Dec. 10, 2021

Celebrating Freedom - A 100 Episode Milestone – with Linda J. Hansen [Ep. 100]

Celebrating Freedom - A 100 Episode Milestone – with Linda J. Hansen [Ep. 100]

We often take freedom for granted. We do so at our peril. Our liberties are being stripped away bit by bit, devastating the lives of many. Linda reveals how a desire to protect freedom led her to start Prosperity 101® many years ago, with the goal of...

We often take freedom for granted. We do so at our peril. Our liberties are being stripped away bit by bit, devastating the lives of many. Linda reveals how a desire to protect freedom led her to start Prosperity 101® many years ago, with the goal of educating and equipping people to understand and guard their rights under our Constitution. She believes employers are a vital link to preserving our nation, and shares why her podcasts, online course offerings, books, and personal appearances are designed to provide employers with information to educate themselves and their employees on the link between policy, paychecks, and prosperity. In celebration of the 100th episode, Linda also reflects on the wide array of policy issues discussed with amazing guests. Covering topics from economic and tax policies, energy and the environment, employer health and wage mandates, school choice, immigration reform, human trafficking, substance abuse, election integrity, military readiness, national security, international affairs, veterans’ affairs, cancel culture, crime, and social policies, each episode encouraged listeners to celebrate and protect freedom. Celebrate your freedom and listen today!

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Thank you for tuning in today.  In this episode, I not only want to celebrate reaching the 100th episode milestone, but also want to emphasize what the podcast is truly about, and why I do what I do. I will share some of the history of Prosperity 101® and reflect on some of my favorite episodes.

Before I go any further, it is my understanding that many podcasters never make it to a 100th episode, so I want to thank all those who have helped to make this milestone possible. I am grateful for amazing guests, listeners from all over the world, and all those who have helped to provide technical and financial support. I also thank dear friends and family who have served as advisors, mentors, and prayer warriors on my behalf. If you have ever started something new, you know it can be intimidating!  Thank you to everyone who has believed in me and in my mission. 

Many of you, especially newer listeners, may not know the story of why or when I first started my journey with Prosperity 101®. The podcast is just one component of a larger effort that has spanned many years.       

In a sense, it truly began when I was young.  My father was a business leader with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Working alongside him in many endeavors taught me valuable lessons that I carry with me to this day.  My grandfather was a journalist, speechwriter, and politician. He died when I was still very young, but his imprint on my life helped to form my belief that one person can make a positive difference for others if they choose to “enter the arena.”  Even as a child, I poured through my grandfather’s library of books, which planted seeds of understanding for later in life. I learned from my father and grandfather that politics and business may be seen as separate, but the policies of one impact the success of the other.  

As I worked alongside my parents in our family-owned restaurant business, I saw first-hand the impact of government policies on our company.  Tax and regulatory policies, interest rates, energy costs, insurance mandates, and more all impacted our ability to keep costs down for customers and wages up for employees.  As I grew into adulthood and learned more about politics, I saw the damage that can be done by bureaucratic elites who create policies that hamper the ability of small business owners to succeed. 

Over the years, my interest and understanding of our system of government, national and world history, and current affairs grew.  As a Christian, my desire to serve God, my family, and my country grew, as well. I began to see a bigger picture unfolding, and as a young adult I knew I was called to do all I could to help keep our country free. I understood, even then, that freedom and prosperity are advanced for people all over the world when America thrives in freedom. I also began to understand that freedom is never free.  It must be continually defended if we are to enjoy the benefits of liberty. 

I began to be involved through various organizations and my local political party. I immersed myself in policy briefings and books and learned about government policies and procedures. I vowed to do all I could do protect the time-honored values and rights outlined in our U.S. Constitution.

Political engagement has been part of my life for many, many years, first as a volunteer and later in paid positions. My experiences as a parent, business owner, and community volunteer provided insight into the needs of average American citizens from all walks of life.  I also began to realize that while threats to freedom were very real, most people were unaware of the chess game being played to undermine our American way of life.

During the 2008-2010 cycle (in politics, things are often referred to in cycles), I was fortunate to play an integral role in educating and engaging citizens in support of limited government, free enterprise policies that encouraged individual responsibility and freedom.  It was during that timeframe that I met with business leaders across my state who expressed concern and frustration with the economic environment in the state. Many told me that they were ready to relocate their companies to a different state if a business-friendly governor was not elected. My experience helping to run my family’s restaurants helped me to understand their plight, and it also helped me to realize that many employees of those same companies would unknowingly vote for candidates supportive of policies that could cause their jobs to be eliminated.

Thus, Prosperity 101® was born.  I decided we needed a way for employers to educate employees in a non-partisan manner regarding the issues that affect job security.  I wanted to help people understand the foundations of prosperity and why our unique system of government allows for corporate and personal prosperity. I wanted to help them understand the policies of prosperity – the basic economic policies that lead to individual opportunity and human flourishing.  And I wanted to help them know how to protect their prosperity by becoming Informed, Involved, and Impactful®. 

I sought the advice of my dear friend and mentor, the late Herman Cain, and another wise friend, well-known economist Steve Moore.  They immediately offered support, for they knew this was critically needed in our society.  Their wisdom and insight helped to guide my efforts.   

I wrote my first book in early 2009 and followed it with a workshop and facilitator’s guide. It began to spread like wildfire. Companies were ordering books by the cases to share with their employees. I was leading corporate briefings, panels, and workshops to help employees understand the connection between policy and paycheck. This was never a partisan effort, but it was an educational effort in support of policies that help businesses and individuals to thrive. 

Thankfully, a business-friendly governor was elected, the businesses chose to stay in the state, and jobs were protected.  Employees who gained a new understanding of simple facts about policy and economics helped to save their jobs – and livelihoods – by voting for policies that would allow their employers to thrive and provide jobs. 

Since that time, I have served in a variety of roles including, but not limited to serving as Deputy Chief of Staff (essentially Deputy Campaign Manager) for Herman Cain’s U.S. Presidential campaign, and as a consultant on countless other local, state, and national campaigns, and regulatory reform, issue advocacy, and coalition development projects.  I’ve worked with people from all over the United States and from many different countries.  I’ve spoken before thousands and served as a consultant to individuals.  No matter what role I was filling, my passion to empower and encourage employers to educate employees about the public policy issues that affect their jobs has never wavered.  I truly believe this type of communication helps to increase employee loyalty, engagement, and retention, and I know it increases awareness of the blessings and responsibilities of living in a free society.  

We often take our freedoms for granted in America.  We do so at our peril.  In the nearly two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have seen our liberties stripped away bit by bit by bit.  Like the peeling of an onion, they are being removed one layer at a time, devastating the lives and livelihoods of individuals and families across this great land. 

I still believe in the promise of America.  I still believe in the American Dream. And I still believe that America is the last, best hope for freedom in the world. I also believe employers are a missing link to preserving our nation, and it is my desire to provide them with information and resources to help them not only educate themselves, but their employees on how best to protect their own freedoms and livelihoods. 

That is why I started this podcast, created my online course offerings, and wrote my newest book.  All are designed with the goal of educating and equipping people to understand and preserve their rights under our Constitution. 

My friend and frequent podcast guest, author and commentator, John Fund, has studied elections and policy for decades. He has shared on the podcast the fascinating story of how employee education, offered by General Electric, helped to form the worldview and economic policies of one of our greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan.  It was through a company sponsored book club that Ronald Reagan began to understand the importance of limited government, free enterprise policies.  

With each podcast episode, I try to highlight the American Dream and promise of freedom.  Every guest has brought wonderful insights and unfortunately, time will not allow me to mention all. I have tried to provide value to the listener through the variety of guests and topics, as well as through the resources and information provided.  We have covered a wide array of topics from economic and tax policies, energy and the environment, employer health and wage mandates, school choice, immigration reform, human trafficking, substance abuse, election integrity, military readiness and national security, international affairs, veterans’ affairs, cancel culture, crime, social policies, and more. Each episode includes examples and suggestions on how an employer may interact with employees to help them understand how every issue can affect job security and personal liberty. 

Guests have included well-known individuals such as Herman Cain, Steve Moore, John Fund, Dick Morris, Hugh Hewitt, Cleta Mitchell, and Mark Geist (to list just a few).  Equally as important and impactful are the individuals who may not be in the news every day, but who have amazing stories to share regarding how policy has affected their lives. 

As our nation suffers a supply chain crisis, it has been a privilege to highlight many companies committed to producing items solely Made in America.  Their determination and patriotism have shown us that we can manufacture affordable products right here in America, and we can and should reduce our dependence on foreign nations for essential goods.

I’ve been inspired by young people I once taught as Joe Delagrave and I explored how government policies impact the lives of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes, their sponsors, and communities, and as Greg McFarland and I discussed how various policies affect those who battle substance abuse and recovery issues. 

I have been educated and inspired by all my guests, but I feel we can learn the most from those who have personally experienced the heavy hand of totalitarian governments.  The words of wisdom from my friend, Elena, who grew up in Soviet Russia, encouraged Americans to vote by direction, not by personality.  An interview with Jonny Daniels to honor Holocaust Memorial Day brought to our attention the real-life consequences of tyranny, as we discussed the story of Mr. Edward Mosberg, who was branded with the number 85454 in a Nazi concentration camp and is a survivor of the Holocaust.  I later spoke with Mr. Mosberg, and his story and humble spirit literally moved me to tears.  We can learn so much from those who have experienced the loss of freedom that results from tyrannical regimes.

Our Constitution provides a remarkable framework for the protection of our rights.  It guarantees free and fair elections, separation of powers, and a government of the people, by the people, and for the people that has served as the beacon of liberty for the world. We can protect our freedom by educating ourselves and others on the issues, boldly speaking for truth, and becoming engaged citizens.  

As we round the corner on this 100th episode, and as we are close to the end of a very challenging year for everyone, it is my desire to continue to offer relevant and inspirational content that can help you promote and defend policies that can enable you, your family, your company, and our nation to be great. 

Thank you for joining with me on this journey.  If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on the podcast or would like to learn from the resources I offer, please reach out to me at  I look forward to hearing from you.  May God bless you and may God bless America. Thank you.