Jan. 26, 2023

Economic Warfare - Bureaucrat vs. Entrepreneur - Who Should You Trust? – with Ziad K. Abdelnour – [Ep. 153]

Economic Warfare - Bureaucrat vs. Entrepreneur - Who Should You Trust? – with Ziad K. Abdelnour – [Ep. 153]

We live in a time of uncertainty, and economic warfare has been waged against our citizens. Would you trust a bureaucrat or an entrepreneur to guide our economy? Entrepreneurs solve problems, and most business owners think bureaucrats cause...

We live in a time of uncertainty, and economic warfare has been waged against our citizens. Would you trust a bureaucrat or an entrepreneur to guide our economy? Entrepreneurs solve problems, and most business owners think bureaucrats cause problems. Bureaucrats take wealth. Entrepreneurs create wealth. How can we thrive in the age of socialistic welfare politics? Linda’s guest is Ziad K. Abdelnour, well known author, speaker, and one of the 500 Most Influential CEOs in the world. He shares his recommendations for steering the culture towards fiscal sanity by supporting limited government, free-market principles.

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Linda J. Hansen:

Welcome. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Prosperity 101 Breakroom Economics podcast. My name is Linda J. Hansen, your host and the author of Prosperity 101, Job Security Through Business Prosperity, the Essential Guide to Understanding How Policy Affects Your Paycheck, and the creator of the Breakroom Economics Online course. The book, the course, and the entire podcast library can be found on prosperity101.com.

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Thank you for joining with us today. We live in a time of economic uncertainty. If we are to thrive as individuals and survive as a nation, we must take a serious look at the economic warfare that has been waged against citizens not only in America, but across the world. We are told to trust government, but as my dear friend, former boss and mentor Herman Cain said, "In whose hands should you place your trust for improving the economy? An entrepreneur whose job it is to solve problems for a profit? Or a bureaucrat whose job it is to cause problems for a profit. I know where I put my trust and I'm sure 90% of us agree. We outnumber them, so let's act like it."

That quote was penned as part of a foreword for the book Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics, written by my guest, Ziad K. Abdelnour. Ziad K. Abdelnour is founder, president, and CEO of Blackhawk Partners Incorporated, a private family office in the business of originating, structuring and acting as equity investor in strategic corporate investments. He is also founder and chairman of the board of the Financial Policy Council, a 501c3 nonprofit organization and serves in various other high level roles in finance and business.

You can read his full bio on his website, Blackhawk partners.com. He's the author of the bestselling books, Economic Warfare, Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics and Startup Saboteurs, How Incompetence, Ego and Small Thinking Prevent True Wealth Creation. Mr. Abdelnour has over 30 years experience on Wall Street, backing over 125 companies and serial entrepreneurs worth in aggregate, over $20 billion in the private equity, high yield bond and distressed debt markets.

He holds an MBA in finance, Summa Cum Laude from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and BS in Economics, Summa Cum Laude from the American University of Beirut. He is featured in hundreds of media channels, in publications and is widely seen as one of the top business leaders by millions around the world. He has also been named one of the 500 most influential CEOs in the world.

I first met Ziad years ago when I served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Herman Cain's presidential campaign. I worked closely with Mr. Cain to prepare the Forward for Ziad's book, and I know he was honored to do so. It's a pleasure to reconnect with you, Ziad. Welcome to the podcast today.

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

It's my pleasure, Linda. Great to be here.

Linda J. Hansen:

Well, it's great to-

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

Oh, it's great work you're doing that's remarkable. It's consistent, it's relentless, and that's what we need, more people like you. Thank you.

Linda J. Hansen:

Well, thank you. We need more people like you, too. You know, all the voices need to be out there in defense of freedom and liberty and prosperity, you have written extensively on free market, limited government issues, and you have made clear distinctions between capitalism and socialism. How would you answer those who claim today that socialism is the best way to help the poor?

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

Well, these guys either are totally misinformed or dis-informed, or they haven't lived long enough to witness what capitalism or socialism is. One of the two or both. A lot of dis-information there, a lot of misinformation. They say capitalism benefits the poor. I'm sorry, benefits the rich and only the rich, and it puts the poor at a disadvantage. Not true at all.

Capitalism benefits the poor as well. The poor becomes richer, because of capitalism, not poorer. They use all the technology that was created, funded by the capitalist. Look at the Smartphone, look at the TV, look at everything you use today. Technology, non-technology is created by capitalists, who have skin in the game, who took risks and who have all the right to benefit more, because they took the risk, because they deployed their own capital.

But without those capitalists, there will be less jobs, less private sector jobs, more government jobs, which are useless and don't pay anything. There will be less spreading of wealth around. These poor people cannot use all this technology if it wasn't for capitalists. They should thank them. They should praise them, not be jealous, and tear them down, tear them apart.

Also, look at the charitable world. Look at the nonprofit. It's all funded by capitalists or the good stuff being done in the world. Healthcare, technology, wellbeing, it's all funded by capitalists. Capitalist lifts people up. That's the point. It lifts people up. It doesn't tear them apart and bring them down.

When they talk about equality, well, you know what? We're not all equal. We're not raised equal and we don't die equal. We're talking about there's difference between equal opportunities and being equal. Nobody is equal. We are all unique in our own sense. If you have what it takes, you're going to succeed. If you understand the system, you're going to succeed, create wealth and prosper. Yourself, your family, your community, your tribe, everybody. If you don't and you're going to resort to the narrative of the government, you pay the price.

One, socialism never worked anywhere in the world. The socialist experience has failed on and on in every single country. Name me one country where socialism has worked. None. Socialism is collectivism. Basically, you have all the right to you know what? You have to be paid, they say, your fair share. What fair share? That's not fair share. Socialism, the government takes money from the capitalist, taxes the most productive members of society to distribute to the least productive.

You're not lifting people up, you're bringing people down. You are lowering the standards. You are lowering everything by using socialism. I mean, it doesn't work. It just doesn't work. I'm not talking here from an academic point of view. I'm a businessman. I'm a Wall Street guy in the trenches. Unlike most people who pontificate about capitalism or socialism, most of them haven't lived it.

I've been 30 plus years as an entrepreneur. I took a lot of risks in my life. I employ tons of people who are very happy. I lifted them up. I don't want to hear some members of academia, even from the most elite colleges talking about that, because they don't know what they're talking about. They really don't. They have never lived it. They never experienced it. They just want to draw attention. A lot of people today talk like that, because they want to draw attention.

I mean, it's time to wake up. Wake up and see what's happening out there, especially applies to our kids to the next generation. The best way to teach a kid about between capitalism and socialism, you tell him that you're going to take his toy or give it to somebody else. Doesn't work. No kid will be happy about that. You're going to share your toy with somebody else or give him half of your cake or 90% of his cake to his dad, to his mom, to his friends, et cetera. Look at his reaction. That's exactly what's happening. Okay.

I can talk for hours about this. I've written a lot about that. But for the sake of expediency and time, this is the bottom line. I'm talking from the point of view of experience, of having lived it, being in the trenches. I'm not here to sell books and ideas. I'm here to lift people up and I want every person I deal with to eventually become a millionaire, billionaire, a freedom fighter, a patriot. The best way to achieve that is by the creation of wealth.

Money is not bad. Money people are not evil. Money is about freedom. When you have money, you can basically say whatever you want and do whatever you want. It's not to show off your money. It's not to buy planes, jets, or cars. It's basically to empower people. The more you empower people, the richer you're going to become. Look at Steve Jobs, created Apple. Look at how many people benefited from Apple from the Smartphone. Look at Bill Gates with Microsoft. Look at how many people benefit from the desktop, et cetera, and the list goes on and on and on. I mean, educate yourself for God's sake. Go and read, go and see what's happening out there. Experience the world and then you will realize this is reality.

I'm not here to bullshit people or to say theories. I lived it. I came here as a legal immigrant 30 plus years ago, where the sky was the limit. You could do in America whatever you wanted. Reagan was in power. Wall Street was booming, junk bonds, leverage finance, all that kind of stuff. Today is exactly the reverse. It's the age of diminished expectation. You have to be happy you're getting your $1,200 a month from the government. Just take the money and shut up. This is what they say, basically. You have to lower your standards. Everybody has to be equal. Everybody has to feel good. What is this feel good stuff? What is this, "Oh, I'm sorry. You offended me with my words." Now they're changing the words in the Webster dictionary, whereby you cannot say this word or that word.

This is not because of capitalism. This is because of socialism of a control attitude. All what the government cares about is money, power, and control. Don't kid yourself, that's all what they want. Whatever suits them to stay in power, make more money, borrow more money, and stay in control, they will do it. There is a war today, absolutely an economic war, between the wealth takers and the wealth creators.

The capitalist, the entrepreneur, the business people are the wealth creators and the government and affiliates like other wealth takers. Which side you want to be on? Which side you want to be? You want to be a bureaucrat, barely surviving, or you want to be an entrepreneur willing to take risk to create wealth and to benefit from the process?As simple as that.

Linda J. Hansen:

It is simple and you have really stated it well. There are wealth takers and wealth creators, and the wealth creators are the capitalists, the entrepreneurs, the business owners and leaders who are producing goods and services for consumption. They're solving problems through their innovation. This is something that America has been known for and it is how we have built such a prosperous nation, because we've had the freedom to create and build and innovate and grow, and we've had these policies that allowed for that in the past seasons of our country. But when our country has been at the most risk, it has been when we've had excessive taxation, excessive regulation, especially without representation. We have had excessive government overreach and we can see that now, and we see it now with the globalist agenda.

Even those at the World Economic Forum and things, they say, "You will own nothing and you will be happy." That is not equality. That is their version of equity and their version of power and control. We have to have the freedom to create and build and share, and that is what helps humans to flourish and helps freedom to flourish, not only in the United States, but all across America.

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

Absolutely, and I'd like to add one thing. The biggest risk you take in life is not to take any risks at all. If you remove risks from the equation, you won't progress, you won't get anything done. Risk is essential. You see the problem with people, they're afraid of two things, okay? Number one, the biggest barrier to success, to freedom and to be a successful entrepreneur, is number one, fear. They're afraid of failing. They're afraid what is their family going to think about them or their friend if they fail? They're going to feel embarrassed, but you will not never be successful if you don't fail, many times. You only learn from failures. You never learn from success. Success goes up to your head and you think you're so smart and so invincible, and then you start going down the drain. You have to take a risk. There's nothing wrong in failing. Everybody failed many times.

The smartest people, the slickest people, you name it, they all failed. Abraham Lincoln failed 58 times before he became president. Others, you know how many times Steve Jobs failed? How many times all these people failed? But you know what the essence is to regroup, is to stand up, fight again, to be more relentless and say, "No, I'm not going to take this crap. I'm going to succeed. I'm going to make it."

Fear is what paralyzes people not to succeed. The free. Number two is control. A lot of people in this world are in charge, where they're not in control. All these top titans at the big companies, "Oh, I'm an executive VP, I'm a managing director." They're peons. They're not in control of anything. Elon Musk, [inaudible 00:17:46] you don't need these fancy degrees today. Today is the easiest way to make money with all the tools out there, the technology, the asset classes.

If you don't make money in Bitcoin, you make it in cannabis, you make it in renewable energy, you make it in private equity, you make it in real estate. Never ever in the history of the world has been so many asset taxes and the technology that enables you without hiring hundreds of people to make it. A lot of people are making money from passive income. They create a funnel, they create a book, a course, something. You've got to be creative. You got to be fearless and you got to be in control. These are the three major ingredients: creative, fearless, and in control.

Linda J. Hansen:

Absolutely. You showed a lot of creativity and a fearlessness and self-control and tenacity when you came as an immigrant.

Ziad K. Abdelnour:


Linda J. Hansen:

People may look at you now, one of the top 500 CEOs or top 500 most influential CEOs in the world. They may look at you now and think you never failed. I'm sure you had ups and downs. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster and you came with a hardship of being an immigrant.

Ziad K. Abdelnour:


Linda J. Hansen:

Can you explain some of your own experiences and how that helped you truly value, truly value the freedom that we have in America and the opportunity that we have? We have the equal opportunity. It's not guaranteeing an equal outcome, but we have equal opportunity. Your experience as an immigrant is a wonderful story about that.

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

Well, when I came to this country, people could not pronounce my name. Now they read my books. That's the biggest of vengeance. You know? Look, at the end of the day, nobody's going to give you anything. You are delusional if you think anybody, even your family is going to give you the power, is going to give you, is teach you and me. It's limited. You've got to do it on your own. You have to be totally resilient, relentless, fearless, obstinate as to success. It doesn't come easy.

If you are an immigrant, you have an advantage. I'll tell you why, because I took a lot of risks. I don't care what people think. I don't have to be in a mold. I don't have to be in a box. I don't have to comply to what Americans say. Yeah, I'm crazy. I'm an immigrant. When people tell me a lot of time, "You're crazy," I said, "No, no, no, I'm not crazy enough. I'm not crazy enough." I mean crazy in a sense that you don't abide by strict rules. You do everything legal. You don't cheat, you don't lie, but you don't listen to the narrative out there.

A lot of people are very happy when you're down. A lot of people like to put you down. A lot of people always find excuses not to perform. You've got to prove them wrong. You've got to be super aggressive, super assertive, a real New Yorker. Everything is possible. They don't care where you come from, how you look, your color. Well, they do care, but much less than any other place in [inaudible 00:21:15]. 60% of the people in New York City are foreign born. That's my environment. You know? You got to use this as an asset, not a liability.

"Oh, my God, I'm an immigrant. I have to be a taxi driver. I have to sell falafel on the street." Screw that shit. I'm going to be a tycoon and I work to that. Don't let anybody put you down. Don't let anybody suck up all the oxygen. Don't let... You've got to be a ruthless, relentless, fair, with a big heart, work smart to get there. People who suffer are humble. I like people humble. I'm interested in business. I help more people in business by creating jobs, opportunities, et cetera, than pontificating in politics what is right and what is not.

Linda J. Hansen:

You bring up a good point about how wealth creation really helps to help people and lift them out of poverty, lift them out of oppression, lift them into a better outcome. You have said before, I know one of our other conversations you mentioned, that so many economists really don't understand this, because they don't live it. You did mention Steve Moore, who has been on my podcast quite a few times and has advised me with Prosperity 101 over time. You said, "He gets it. He understands the role of capitalism."

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

Steve Moore is exceptional, and I say it on the record.

Linda J. Hansen:

It's people who truly understand the role of business, the role of wealth creation in creating a prosperous, thriving economy for all people regardless of their economic status, their immigrant status, whatever. You brought up another good point. You mentioned some names that we hear in the news, some who are not people maybe that we respect all their ideas, but we can respect their business acumen and their ability to create companies and create wealth and create products that help millions of people across the world.

I love what you said, how you like to do things with honor. So many times people attain wealth and instead of using it for the good of society and helping others, they use it for evil or to grab power and control. We can see that across our world today, that has been the age-old thing that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The love of money is the root of all evil. It's not money that's the problem. It's when we put it in its improper place. I appreciate the fact that you have attained wealth, you have helped others to attain wealth, but you still have that attitude that says, "I am attaining wealth so I can be an asset. I can help humanity. I can help others flourish. I can give. I can help others grow." That's beautiful and I hope other successful entrepreneurs will follow your lead in that way.

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

Look, I'd like to add something. Successful me is one thing, it's about empowering people. That's all it is. The more you empower people, the more successful you're going to be. That's it. It's not to keep it for yourself. It's not to go buy flashy things and all. This is for people who will never make real money. The people who we act like this. Look at a guy like Buffet. He lives in his still old house, very humble. He made billions of dollars, had a lot of people through Berkshire Hathaway. That's empowerment. All these big billionaires, they deserve what they did. They deserve to be paid that much. They deserve to be billionaire. You can't be jealous of them. Use them as a role model. Don't be jealous and tear them down.

Like this other guy who telling me the other day, "Oh, this guy, Trump is an idiot." Yeah, you make $50,000 a year, he's worth $3 billion. He's the idiot and you are the smart guy." Is the world upside down? It's very easy to criticize people. It's very easy to tear them down, and they're a tiny minority. Who are the doers. You want to be a doer, a player, or you want to be a observer? If you want to be a player, you are going to work very hard to really get there. It's not going to happen to you because you come from this family.

Look, I think the establishment is not doing it right. You know what? I'd like to hear one president in the history of America, I think maybe there is one who did it. Only one. I'll tell you who. Who's saying... Everybody all the other time, the government, they want to create jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. But that's not the key, because when you create all these jobs, you create dependent people. You're in control of money and power. We come back to that.

I like to hear one President saying, "I want to create an environment that's conducive to wealth creation." That's the essence. Maybe the only guy who ever said this is Trump. "I want to create an environment. I want everybody to be rich. I want everybody to benefit." Maybe he said that in his own style, but I don't care about the style. What I care about is substance. Everybody today focuses on style. How you present your hair, your color, your tie, your think, your pose. A lot of guys pose, but there's no substance. Bullshit substance. They haven't seen, they haven't been poor, they haven't suffered, they haven't taken any risks. It's all style. I'd like to hear a President saying, "I want to create an environment where everybody can be a millionaire." This is real power.

You change the world if you do that. Not jobs, jobs, jobs. 90% of the people anyway who have jobs hate their jobs. They hate their jobs. They're not happy. They don't make enough money, all this elite wants to control. The elite can do much more if they lift these people up and create such an environment. Competition is good, but they will make money. There's nothing wrong with that. This is the secret. I'm sick and tired of hearing job, "Oh, the job market went up, it went down, et cetera." It's like everything is based on that. You're killing people. Everybody has in him a seed, you know. You have to grow it. You have to nurture it, not to kill it, not to clip their wings, not to put them under control.

Linda J. Hansen:

Absolutely. You said that you really appreciate, or your goal is to empower people, empower people to create their own wealth, empower people to create their own path, and that is what freedom does, and-

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

Everybody should be a cash flow machine. Linda Inc, Ziad Inc. Peter, John Inc. Everybody. When you do that, you are not anymore that dependent on the government, on the people in power. You're going to drive them crazy. You're going to drive them crazy, because you are now in control. You remember what I said before, is to be fearless, to be in control? You're in control now of your life.

You have to praise these wealth creators. Create an environment conducive to that. Not kill it, not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Not kill this [inaudible 00:29:13]. I mean, we are doing exactly the reverse today. We're killing that goose. They really have to wake up, take control of their lives, and everything is possible. Nothing is impossible, even if you have very little money. I know young kids, young wizards who created money out of nothing in today's age, created a funnel, created passive income, hustled here and there. Nothing wrong in hustling.

You're not doing anything illegal. Nothing wrong in creating wealth and capitalism. Money's not bad money. How money is used is what makes it bad or good. On the contrary is good, look at the billions of dollars channeled into the endowments. Harvard, they have $30, $40, $50 billion all because of the capitalists, all because of the people who make money.

You know how many poor people from poor families got a scholarship at these prestigious colleges because of the money? Then they say money is evil, the capitalists are evil. I mean, this is the world up upside down. People don't think. Let me tell you something, all the stuff, I didn't learn it in school, in college. I could not have, because they don't teach this stuff I'm talking about. I learned it through the school of hard knocks. I learned it by being in the trenches, I learning it by combating every day. Where is this fighting spirit? Where are the guys who speak like this? The guys who speak like this are the billionaires.

Linda J. Hansen:

Well, you have brought up some really good points in terms of valuing the opportunity to create wealth and having the prosperity in America. I still go back to the fact that you've mentioned doing it with honor and doing it with a desire to empower others. That is really what has helped capitalism to grow, because people have had the desire to help others to create wealth for the good of humanity.

Socialism takes from one and gives to another and really takes away power and choice and control. We want everyone to thrive. I loved it that you said that you want everybody to become a millionaire, a billionaire. You want everyone to be able to flourish, and that is what our goal is. That's what I try to promote with Prosperity 101 is that helping people to understand that no one can do well unless we have the conditions that will allow for prosperity in our nation.

We need to have government get out of the way and allow for prosperity and human flourishing and wealth creation, and that comes through healthy businesses. Healthy businesses have better paid employees. Healthy businesses may be able to empower and support an employee who wants to start a companion business or a complimentary business. Healthy businesses pay all the taxes, because they pay not only their business taxes, but they pay individuals who then pay taxes. A healthy business is what helps drive the economy of our nation and the world.

To have people believe now that socialism is the answer to making sure everyone is well taken care of, well, just talk to anybody who fled a socialist or communist nation and they will give you an earful even more than Ziad. But so we can continue to promote wealth creation and the best way to help our country is to make sure that the government is allowing for wealth creation and that we are people who create wealth and share wealth with honor and integrity and heart for others.

Philanthropy is born through capitalism and we can either use money improperly or we can use it properly. It is a tool, and when we use it as a tool to help others, it is a beautiful, beautiful tool in our hands. Thank you for sharing your insight and your experiences, but also thank you for sharing your wealth, because you have shared your wealth with so many people and you have shared your experiences and recommendations for creating wealth, and you care about this nation. You care about young people coming up, that they don't get sucked into this socialist mindset and you care that America stays a united and free nation that stands on the principles of our constitution and the things that made America great. Thank you for that, Ziad. Thank you for standing firm.

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

My pleasure, Linda. I won't change. It works. If it works, don't fix it. There's nothing to fix. Improve it. Fine tune it. It's a machine, fine tune it. One last thing, I'm not against the government. Government has a role to play. Police, currency, et cetera, but when it comes to a point where government is infringing on your rights, it's trying to change the constitution, it's trying to clip people's wings, limit the potential, then we've got to say stop. This is not the thing. Government works for us. We don't work for government senators. Congressmen work for us. We pay their salary, we pay everything.

It's the reverse today. We don't work for them. They treat you like you are dust in the wind that they know better. Government, I believe, has to create an environment that's conducive to wealth creation. The government benefits, people benefit. You have less complaints, you have less inequality because you are lifting people up. You're not bringing them down under your thumb. That's very essential. You don't want people to survive. You want people to thrive.

Hopefully it is becoming contagious. More and more people are stepping up to the plate. More and more people are doing something about it. More and more people are getting inspired. That's what matters. Thank you very much for the opportunity you're giving me to express myself and to share my views and my thoughts. Linda, you are great.

Linda J. Hansen:

Well, thank you Ziad, and I'm sure the listeners will really appreciate it too. I'm going to give your website addresses so people can reach out to you if they'd like to or they'd like to read more of what you've written, hear more of your opinions on things. Listeners, you can go to blackhawkpartners.com. That's blackhawkpartners.com, or you can go to financialpolicycouncil.org and you can search for his writings there. You can find out more. He's very active on social media, and I'm sure you've seen him on television and in other media appearances.

Ziad, thank you for taking time for this interview. Thank you for taking time to empower young people, not only through your wealth creation and the opportunities it provides, but thank you for empowering them through your words, helping them to understand truth about what brings true equality and opportunity. Thank you for taking time today.

Ziad K. Abdelnour:

Thank you, Linda, for your time.

Linda J. Hansen:

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