needed to repent about and we sought his face and sought what he expected of us, I think we'd see a whole different world, would we not?

Linda: We would. And that verse is II Chronicle 7:14, and it talks about when we seek God's peace and turn from our wicked ways and he will...

Rick Crump: There's so many things right there. There's you humble yourself.

Linda: Yes.

Rick Crump: You seek his face. You pray. You repent. There's all these. And then.

Linda: Right.

Rick Crump: And then.

Linda: Right. And it's not that God's love is conditional, it is not conditional. It is an unconditional love. But when we love God, we serve God. When we truly, truly have the spirit of God within us and we're praying to have His will, we will, as a result of that relationship with Jesus Christ, we will serve him naturally and those things will come. And so for all you listeners out there, one, if you've not had a relationship with Jesus Christ, if you wonder what in the world we're talking about, Jesus Christ on this business related podcast, we believe that all truth is God's truth. Jesus Christ is the Savior.

Rick Crump: And our Lord.

Linda: And our Lord. Yes, he is.

Rick Crump: That's the thing people need to accept.

Linda: Right.

Rick Crump: To your point, Paul said, "We are ambassadors for Christ." Why?

Linda: Yes.

Rick Crump: Asking people to be reconciled to God. The thing is, you look around the society, all great church revivals started by looking at society and looking at the church and saying, guys, what part have we played in this? What do we need to repent of?

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: And then we can be effective salt and light to lead others. I applaud you for bringing this up unabashedly, because when the slaves were saved during the Civil War and the Underground Railroad and whatnot, they came to Christ in droves. And the reason they did was because they witnessed people living their faith kinetically.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: The church is always about evangelism, evangelism. I think, well how's that working out for us? Nobody listens to us anymore. Because I think the core issue is they're not seeing us living our lives interpositionally. In other words, standing in the gap. There's nothing impressive about us because we're about saving our own rear ends.

Linda: Yes. You bring that up. And we talk about how you and I are both in the equipping ministry, even though one with your Kinetic Faith, but also with your KineticXperience, helping people grow their businesses and grow to be more profitable. And I think with what I try to do with Prosperity 101 is really equip people to be able to understand simple truths about what creates prosperity, what allows for prosperity. People don't understand government cannot produce prosperity. Government can only allow prosperity. There are certain things that God has ordained that naturally create prosperity. And these are things that we need to hold onto. And when I think of what I hope to do with businesses with Prosperity 101, with individuals, not only help them understand the true root of prosperity and how to protect it by my tagline in becoming informed, involved, and impactful, but understanding their rights and responsibilities of living in a free society.

And I truly believe that the workplace is the last frontier of being able to discuss these things. You talked about being able to discuss them in church or evangelizing in our church. Well, if we put feet to our prayers and we live out our faith, who was it that said, preach a gospel at all times and when needed, use words? Or as a last resort, use words. I mean, our lives should speak of that faith. So if you're an employer listening now, you don't have to have a revival meeting in your break room. You don't have to do that. You need to live out Christ. Let your people know how much you care. And Dawson Trotman, Founder of the Navigator's Ministry said, "They don't care how much you know until they know-

Rick Crump: How much you care.

Linda: ...how much you care." So employers and even employees listening right now, you can turn around the culture in a workplace.

You can turn around a culture in your consulting gig. You can turn it around by showing people you care. So when you say that you pray for them, okay, then what's one act that you're doing to show you support them or that you're truly caring for their needs? But again, if you're praying for our country, like Rick said, what are you doing? What are you doing to help our country? And this is all part of it.

And I believe with Prosperity 101, sometimes people get the mistaken idea that it's just about money, that it's just about finances and investing.

Rick Crump: Oh, no, sister.

Linda: And it is not. It's about the basis of prosperity and the freedom. You talked before about the national security connection like faith and national security and things. If America falls, if we are weak, if we are a weak nation, we cannot one defend ourselves. And weak males are part of the whole Marxist Leninist socialist takeover.

Rick Crump: Amen.

Linda: It has been done in every single culture in history. So the weakening of the American male, both in the military, in the family, in the workplace is planned. We have to step up against that and we need to really help people understand this.

Rick Crump: Yeah. And I think to your point about understanding, it's not just about information, because there's no shortage of information. We live in an information age.

Linda: Right.

Rick Crump: And if information was all that was necessary, we'd be doing gangbusters, right? And the world's getting worse with the more information. It's about transformation.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: I'm going to give a shameless plug for your Prosperity 101 here is folks, the thing I recognize in Linda when I met her that we share is that she's not trying to just transfer information into somebody. She's trying to transform their mindset. And to go back to the parable of the sower and the seed in the Bible, right, we were just talking about. I don't know about you Linda, but when I was growing up, the pastor always focused on the seed and the sower. Oh, you're supposed to be a sower and you're supposed to sow the seed and the soil is what the soil is.

Well, but the soil was the only thing in that story that made the difference. It was the same seed, it was the same sower.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: So why did you tell me pastor to focus on the seed? Why did you tell me to focus as a sower? Why not teach me how to cultivate the soil?

Linda: Yes.

Rick Crump: And I think that's what I love about Prosperity 101. Now you even got that little shoot coming out of the ground right? I think what I love about it is that you're focusing on the soil. You're trying to cultivate a different mindset in people.

Linda: Yes.

Rick Crump: And folks that's so important because there's no shortage of people out there making the logical argument, making the fiscal argument, making all the other arguments of why capitalism is great and why we need free economies and stuff. But I think you are helping make that moral apologetic and you're helping make the argument that should matter to people, not just the employer that can shift the mindset of their employees, not just the employee who can make their own personal life better. But in the end of the day, this cultivated soil has an impact on society.

Linda: Yes. Yes.

Rick Crump: And that's the fruit that you're bearing. And I think that people need to understand that what's important about Prosperity 101 is it cultivates a different soil and the soil is the only difference that matters.

Linda: Yes. Thank you so much. This is something, I think you explained it better than I've explained ever. I look at that parable of the soil in the Bible. And to me, what I do with Prosperity 101 in my heart and my passion and my calling is to keep the soil fertile for the gospel and for freedom. And if we have rocky soil, if we have dry, hard ground here in America, the soil of where that truth can land, it can take root.

And we will eventually wither up and die. And if we can keep that soil fertile for the gospel through helping people understand why America needs to stay free.

Rick Crump: Amen.

Linda: Why capitalism is a great system for allowing us to create wealth, to produce expansion and growth and freedom and education and healthcare, clean water, all these things that we help do around the world. We can't do that if America falls.

Rick Crump: No we can't.

Linda: No. And we can't even go to the crisis pregnancy center down the street and make a donation if we are consistently shrinking in our own financial prosperity-

Rick Crump: Correct.

Linda: ... here in America. And so creating...

Rick Crump: You can't...

Linda: Yeah, go ahead.

Rick Crump: It's like common sense. Nobody would argue that the parents should be financially weak for the children to be successful.

Linda: True.

Rick Crump: Everybody knows that the financial strength of the parents is going to open up more opportunities for the children. And I go back to people, I go, look, even if you're a socialist, you got to be pulling for America to be pretty darn prosperous if you want to give all of our money away to other people.

Linda: Right. Right.

Rick Crump: It doesn't make sense. By the way, there's a passage I'm trying to find right now and I apologize. But basically it goes back to this point about the sower and the seed and the soil, where there's a parable where the vine grower comes in and he's not seen any fruit and he tells the steward to tear down the tree or whatever it is. And the steward says, "Wait, let me dig around the soil and cultivate the soil and give it one more chance. And then if it doesn't produce fruit, then we'll get rid of it."

And I think that's what you and I are praying for in our country and where our respective missions are is we're saying, God, can you just give us a little bit more time to work on the soil and see if we can get our communities to turn around. If we can get people of conscience to start caring again enough to love their neighbor, to do, to act, to sacrifice. And then the irony of what you and I do is that everyone benefits if they would just do it because it is literally preparing for the next generation.

Linda: Exactly.

Rick Crump: Isn't it interesting? Real quick.

Linda: Right. I'm so glad you brought that up because with Prosperity 101 and really everything I've ever tried to do in politics, I think of it as a long game. A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman thinks of the next generation.

Rick Crump: Well said. That's exactly right.

Linda: And whether I was starting to homeschool my kids back when I was a homeschool pioneer before it was even legal in all 50 states, or whether it was involvement in politics early on and warning people 40 years ago that we were headed for where we are now, that we were headed for this type of attempted take down of America. We have to play the long game. The Marxist, the communists, the socialists, they play a long game. This is like a 100 year war on America, right?

Rick Crump: And you know what's interesting?

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: It's because their religion is stronger than ours.

Linda: Well, and...

Rick Crump: Think about what this means.

Linda: But we have truth.

Rick Crump: Think about the environmentalist. Yeah, but...

Linda: But we have truth.

Rick Crump: Think about the environmentalist, think about the atheist, think about the cultural Marxist.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: They live with a religious fervor that we have lost. Now don't get me wrong, you're absolutely right. We have truth on our side.

Linda: We, meaning the body of Christ, we meaning the church.

Rick Crump: The body of Christ, yes. If we were willing to take up our cross, it would make all the difference for someone else.

Linda: Exactly. Right.

Rick Crump: The thing I like to point out to people is when you look in Hebrews 11, the great chapter, the Hall of Fame of faith that we always love to reference. Well, there's two things that stand out in that chapter. Twice it says that they didn't call this place their home. Twice it says in that chapter that this wasn't their home.

Linda: Right.

Rick Crump: Well, we use that phrase today. Well, this isn't our home, Linda, so we shouldn't be worried about it. Well wait, what was so different then that they said this place wasn't their home and therefore they put themselves all into it to the point of dying, because they knew their reward was elsewhere. That's what they were referring to. Secondly, it also said that they died without seeing the fruit of their labor.

Linda: Mm-hmm.

Rick Crump: And what we need to get as a mindset is that, look, if for such a time as this, if we're called to make this sacrifice, to make this impact, we need to do it because we're going to stand before our maker someday. And we have to be able to say with a clear conscience that I did everything that I could that I was equipped to do and the results are God's. And that's true faith. When you say, this place doesn't belong to me, I may never see the fruit of my labor, but I'm going to do this for others, for the next generation. Because the one thing they all had in common was there was fruit. They just didn't get to benefit from it.

Linda: Right.

Rick Crump: Are we willing to do that for somebody else?

Linda: Well, and this is one of the things I was getting to, thank you so much for bringing that up and for everybody, you can read Hebrews Chapter 11 and see people who had incredible faith, and sometimes they didn't see the results of their faith. I've been speaking with some business leaders lately who are discouraged on the political front. They didn't feel like the results in the November elections were what they wanted. They're not sure they want to donate money anymore. They're not sure they want to be involved anymore. And that is just the exact opposite of what we need. I would say that is exactly what the opposition would want, that we would have discouragement.

Rick Crump: Yes.

Linda: That we would feel like it's a short game. And everybody who's listening, I'm telling you, what are we seeing in America right now? Think of what our children are being taught in the schools.

Thankfully there's a parent uprising. Thankfully there are people who are saying, no, we are not going to stand back and let this be taught to our kids. No, we are going to pull them out and homeschool for those who are. We are going to make sure they get academics. They're not going to get transgender brainwashing. They are not going to be taught to depend on the government and not create their own path of income production and things. So these are things that we need to stand up for. But what happens so often, and I see this just way too often, is that people look at, oh, I gave to that campaign or I gave to that and I didn't get a good return on my investment because I didn't get the results I wanted in November. Well, I would contend, and this is what I'm trying with Prosperity 101, we're trying to help people understand with Prosperity 101 is that it is about education.

We have to help people understand the implications, the results of their votes. They don't have to become policy walks. They don't have to become political experts. They just need to understand some basics so that when they go to the voting booth, they actually have a basic understanding of am I voting for or against my liberty? Am I voting for or against my prosperity?

Rick Crump: Yeah.

It's a long game. It's education and we have to re-educate. I keep saying there's two generations at least if not more, of people who have not been taught these basic things in public or often even private school. They don't know our basic fundamentals of freedom. They don't know any traditional American values. We're not saying everybody has to become a born-again Christian. I mean I would love it if they did, but people don't have to believe like you and I believe in order to say, wow, there's a culture in America that has produced freedom and prosperity. But that has not been taught and they've not been taught to defend it. Basic American civics. And that's one of the things I try to bring back in with Prosperity 101. We have to reeducate. So whether it's my online course or even the simple posters or a webinar or something like that, we have to reeducate. So employers listening and employers talk to your employees beg them for this.

Linda: So going back to your earlier point though about the people that invest into these political campaigns, Einstein was the one that said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results." Right?

Rick Crump: Right.

Linda: There was a time when our system wasn't so broken that you could use this process, right?

Rick Crump: Mm-hmm.

Linda: But as a management consultant, I often find it interesting that when my client is going through a severe crisis and they've got this acute problem they bring me in to fix, you know who I look for? I look for other people who are circumventing the process. Because the people who are circumventing the process are compensating for a bad process. And they're the ones that are going to help me design the solution. Okay?

Rick Crump: Mm-hmm.

Linda: It's the same thing here. What you and I are doing, I'm going to just talk about Prosperity 101 here. Put Kinetic Faith aside. What Prosperity 101 is doing is prosperity is not doing the same thing.

You are answering the question that everyone should be asking. What's the one question nobody's asking right now? They know what's wrong. There's plenty of opinions on why it's wrong, but nobody's asking the question, how do we fix it? They're just going like a dog back to their vomit, like a pig to the trough, whatever metaphor you want to use. They're going back to the same old grind. And I'm saying, how is that working out for us? What you've tapped into is that there is a lost mindset and value set that is driving people's behaviors in the wrong direction. They're literally driving themselves off the cliff into destruction, and they don't know any better.

Rick Crump: Mm-hmm.

Linda: Again, going back to cultivating that soil, you are trying to show people the way we get out of this is we have to basically change the mindsets of the people that have lost their way.

Because there's so many of us in our generation and older that are taking this for granted, and we don't understand how these people... These young people are crazier. These people are insane. Or we have not translated our values. And Prosperity of 101 does a great job of helping people understand the values that go to the underlying free market economy and limited government that we all need. And that's really the only solution. There's no shortcuts folks. We didn't get in this overnight. We're not going to get out overnight. But if we don't start changing the mindsets and cultivating the soil in the next generation, we're done.

That's so true. And while you were talking, I was thinking of one thing I recently heard that the Gen Z generation is the most entrepreneurial in decades.

Rick Crump: Oh yes.

Linda: And why they may be...

Rick Crump: We can back that up with our polling data too, by the way.

Linda: Yes. Why they may be culturally more liberal, socially more liberal, spiritually more liberal or atheist in a sense. They are more entrepreneurial. And so everybody out there, I'm saying, please invest in these young people, reeducate these young people. They have an entrepreneurial heart, and help them understand why we need America to be free so that entrepreneurial pursuits can be successful.

Rick Crump: That's right.

Linda: Why we need America to be free? So we can have international travel, international trade, international philanthropy. We need it and we need it for religious freedom. We need it for family freedom. We need to help these young people. So I think if it's okay with you, I'd like to just close on that and give a challenge to listeners to say, one, educate yourself, two, reach out to young people in your workplace, elsewhere. Use our resources. I have things with Prosperity 101, the online course, books, posters.

I can do webinars, lunch and learns. I can come speak to your group. Rick is available through Kinetic Faith and even if you need help with your business, contact him at KineticXperience. He can give you business consulting to help you be more profitable. I mean, he's got rich experience. You can learn more about him as you seek out information on his website and things. But these are all things that we need to do. We are freedom fighters.

Rick Crump: Yeah.

Linda: We want to keep the soil fertile for the gospel and for prosperity and growth. And we want to see America flourish so our citizens can flourish. And human flourishing is really been a hallmark of our nation. And we want to help our citizens, but also citizens around the world. So do you have any other closing comments?

Rick Crump: No, you summed it up beautifully. I just say, listen guys, it's time to get off the benches and into the trenches, right? We've got to fight for the next generation. It's about them.

Linda: Yeah, absolutely.

Rick Crump: Yeah.

Linda: I love that phrase, off the benches and into the trenches. So thank you. So if people want to contact you, Rick, could you please give your information on how they can reach you and learn more about what you do?

Rick Crump: Sure. So for Kinetic Faith, it's Kineticfaith.org. K-I-N-E-T-I-Cfaith.org. You can email us at info@kineticfaith.org. We're also on Facebook. The Blue Shield is our logo Facebook page. A lot about our events there. We're getting better at social media. We've got Twitter and we've got Instagram, but it's coming along. For KineticXperience. It's kineticxperience.com and there's no E in experience because it's the C and the X are for customer experience. So Kinetic, K-I-N-E-T-I-CXperience.com. And yeah, we do fantastic strategic planning, customer experience, process optimization, digital enablement, the works. And we're dedicated to bringing a level of professionalism to solving problems.

Linda: Well, that's perfect. And you are located in Pennsylvania, but you'll serve clients everywhere. And you mentioned that event that will be on January 21st. I mean, if people are listening to this months from now, it'll be a past event, but if someone's listening to it shortly after these releases, they may want to attend. So could you give information about that?

Rick Crump: Yeah, so we have an events page on kineticfaith.org. So just go to our events page and we've got a nice map in there. We've got a list of our events you can click on there. There's registration forms. So we always keep our latest events and past events listed there in case you want to look for a future training session or a breakfast or a conference or things like that. But kineticfaith.org, go to our events page and you'll see it there.

Linda: Okay.

Rick Crump: Well, thank you very much.

Linda: Well, thank you. And thank you for your ministry. Thank you for your work, and thank you for really caring enough to put boots to your prayers regarding helping save America. So thank you.

Rick Crump: You too. Thanks, Sister. Bye now.

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